Zog's Quest #1: Redhead Sighted - On a quest to find a beautiful red-haired warrior woman, Zog finds what he's looking for - but also doesn't, as it turns out to be a French fashionista instead of a thieving swordfighter. With first impressions made, they each decide that the other is in need of being taught a lesson. - created on 09:08:08 05/30/2023 by Zog and last modified on 17:57:02 06/07/2023. Cast: Shermie and Zog.

Zog's Quest #2: The Hunt for Red December - Just when he'd been nearly lulled into forgetting about the Heart of Ignarok, the fire inside Zog is reignited by the chance appearance of its thief. A chase through Metro Square ensues as Hollyella refuses to surrender her prize to the surly ogre! - created on 11:02:28 12/21/2023 by Zog and last modified on 10:28:16 12/22/2023. Cast: Zog and Hollyella.

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