2005 OIC Tourney

[R1] Jiro vs Kula - Decided to have some fun with the match up. Had it acting like a game, and also included the grue(which ate Kula at that one point before the actual match during the pose), but Kula went along with the idea of being weird with me. (Winner: Jiro) - created on 18:11:44 09/25/2005 by Jiro and last modified on 05:41:41 09/28/2005.

[R1] Mimiru vs Akuma - Mimiru goes toe-to-toe with the supreme master of the fist -- twice, for good measure. (Winner: Mimiru) - created on 17:20:48 09/26/2005 by Jiro and last modified on 07:34:49 10/05/2005.

[R1] Karin vs King - It's blonde ambition, baby. King's new fanservice powah and Karin's B-ko cosplay battle it out on the floating island. Behold the wine drinking! Behold the really gratuitous use of Counters! It's a freakin' bacchanalia up in here. (Winner: King) - created on 12:30:21 09/27/2005 by Karin and last modified on 07:24:51 11/01/2005.

[R1] Benimaru vs Alma - If any fight is a dream fight, this is it, my friends. Alma Towazu, the fairest of them all, gets his one and only shot to paddle out of the kiddie pool and best the man he's only allowed himself to be passive-aggressive at so far: Benimaru "Sparky" Nikkaido. Epic, dude. But wait: who is that shadowy figure watching from the sidelines!? (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:14:49 09/27/2005 by Alma and last modified on 17:45:38 09/29/2005.

[R1] Kain vs Sakura - Rugal(Kain) does battle with Sailor Sakura over the fate of a book. But he's got a (not so little) secret up his sleeve, waiting for the right time to play his trump card. And boy, does he ever play it. On that note, apologies to those people living below the floating island whose homes were inadvertantly destroyed. (Winner: Kain) - created on 13:39:04 09/29/2005 by Kain and last modified on 17:46:37 09/29/2005.

[R1] May Lee vs Johnny - The Justice Ranger Vs. Omega Bladore (Winner: May Lee) - created on 10:59:13 10/01/2005 by The soul of Johnny and last modified on 06:48:11 10/05/2005.

[R1] Natsu vs Kelvin - A giant Kelvin has appeared in Southtown Bay! Will the giant sentai hero UltraNatsu beable to stop his rampage on Southtown! Tune in this week to find out! Or, check the end of the descprition. (Winner: Kelvin) - created on 16:57:09 10/01/2005 by Natsu and last modified on 19:16:20 10/01/2005.

[R2] Jiro vs May Lee - Jiro and May Lee battle... RANGER STYLE! - created on 17:15:55 10/02/2005 by Jiro and last modified on 05:52:29 10/03/2005.

[R2] Kain vs Nassir - Kain walks into an arcade, and starts playing MotM: Dream Edition. Kain gets accosted by a guy named Steve. They have the most badass fight you could possibly hope to get for a quarter. Then Kain leaves, and blows the place up on the way out. Fin. (Winner: Kain) - created on 13:43:22 10/04/2005 by Kain and last modified on 04:29:25 12/13/2005.

[R2] Shinobu vs Kelvin - Chibi Kelvin vs. Little Shinobu! Who will win? Who will nap? And how does a mysterious magical cave play into it all?! (Winner: Shinobu) - created on 19:51:57 10/04/2005 by Shinobu and last modified on 09:22:49 07/02/2006.

[R3] Rolento vs Shinobu - It's not just any battle... it's a dance battle! (Winner: Rolento) - created on 15:22:52 10/06/2005 by Shinobu and last modified on 09:19:25 07/02/2006.

[R2] Alma vs Vanessa - Alma is so incredibly ridiculous that Vanessa just can't take it, and her head explodes in a shower of gore. FATALITY. No, I'm serious. This is a very short log, but you must read it to believe it... (Winner: Alma) - created on 20:11:19 10/06/2005 by Alma and last modified on 21:30:39 10/22/2005.

[R2] May Lee vs Mimiru - May Lee takes on Mimiru, and her little dog too! (Winner: Mimiru) - created on 19:24:55 10/07/2005 by MayLee and last modified on 03:04:05 12/02/2005.

[R3] Kain vs Alma - The long-awaited match between Kain and Alma! (Winner: Kain) - created on 18:30:01 01/31/2006 by Alma and last modified on 02:57:20 02/01/2006.

[R2] Rock vs Ralf - Wage. (Winner: Rock) - created on 16:56:24 10/12/2005 by Rock and last modified on 04:41:47 12/13/2005.

[R3] King vs Rock - Rock "Old Fart" Howard and The Skeleton King go at it. WARNING: Midgets were harmed during the making of this fight. We sincerely apologize. (Winner: Rock) - created on 17:22:04 01/07/2006 by King and last modified on 19:32:58 01/07/2006.

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