World Warrior 2023

R1: Honoka vs Tairyu - The acrobatic performer Honoka Kawamoto and Definitely A Legitimate Businessman Katashi Tairyu meet in Kyoto, outside of Ginkaku-ji for an explosive clash certain to keep the audience entertained. - created on 09:36:03 09/03/2023 by Tairyu and last modified on 10:08:45 09/10/2023. Cast: Honoka and Tairyu.

R1: Fei Long vs Kasumi - The action star and master of Hiten-ryu Kung Fu faces down the exiled, the hunted former heiress of the Mugen Tenshin shinobi. Will the movie star's burning fists be enough? Will Kasumi's speed carry her to victory? - created on 20:17:50 09/03/2023 by Kasumi and last modified on 22:03:43 09/16/2023. Cast: Kasumi and Fei Long.

R1: The Red Wanderer vs The King of Drip - The Grandmaster of Drip faces the Red Wanderer in the first round of World Warrior. Will age and guile bring down youthful vigor? Or will sinister powers topple Wing Chun? - created on 14:21:33 09/04/2023 by Ahmya and last modified on 10:07:40 09/10/2023. Cast: Leroy Smith and Ahmya.

R1: Frei vs Daniel - Rei and Daniel face off at Le Petit Chien in Southtown for the World Warrior tournament, combining the elegant act of fighting with brutal no-holds-barred philosophical discussions on some of the heaviest subjects imaginable. Such as Anne Rice, Baptists, and Zooters. - created on 10:46:14 09/05/2023 by Daniel and last modified on 12:51:25 09/12/2023. Cast: Frei and Daniel.

R1: Sagat vs Nagi - The God of Muai Thai goes head to head with Nagi Kirishima. Will the legend overcome the young woman, or will her mysterious power win the day? - created on 19:52:56 09/06/2023 by Sagat and last modified on 10:08:20 09/10/2023. Cast: Nagi and Sagat.

R1: Unagi vs Zangief - The infamous Shinsekai District plays host to a match between wrestler Zangief and Unagi the humble fisherman. Who is this mysterious newcomer to the fighting circuit, and will he be able to weather the storm of the Red Cyclone? The answers to these and other questions may surprise you. - created on 10:48:23 09/07/2023 by Zangief and last modified on 12:50:57 09/16/2023. Cast: Zangief and Lee Chaolan.

R1: Shina vs Baiken - At the Southtown Fish Market, prepare for the blink-and-you'll-miss-it clash of a were-leopard and a wandering samurai! - created on 15:57:34 09/07/2023 by Baiken and last modified on 10:08:28 09/10/2023. Cast: Baiken and Shina.

R1: Kongou vs Athena - Kongou, the Cerulean Gigas with power overwhelming will face the violet haired pop princess Athena. Will her slick moves and glittery powers be enough to topple the giant? Will Kongou's terrible joy crush Athena? Will Kongou ask for an autograph!? - created on 22:04:40 09/08/2023 by Athena and last modified on 00:20:33 09/16/2023. Cast: Athena and Kongou.

R1: Liu Kang vs Ken Masters - Ken Masters and Liu Kang fight fire with fire in the World Warrior 2023 Tournament! - created on 23:03:35 09/08/2023 by Ken Masters and last modified on 07:08:25 09/13/2023. Cast: Ken Masters and Liu Kang.

R1: Kindred Swords - Ky Kiske and Ryu Hayabusa meet atop the windblown ramparts of Castle Illyria, with skybox brought to you by the Alps. Swords are crossed, friendships reaffirmed, and duty acknowledged as the Dragon Ninja seeks to match the unusual State's foremost King in all-out combat. - created on 15:06:11 09/09/2023 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 13:47:19 09/21/2023. Cast: Ky Kiske and Ryu Hayabusa.

R1: Maxima vs Bezique - Bezique arranges her World Warrior match with the Cyborg Maxima in the middle of an illegal street racing event in the middle of Downtown Metro! - created on 19:03:54 09/09/2023 by Bezique and last modified on 10:08:35 09/10/2023. Cast: Maxima and Bezique.

R1: The Blood of Beasts and Ghosts - To meet enemies and rivals long thought lost in history, the World Warrior tournament has surfaced many exemplary and long-lost talents. However, the only way to truly realize the intensity of true fighting blood is to embrace those talents at the extreme schism between life and death. Leo Whitefang, the Second King, has had his transport taken down over hostile territory. There, he faces a ghost who has slept for far too long. - created on 21:56:45 09/09/2023 by Seishirou and last modified on 10:08:12 09/10/2023. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Seishirou.

R1: Gangster versus Ninja - Billy Kane, one of the scourges of the Southtown underbelly meets Maki Genryuusai, practitioner of Bunshin-ryu and stalwart citizen and enemy of the Mad Gear! Who will come out on top, the ruthless gangster or the warrior for justice? - created on 18:15:08 09/13/2023 by Billy and last modified on 19:52:40 09/13/2023. Cast: Billy and Maki.

R1: Es vs Sub-Zero - The frozen killer of the Lin Kuei meets a strange young woman with a massive sword. Both mysterious in their own way. Both fighting towards victory. Only one of them is craving pudding, though. - created on 21:21:31 09/13/2023 by Sub-Zero and last modified on 00:36:13 09/16/2023. Cast: Sub-Zero and Es.

R2: The Clashing Wills of Titans - In the mysterious depths of the Lin Kuei forest, Liu Kang summons a titan to test his might in the name of World Warrior...but for whom is this test truly intended? - created on 22:38:52 09/21/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 13:22:08 09/24/2023. Cast: Liu Kang and Kongou.

R2: Tairyu vs Daniel - Tairyu and Daniel had last faced off in the Neo League, with Tairyu as the victor. Now in the dark shadows of a Chicago Train Yard, they face off in a rematch in the World Warrior. - created on 09:54:08 09/25/2023 by Daniel and last modified on 11:21:15 09/28/2023. Cast: Daniel and Tairyu.

R2: We Were Soldiers - Cybernetic Renegade takes on Dragon Ninja as a celebrated clash climaxes on a breezy night at Sound Beach as round two of the WORLD WARRIOR tournament continues! - created on 14:12:26 09/26/2023 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 20:45:29 10/01/2023. Cast: Maxima and Ryu Hayabusa.

R2: Ky Kiske vs Bezique - Bezique meets Ky Kiske on the streets of Las Vegas for round two of World Warrior 2023! - created on 19:31:16 09/26/2023 by Bezique and last modified on 17:15:29 10/04/2023. Cast: Ky Kiske and Bezique.

R2: Nagi vs Kasumi - In the remote Koku An dojo, the exiled ninja of the Mugen Tenshin faces off against the fiery tempered young woman with formidable powers. - created on 23:29:58 09/26/2023 by Kasumi and last modified on 12:48:56 10/15/2023. Cast: Nagi and Kasumi.

R2: The Lion and the Dragon - Leo vs Fei Long - The Lion and the Dragon meet at last but which of them is destined to reign in this contest of fire, steel and fangs? - created on 17:29:28 09/28/2023 by Leo Whitefang and last modified on 21:06:08 10/07/2023. Cast: Fei Long and Leo Whitefang.

R2: Shina vs Billy - Round two of World Warrior sees Billy Kane face down Shina the Leopard. Fast paced fighters contend against one another to see who can come out on top! See the two square off under an Overpass in Southtown, because true street fighting begins on the streets themselves. - created on 18:44:01 09/29/2023 by Shina and last modified on 20:13:47 09/30/2023. Cast: Billy and Shina.

R2: Honoka vs Frei - "The paradox is that 'the play's the thing'; / though prima donna pouts and critic stings, / there burns throughout the line of words the cultivated act, / a fierce brief fusion which dreamers call real, and realists, illusion: / an insight like the flight of birds." -- Sylvia Plath, "Love is a Parallax" - created on 11:48:46 09/30/2023 by Frei and last modified on 20:02:45 10/03/2023. Cast: Frei and Honoka.

R2: Ahmya vs Unagi - The stoic, cursed Ahmya faces the equally mysterious Unagi for her World Warrior match. Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going to the Pink Paradise in Sunshine City. As Unagi works the pole position to get a lead in the tournament, will Ahmya stop believing? Or will she hold on to that feeling? - created on 14:31:48 10/02/2023 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 09:14:19 10/10/2023. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Ahmya.

R2: Flash of the Blade - The gleaming sword of a ruthlessly pragmatic swordswoman crosses with an entire workshop of strange esoteric preparations, as she tests her mettle against a boy claiming to wield power originating from the end of all shinobi. But this ronin is no simple steel sakura, and that boy finds his tactical prowess tested by preparations all too like his own. - created on 20:35:28 10/03/2023 by Seishirou and last modified on 09:19:58 10/13/2023. Cast: Baiken and Seishirou.

R2: Ken Masters vs Sub-Zero - Ken and Sub-Zero meet for a rousing frolick on the beach followed by violence. The frolick is also violence. - created on 15:06:11 10/13/2023 by Sub-Zero and last modified on 20:29:08 10/13/2023. Cast: Ken Masters and Sub-Zero.

R3: Daniel vs Bezique - Daniel Little runs into Bezique, the dimension mage bunny sorceress for a stunning World Warrior match on a rooftop! - created on 13:09:44 10/20/2023 by Bezique and last modified on 16:09:43 10/26/2023. Cast: Daniel and Bezique.

R3: Kongou vs Baiken - We keep blowing up world heritage sites, UNESCO's gonna start putting us on some kinda list. - created on 13:50:02 10/26/2023 by Baiken and last modified on 08:11:40 10/31/2023. Cast: Baiken and Kongou.

R3: Song of Rising Moon - In this battle, a thrilling marathon chessmatch between two geniuses ensues, as all-out war breaks loose along the mountainside, with little held back. In this epic battle, will steel or soul win dominance over the night itself? - created on 06:42:21 10/28/2023 by Seishirou and last modified on 06:18:28 11/11/2023. Cast: Honoka and Seishirou.

R3: This One's for the Title of Genius! - It's King against King as the Sacred Order leaders turned Illyrian monarchs take to the battlefield with the knights and citizenry of Illyria looking on! The most noble of World Warrior duels begins! - created on 21:11:18 11/10/2023 by Leo Whitefang and last modified on 10:16:24 11/15/2023. Cast: Ky Kiske and Leo Whitefang.

R4: The Dragon and the Mountain - After many a fight in the World Warrior tournament, the Sun Dragon of Southtown faces off against the Strongest Titan. Several properties in Yokohama pay the price for their meeting. - created on 16:47:12 02/22/2024 by Tairyu and last modified on 18:54:22 03/01/2024. Cast: Kongou and Tairyu.

R4: Unagi vs Bezique - World Warrior match between Lee and Bezique at a construction site in Metro City - created on 11:23:55 02/26/2024 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 17:05:30 03/26/2024. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Bezique.

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