The Blood Stirs - Orochi's slumber is fitful in the wake of Justice's attack on Mt. Fuji. Yamazaki, perpetually experiencing the Riot of the Blood, senses the great serpent's presence intensifying. As he descends further into prophetic madness, he has a chance encounter with Leona and attacks her to draw out the potential latent in her blood. But Noel, directed by the Sacred Order to search for a missing agent, is on the scene to assist, and a new connection is formed. - created on 13:16:41 10/15/2017 by Yamazaki and last modified on 20:17:33 10/15/2017. Cast: Yamazaki, Noel, and Leona.

Original Ray's Original Pizza in Metro City - I don't know what's wrong with Metro City, you ask them to give you a pizza and they start trying to get you to give them money. Then you end up with some pinhead musclefreak trying to start problems because you nearly cut the ear off some cashier. Maybe next time Metro City will remember how to behave! GYAA HAA HAA HAA! - created on 20:44:53 05/04/2018 by Yamazaki and last modified on 02:36:17 05/05/2018. Cast: Yamazaki and Abigail.

Painting the Red Arena Red - Maybe all of America is just garbage. I get to Seattle and these people are telling me I can't go into their stadium just because I don't have a ticket! And the popcorn was awful once I made them let me get inside. Then this other blondie karate guy started complaining. Next time I'm going to make sure he understands who he's messing with! GYAA HAA HAA HAA HAA! - created on 20:10:35 05/06/2018 by Yamazaki and last modified on 01:52:29 05/07/2018. Cast: Yamazaki and Ken Masters.

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