2010 OIC Tourney

[R1] Angel vs Cody - This might be the most ridiculous fight to occur on the game, ever. OIC Angel and Cody travel through 4 or 5 dimensions to do battle, and wind up in the Developer's Room!!! ONE STAFF MEMBER IS NAKED, BUT WHO - created on 20:01:39 04/16/2010 by Angel and last modified on 21:58:39 04/22/2010. Cast: Angel and Cody.

[R1] MILF v. Tranny - Poison visits Star Wars! Vanessa visits Star Trek! Neither of these things matter past the first couple poses! - created on 21:16:36 04/17/2010 by Vanessa and last modified on 12:46:39 04/21/2010. Cast: Vanessa and Poison.

[R1] Librarian vs. Bear - In the Galactic Library, Bears are Not Allowed. Thus it falls to Mizuki, head librarian, to eject the ursine. Forcibly, if necessary. - created on 18:19:49 04/18/2010 by Mizuki and last modified on 12:47:26 04/21/2010. Cast: Mizuki and Bear.

[R1] Shermie vs MaChao - Launched by a magical phonebooth into the fantastical world of ancient China, Shermie begins a dire chain of events that will end in the destruction of Earth as we know it. Can the Lords of Time save the galaxy before Ma Chao's blitzkreig penetrates Shermie's Maginot Line? Or will a falling Coney Island obliterate the last remnant of our drifting planet? Answer: Yes. (Draw Match) - created on 19:34:11 04/18/2010 by MaChao and last modified on 12:48:28 04/21/2010. Cast: Shermie and MaChao.

[R1] Aranha vs Crazy Zhin - In the first round of the OIC tournament a doorman tries to send a salesman on his way. It's a clash of wills and objectives. Will the doorman get fired? (Winner: Zhin) - created on 21:02:50 04/19/2010 by Aranha and last modified on 22:00:10 04/22/2010. Cast: Aranha and Zhin.

[R1] B.Jenet VS KartarSingh - SIIIIIIKHS IIIIIIIIN SPAAAAAAAACE (Winner: KartarSingh) - created on 21:41:57 04/20/2010 by KartarSingh and last modified on 12:48:57 04/21/2010. Cast: B.Jenet and KartarSingh.

[R1] Recursive Fight - It starts with a man, in space, hurtling towards the Earth. It ends with a man, in space, hurtling towards the Earth. The middle? Unnecessary. But it happens. And is narrated. - created on 16:07:12 04/21/2010 by Brian and last modified on 22:01:39 04/22/2010. Cast: Brian and Tran.

[R2] Young v Old - Vanessa and Shermie meet in a bar in Bangkok! There they break several public decency laws, nearly cause a riot, imbibe more alcohol than is technically capable of entering the human body at one time, briefly hallucinate the monster that will devour the world, and make out while standing on the tables topless, all while flagrantly ignoring the design intent of the combat code. - created on 21:59:37 04/27/2010 by Vanessa and last modified on 18:20:23 05/01/2010. Cast: Vanessa and Shermie.

[R2] The Coming of Galuckytus - Hayato, the Burning Phys Ed Torch and Brian, the Silver Bullet Surfer face off in a battle of cosmic power in the skies above and the fields around Taiyo. Many a mighty blow is exchanged between the two super powered beings, but what will happen when the Great Galuckytus comes to claim the Earth for his own infernal uses which may or may not involve a wicked awesome game of space basketball. (Draw) - created on 21:22:08 04/29/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 18:20:50 05/01/2010. Cast: Brian and Hayato.

[R2] Tran vs Wing - There is no hope for mankind. (Double KO) - created on 23:13:48 05/06/2010 by Wing and last modified on 15:37:49 05/17/2010. Cast: Tran and Wing.

[R3] EVO 20XX MotM Finals - omg unbeleevabel motm match between AUSTIN LONG and SHOGO URAHARA!!! must see 4 insanity!!! (12,236,423 views) (WINNER: Shogo Urahara's Rust) - created on 13:42:35 05/14/2010 by Rust and last modified on 00:02:28 05/17/2010. Cast: Aranha and Rust.

[R2] The Super MotM Brothers Super Show! - Hayato and Poison duke it out in the Mushroom Kingdom. Heads are stomped, blocks are broken, power ups are gained and lost. But will Hayato be able to rescue the princess!? Wait... what princess? (Winner: Hayato) - created on 18:28:01 05/16/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 15:40:32 05/17/2010. Cast: Hayato and Poison.

[Semi-Final] MILF v Miko - Vanessa gets drunk and ends up on a meteor heading for the sun. Mizuki's situation is eerily similar. They fight on a field of meteors, at least some of which were attracted by the gravitational force of Vanessa's possibly somewhat unfair physique. Etiquette rules are broken! Vomit is projected! Shirts are vaporized! Bangs are exchanged! And then Vanessa wins it with the after-fight coinflip. (Winner: Vanessa, by coinflip) - created on 19:02:15 05/23/2010 by Vanessa and last modified on 14:41:21 05/28/2010. Cast: Vanessa and Mizuki.

[Semi-Final] Zombie Party - So a necromancer, a zombie, and a hideous abomination of science walk into a bar. And the bartender, he says, "Ahhhh! Please don't kill me!" Except it's actually a graveyard, not a bar. And there's no bartender, unless there's one buried there somewhere. So he'd already be dead. And the three dark beings all try to beat the hell out of one another. Also featuring some great music and dance choreography. (Winner: Rust) - created on 20:34:58 05/23/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 14:42:25 05/28/2010. Cast: Cody, Hayato, and Rust.

[Final] Vanessa vs Rust - So... what draws you here to play this game? A question that a lost intergalactic traveler and the chosen of the planet, both of varying degrees of literacy, must answer before the final chapter can unfold... (THERE IS NO SEQUEL) (WINNER: Vanessa) - created on 00:19:09 05/26/2010 by Rust and last modified on 14:43:07 05/28/2010. Cast: Vanessa and Rust.

[Boss Fight] Vanessa vs Gonzales - It is the battle that will decide the fate of the universe, and reveal the secret and most sinister plot behind this senseless violence. One woman, mighty and beautiful. One robot, drunken and depressed. One fights for a brighter future. One doesn't want to disappoint its tyrannical ruler. With the stars as their battleground, once again god and man must clash. Except she's not a man. And he's, let's face it, a pretty pitiful excuse for a god. (Winner, Champion, and Official Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy: Vanessa) - created on 22:09:22 06/07/2010 by Gonzales and last modified on 17:10:21 07/31/2010. Cast: Vanessa.

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