Say Hello To The New Boss - Lord Ozomu may have brought Zabel Zarock back from the dead, but Zabel isn't exactly the grateful type, and he's tired of being expected to work off his debt. He sets off to resolve the matter, only to find that someone has beaten him to it... and that Jedah isn't in the mood for someone to come kicking down his door. - created on 14:57:33 12/20/2014 by Zabel and last modified on 09:59:07 12/21/2014. Cast: Zabel and Jedah.

Talent Scouting - During some downtime, Zabel Zarock checks out an underground metal club in Southtown to see if there are any bands worth keeping an eye on. He happens to catch a set by Killasaurus Orphanage and likes what he hears. And so he decides to give Alexis a little test. - created on 19:24:33 02/18/2015 by Zabel and last modified on 14:18:16 02/22/2015. Cast: Zabel and Alexis.

Old Line and Same Old Song and Dance - Zabel was on the prowl looking for a bit of fun and trouble. Both come in the form of the Southtown Syndicate's Okuno. Leave it to a girl to be the cause of a fight that gave Okuno an eye opening experience on what sort of fighters walk the Earth - created on 22:21:03 02/05/2019 by Zabel and last modified on 17:32:23 02/06/2019. Cast: Zabel and Okuno.

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