World Warrior 2018

World Warrior Qualifier - Zach vs Blood - Fights are a war of the soul. Fights define one's existence. Everything that made you 'you' until that moment. Refusing to show everything is a disgrace. An insult. THUS IS THE MIGHT OF STROLHEIM. - created on 13:31:54 01/06/2018 by Blood and last modified on 22:40:37 01/09/2018. Cast: Blood and Zach Glenn.

World Warrior Qualifier - Sylvie vs Gato - Sylvie seeks out a World Warrior Entrance! First, she has to contend with the likes of GATO - can she overcome, or will she be sent back, found wanting!? (HINT: It's Sylvie) - created on 16:21:04 01/06/2018 by Sylvie and last modified on 22:40:49 01/09/2018. Cast: Gato and Sylvie.

World Warrior Qualifier - Kokan vs Gato - Kokan manages to lure Gato into a fight, and then mentally assaults the man to enrage him. Things don't particularly go well from there. - created on 19:45:32 01/06/2018 by Gato and last modified on 22:40:25 01/09/2018. Cast: Gato and Kokan.

World Warrior Qualifier - Robert vs Eiji - Eiji is sent to test Robert Garcia. A fight, and maybe an explosion, ensues. - created on 16:38:38 01/07/2018 by Eiji and last modified on 22:41:08 01/09/2018. Cast: Eiji and Robert.

World Warrior Qualifier - Hitomi vs Gato - A young Japanese waitress; upset with his treatment and injuring of a fighter in a dismissive manner Challenges Gato Futaba, hurls herself at the Chinese Kenpo practitioner. Her imposition and rudeness accepted he makes it a clear display for all to see, just how far removed 'World Warrior' level is from the common fighter. A territory populated by beasts and monsters, who are the only applicants need apply. WINNER (Gato) - created on 01:46:47 01/08/2018 by Hitomi and last modified on 02:33:26 01/14/2018. Cast: Gato and Hitomi.

World Warrior Qualifier - Azrael vs Blood - Azrael intercepts Blood's attempt to interview another potential for World Warrior; he opts to play with his food, and comes to realize why those of Strolheim are heralds for the strongest man in the world. - created on 14:26:52 01/09/2018 by Azrael and last modified on 23:07:35 02/03/2018. Cast: Blood and Azrael.

World Warrior Qualifier - Abigail vs Blood - Finishing up a test against a wholly unsuitable candidate in Metro City, a chance bit of damage to Abigail's signature monster truck by Laurence Blood forces the man into a confrontation... and earns him an invitation; one that may very well change the course of the Mad Gear thug's future as a fighter. A chance to prove his sheer physical prowess and might to Herr Krauser, in the Halls of Castle Strolheim! - created on 21:31:42 01/09/2018 by Blood and last modified on 17:50:59 01/10/2018. Cast: Blood and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifier - Scorpion vs Gato - Winner:Gato - created on 20:31:28 01/10/2018 by Scorpion and last modified on 20:52:20 01/12/2018. Cast: Gato and Scorpion.

World Warrior Qualifier - Ryo vs Gato - Ryo, as winner of King of Fighter and son of Takuma, has more or less already qualified for a spot in World Warrior. Gato suspects his drive and tenacity however, and demands to see what the Invincible Dragon has to offer before coughing one up. - created on 00:46:27 01/11/2018 by Gato and last modified on 02:30:58 01/14/2018. Cast: Gato and Ryo.

World Warrior Qualifier - Baiken vs Blood - After personally vouching for her skill and finesse with a blade to Herr Krauser himself, I have been given leave to approach the swordswoman known as Baiken regarding her candidacy for the World Warrior tournament. A vulgar woman, to be sure, but that hardly detracts from her ability; now, if only I could find her... she seems to be rather elusive these days, but I have heard whispers of her being spotted near a small village as of late. Perhaps fate will smile upon me, and deliver another worthy warrior directly onto my path. - created on 15:08:25 01/12/2018 by Blood and last modified on 22:11:38 01/19/2018. Cast: Blood and Baiken.

World Warrior Qualifier - Adelheid vs Blood - The Son and Heir of Rugal Bernstein, Adelheid the Prince of War... an unexpected challenge. It seems the young man is not content with resting on his laurels, but seeks to make a name for HIMSELF - apart from his father. Let him come to Castle Strolheim, and test his skill against the strongest this world has to offer! - created on 18:11:39 01/13/2018 by Blood and last modified on 12:49:10 01/14/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Blood.

World Warrior Qualifier - Christie vs Eiji - Eiji tests another candidate, an assassin known only as Christie. Might prove interesting. - created on 17:47:52 01/14/2018 by Eiji and last modified on 13:37:16 01/16/2018. Cast: Eiji and Christie.

World Warrior Qualifier - Ramlethal vs Blood - A quiet afternoon in a forest clearing brings another mysterious challenger. An inhuman monster wielding twin greatswords, who desires the opportunity to match herself against the strongest that mankind has to offer. She has earned the right to enter Castle Strolheim, and to see what power the pinnacle of humanity is capable of. Herr Krauser shall be... pleased. - created on 12:24:02 01/15/2018 by Blood and last modified on 13:36:48 01/16/2018. Cast: Blood and Ramlethal.

World Warrior Qualifier - Chizuru vs Blood - I had the pleasure of meeting Chizuru Kagura - the chief executive of Kagura Enterprises - over unagi and genmaicha this afternoon. It's a rare thing, to be approached by a candidate decent enough to let me finish my meal before doing battle... after a spot of pleasant conversation over lunch, we retired outside so that I could test her abilities as a warrior. Finally, someone with proper manners to offset all the brutes and savages who shall be attending Castle Strolheim for Herr Krauser's prestigious tournament! - created on 15:51:48 01/16/2018 by Blood and last modified on 22:11:47 01/19/2018. Cast: Blood and Chizuru.

World Warrior Qualifier - Johnny Cage vs Eiji - Eiji crashes Johnny Cage's reality television show. Perhaps in more ways than one. - created on 14:58:42 01/20/2018 by Eiji and last modified on 10:58:39 01/22/2018. Cast: Eiji and Johnny Cage.

World Warrior Qualifier - Urien vs Blood - An invitation brought me to the mountains of Greece, where I encountered a self-proclaimed 'emperor'. I considered this man, in his opulent surroundings, a joke at first... but he proved to have enough raw power to overcome his lack of skill and finesse. The first time since I began testing candidates for the World Warrior, I experienced something vaguely approximating worry. I look forward to seeing how this mindless brute fares in my Master's house... perhaps Herr Krauser will see fit to put him in his proper place? - created on 20:17:50 01/23/2018 by Blood and last modified on 00:13:37 01/26/2018. Cast: Blood, Oswald, and Urien.

World Warrior Qualifier - Athena vs Blood - The hero of 2016's King of Fighters, Athena Asamiya, has been suspiciously absent from the professional circuit of late... it seems she prefers to pursue her studies and music career, while ignoring the path she is destined to walk. It is my duty to remind the young woman of what her truly worth is, and - if she remains as competent as she once was - ensure she attends the World Warrior tournament at Castle Strolheim. - created on 00:13:17 01/26/2018 by Blood and last modified on 00:25:20 01/28/2018. Cast: Blood and Athena.

World Warrior Qualifier - Duke vs Eiji - Eiji decides to try to ruin Duke's already bad day. That... may have been a mistake. - created on 20:10:25 01/27/2018 by Eiji and last modified on 18:30:40 01/28/2018. Cast: Duke and Eiji.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Jubei vs Valkenhayn - Shortly after receiving his 'wristwatch' from Wolfgang Krauser in Castle Strolheim, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing - recently restored to a younger form by his Mistress - tracks down one specific individual amongst the list of World Warrior competitors: Jubei. What better opponent to sharpen his own skills on, than the One-Eyed Twin Lotus? - created on 12:25:44 01/31/2018 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 15:35:20 02/05/2018. Cast: Valkenhayn and Jubei.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Adelheid vs Lee Chaolan - In his first fight for the World Warrior, Adelheid Bernstein descends from the Black Noah to make his mark upon the fighters of the tournament. Eager to take his spot in the top rankings, his first opponent is the recently impoverished Lee Chaolan. While the Bernstein can easily see through Lee's tricks, can he handle the older fighter praise and mentorship, even as has him on the ropes? - created on 15:01:36 02/02/2018 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 23:07:46 02/03/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Lee Chaolan.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Heidern vs Ryu - The list of final candidates in Wolfgang Krauser's tournament has been released at last. Rather than seeking out his rival Rugal Bernstein immediately, the Ikari Commander known only as 'Heidern' realizes that he is not yet ready to face such a ruthless foe in his current state. Better first to test himself against a man with both skill AND honour - and among the top-ranking competitors, one name stands out above all others: the former World Warrior and Ansatsuken master, Ryu. - created on 17:50:48 02/04/2018 by Heidern and last modified on 15:36:13 02/05/2018. Cast: Heidern and Ryu.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Juri vs Abigail - Having received their digital preorder watches from Castle Strolheim, two of the qualifiers meet up in a bar to do what you usually do in a place that serves tons of booze - fight! - created on 18:11:30 02/04/2018 by Juri and last modified on 15:59:21 02/05/2018. Cast: Juri and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Rugal vs Azrael - The Mad Dog, keen for a good battle, hunts down the top rated challenger of the World Warrior tournament to declare war. - created on 22:17:25 02/04/2018 by Azrael and last modified on 00:04:43 02/10/2018. Cast: Rugal and Azrael.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Ryu vs Duke - Ryu seems to be getting plenty of visitors since the World Warrior Watches went out. This time, Duke seeks an answer to a question. - created on 12:34:48 02/05/2018 by Ryu and last modified on 03:23:47 02/06/2018. Cast: Duke and Ryu.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Duke vs Valkenhayn - After testing himself against an old friend, Valkenhayn's search for prey leads him into the halls of Strolheim itself. Within that magnificent Castle, he discovers a competitor who proves to be a match for his own fiercesome, bloodthirsty nature - the seemingly unkillable crimeboss, Duke. - created on 17:06:12 02/05/2018 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 17:10:42 02/06/2018. Cast: Duke and Valkenhayn.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Ryo vs Ramlethal - Though seeking a battle in the ruins of an old temple, the fight that Ryo finds is not quite what he had expected. Faced with the overwelming power of a Valentine, how will the Dragon measure up? - created on 01:52:27 02/07/2018 by Ramlethal and last modified on 07:10:48 02/12/2018. Cast: Ryo and Ramlethal.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Baiken vs Jubei - Two samurai meet at the docks of Cannes. The expected happens. - created on 18:32:26 02/07/2018 by Baiken and last modified on 01:11:40 02/10/2018. Cast: Baiken and Jubei.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Duke vs Abigail - Surviving his fight with the Wolfman Valkenhayn, Duke's wounds from the Ryu fight still refuse to heal. Suffering, he runs into Abigail, who quickly insults Duke, his car, and more drastically, his opera house. Abigail finds himself dealing with another crazy psycho as Duke explodes into him for a violent qualifier match. - created on 13:12:01 02/08/2018 by Duke and last modified on 17:20:54 02/08/2018. Cast: Duke and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Urien vs Valkenhayn - Tracking down the scent of cheap bronzer all the way to a resort in Greece, Valkenhayn faces off against a decadent, leisurely man who hides a secret power. The Lycanthrope ends up trapped between a rock and Urien's well-oiled thighs. - created on 14:53:13 02/08/2018 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 13:14:52 02/10/2018. Cast: Urien and Valkenhayn.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Abigail vs Athena - The spirit of the fight beckons, as Athena Asamiya leaves behind her successful, swiftly growing music career to stand among the others who dare to participate in Krauser's World Warrior challenge. Already having earned his lumps in the gauntlet of combat, Abigail decides he's fed up with Germany and seeks a way out of the country. His plans are interrupted as he accepts the heartfelt challenge of Asamiya in a massive nexus of trains and tracks. - created on 13:01:44 02/10/2018 by Athena and last modified on 20:42:41 02/10/2018. Cast: Athena and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Azrael vs Akuma - The Mad Dog continues his hunt for the strongest in World Warrior, brazenly challenging one of the strongest fighters alive. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Woof! - created on 13:07:09 02/10/2018 by Azrael and last modified on 21:07:12 02/12/2018. Cast: Akuma and Azrael.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Geese vs Heidern - Commander Heidern of the Ikari Warriors seeks to hone his skills against one of the most capable (and ruthless) fighters within the World Warrior tournament; the Terror of Southtown, Geese Howard. - created on 13:21:44 02/10/2018 by Heidern and last modified on 01:02:04 02/17/2018. Cast: Heidern, Geese, and Baiken.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Kolin vs Demitri - A cold, English night, the ice queen Kolin, and the Lord of Makai, Demitri. What happens when a vampire meets a woman so totally devoted to a cause she doesn't have room for anything else? - created on 23:04:20 02/10/2018 by Kolin and last modified on 16:39:25 02/11/2018. Cast: Demitri and Kolin.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Zach vs Robert - Zach Glenn and Robert Garcia throw down in Osaka for ranking adjustments before food. - created on 16:19:00 02/11/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 00:07:44 02/14/2018. Cast: Robert and Zach Glenn.

World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Abigail vs Azrael - Abigail brings meals on wheels to Azrael! Will Azrael find a feast or just order a small carry out?? - created on 22:42:46 02/12/2018 by Abigail and last modified on 18:51:59 02/13/2018. Cast: Abigail and Azrael.

World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Abigail vs Akuma - What's the logical thing to do after taking a punch strong enough to cause what looks like a mini-nuke? Why to find someone else just as powerful and do it all over again! - created on 13:22:32 02/13/2018 by Abigail and last modified on 19:07:45 02/13/2018. Cast: Akuma and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Lee vs Ryo - Ryo Sakazaki reaches Strolheim, eager to battle for his placements amongst the World Warriors. Ready to greet him is the impoverished Lee Chaolan, the former CEO of the Violet Systems. As the two make battle, however, the Kyokugen heir makes an intriguing offer to the Silver-Haired Demon.... - created on 12:04:18 02/16/2018 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 20:21:46 02/18/2018. Cast: Ryo and Lee Chaolan.

World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Baiken vs Geese - Baiken barges into Geese's office. Without an appointment, even! At least she checked in at reception... A World Warrior-class battle ensues. - created on 17:34:12 02/16/2018 by Baiken and last modified on 20:21:55 02/18/2018. Cast: Geese and Baiken.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Adelheid vs Rugal - The deck of the Black Noah plays host to another apocalyptic battle as son challenges father in a Bernstein Brawl. Will the mighty carrier survive World Warrior?! - created on 10:48:43 02/18/2018 by Rugal and last modified on 00:47:27 02/23/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Rugal.

World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Robert vs Urien - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except when that jerkwad Krauser is keeping track of everything via incredibly intrusive smartwatches. Sketchy old man Krauser. - created on 12:52:48 02/18/2018 by Robert and last modified on 20:20:38 02/18/2018. Cast: Robert and Urien.

World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Athena vs Azrael - There are no days off for World Warrior participants. This is a lesson learned the hard way by Athena Asamiya as just her mere presence at Neuschwanstein Castle proves to be a danger to everyone around her the moment Azrael decides he is hungry again. - created on 13:46:03 02/18/2018 by Athena and last modified on 00:47:48 02/23/2018. Cast: Athena and Azrael.

World Warrior Qualifier R3 - Morrigan vs Demitri - Demitri is just trying to have a nice evening out on the town in Venice when Morrigan, the troublemaker that she is, decides there's no time for dates when World Warrior is going on. - created on 15:14:40 02/18/2018 by Morrigan and last modified on 20:24:36 02/26/2018. Cast: Morrigan and Demitri.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Ryo vs Abigail - Transcending history and the world, a tale of brawls and brawn, eternally retold. Now, two souls are fiercely entangled in a battle for the ages. The fighters face a gruesome quest to search for the ultimate strength. Ryo Sakazaki, the Invincible Dragon of Kyokugen Karate, versus Abigail, the Junkyard Mogul. Fate conspired to arrange their battle, and now, watched over by the almighty ones, they unleash their fury. Victory belongs to the last one standing. Only one fate awaits the defeated. - created on 00:02:33 02/20/2018 by Ryo and last modified on 00:48:06 02/23/2018. Cast: Ryo and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Zach Vs Lee Chaolan - Zach Glenn and Lee Chaolan have unfinished business to conduct following the King of Fighters. There is apparently also a fight to be had. - created on 13:32:52 02/21/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 16:53:25 02/23/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Lee Chaolan.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Robert vs Duke - Robert and Duke are wearing their wounds from their World Warrior battles; the endless fights wearing them down piece by singular piece. And yet, both must stay in the tournament, both must continue their endless fights in a brief, bright and brutal match at the dockside. - created on 14:19:21 02/22/2018 by Duke and last modified on 16:53:56 02/23/2018. Cast: Duke and Robert.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Abigail vs Baiken - London Bridge is... not falling down. Not this time. Despite the best attempts of fighters who decide to have a World Warrior match on top of the walkways. - created on 20:22:09 02/22/2018 by Baiken and last modified on 23:49:51 02/24/2018. Cast: Baiken and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3: Duke vs Geese - In his final fight for the qualifiers, Duke approach the leader of the Southtown Syndicate, Geese Howard, to battle at his own tower. Geese, ready to meet all challengers, soon gives his lieutenant a lesson in humility that he won't soon forget. - created on 18:31:17 02/24/2018 by Duke and last modified on 19:58:18 02/26/2018. Cast: Duke and Geese.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Zach vs Abigail - Abigail's Whirlwind World Warrior tour continues! This time it takes him to Southtown, and puts him in front of one Zach Glenn. Wills and fist clash, but only one can come out on top! - created on 21:13:27 02/24/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 00:27:56 02/26/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Abigail.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Urien vs Adelheid - Urien challenges Adelheid in lieu of Rugal. A philosophical battle of what's the true meaning of power begins. Is it one's potential, or what one faces at any given moment...? - created on 00:17:55 02/25/2018 by Urien and last modified on 13:38:37 02/26/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Urien.

World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Zach Glenn vs Athena - Zach and Athena meet in Spain. Philosophy and punches are exchanged. - created on 00:34:27 02/25/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 00:52:40 02/26/2018. Cast: Athena and Zach Glenn.

World Warrior Round 1 - Abigail vs Robert - Abigail and Robert Garcia bond over their shared love for high-performance engines and beating each other up. - created on 19:46:25 02/27/2018 by Robert and last modified on 19:27:45 03/01/2018. Cast: Robert and Abigail.

World Warrior Round 1 - Adelheid vs Athena - Now that World Warrior's top sixteen is underway, two of the youngest participants in World Warrior face off in the Exhibition Yard of Strolheim Castle. Both enter with a lot to prove, and a desire to push even further into the brackets of the prestigious event, as the Heir of Rugal, Adelheid Bernstein, and the celebrity fighter, Athena Asamiya, face off against each other. - created on 00:11:55 03/02/2018 by Athena and last modified on 21:02:15 03/03/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Athena.

World Warrior Round 1 - Azrael vs Duke - Two monstrous fighters who thrive on violence. Only one will remain standing. The most basic and visceral conflict of the entire World Warrior tournament begins; which is the apex predator of violence, and which must redeem themselves in the Loser's Bracket? - created on 21:28:04 03/02/2018 by Azrael and last modified on 00:54:54 03/03/2018. Cast: Duke and Azrael.

World Warrior Round 1 - Baiken vs Ryo - Baiken and Ryo's World Warrior bracket matches begin with a bang. (Not literally. This time.) Who will come out on top? - created on 15:58:20 03/03/2018 by Baiken and last modified on 17:55:08 03/05/2018. Cast: Ryo and Baiken.

World Warrior Round 1 - Jubei vs Geese - The fighting prowess of these two legendary masters of martial combat may not have been public record before. Now, thanks to the magic of Krauser broadcasting the World Warrior matches to every home in the world... everyone gets to see Geese Howard fight a cat. - created on 19:43:23 03/03/2018 by Jubei and last modified on 16:33:21 03/04/2018. Cast: Geese and Jubei.

World Warrior Round 1 - Urien vs Rugal - Castle Strolheim plays host to the first round of World Warrior, as two leaders of dark organizations meet in a battle of endurance and will. - created on 20:12:54 03/04/2018 by Rugal and last modified on 22:41:11 03/09/2018. Cast: Urien and Rugal.

World Warrior Round 1 L - Duke vs Ryo - Both Ryo and Duke have lost their respective battles in the World Warrior, and now must fight in the loser bracket. Struggling in the midsts of the Strolheim grounds, Duke faces his second Kyokugen opponent in this tournament... and Ryo has his opportunity to avenge Robert for his loss against the Syndicate crime boss. Who will advance, and who will flounder into obscurity? - created on 00:29:12 03/06/2018 by Duke and last modified on 01:51:51 03/19/2018. Cast: Duke and Ryo.

World Warrior Round 2 - Jubei vs Athena Asamiya - The match intensity of World Warrior continues to escalate into the Winners Quarter Finals as world famous Athena Asamiya faces off against the unsung hero, Jubei! - created on 23:28:17 03/07/2018 by Athena and last modified on 18:13:16 03/12/2018. Cast: Athena and Jubei.

World Warrior Round 1 L - Geese vs Adelheid - Geese Howard battles Adelheid! Is it true that Geese is losing his edge in his age? If so, is Adelheid, Rugal's proud heir, the one who can claim victory over him? - created on 18:30:01 03/09/2018 by Geese and last modified on 01:52:02 03/19/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Geese.

World Warrior Round 2 - Abigail vs Rugal - The dark horse World Warrior, Abigail, continues his rampage through the tournament matches. But will he finally meet the end of the road in facing off against the legendary Rugal Bernstein? - created on 22:44:46 03/09/2018 by Rugal and last modified on 04:37:22 03/10/2018. Cast: Rugal and Abigail.

World Warrior Round 2 L - Ramlethal vs Baiken - Despite entering the tournament in order to see the strength of humanity, the Valentine known as Ramlethal has been faced with several Darkstalkers of late. She is pleased to once more encounter a human opponent but can Baiken's fury make enough of an impression on this emotionless warrior for that feeling to last? - created on 23:24:28 03/14/2018 by Ramlethal and last modified on 01:52:19 03/19/2018. Cast: Baiken and Ramlethal.

World Warrior R2 L - Morrigan vs Ryo - The Prince of Kyokugen battles the Queen of Makai in a daring duel! There may even be a King involved...? - created on 20:04:03 03/16/2018 by Morrigan and last modified on 12:25:17 03/26/2018. Cast: Ryo and Morrigan.

World Warrior Round 2 L - Abigail vs Geese - A giant of industry and criminal enterprise battles...a man who is simply giant. Who will prevail!? - created on 22:43:05 03/17/2018 by Geese and last modified on 02:06:27 03/19/2018. Cast: Geese and Abigail.

World Warrior Round 3 - Jubei vs Azrael - If a legend has not been shared, can it truly be a legend at all? Only a scarce few know of the mythical tales of either the One-Eyed Twin Lotus, or the Mad Dog Azrael -- but now, everyone with access to a television is able to see just what makes these living legends so damn epic. - created on 15:50:48 03/18/2018 by Jubei and last modified on 17:28:37 03/19/2018. Cast: Azrael and Jubei.

World Warrior Round 2 L - Athena vs Urien - As the Exhibition Yard of Strolheim is beginning to look more like a war torn battlefield, J-Pop idol Athena Asamiya faces off against the powerful Illuminati tyrant, Urien. However, tapping into the energy radiating from his emotions proves to be a far more disturbing experience than with any other opponent, a nightmare she will not soon live down. - created on 18:54:36 03/18/2018 by Athena and last modified on 00:48:09 03/20/2018. Cast: Urien and Athena.

World Warrior R3 L - Athena vs Ramlethal - Dispassionate living weapon, Ramlethal Valentinem faces the surprisingly successful idol fighter, Athena Asamiya, as the Top 8 of World Warrior begins to get chiseled down to its final participants. - created on 18:13:33 03/25/2018 by Athena and last modified on 04:19:27 03/28/2018. Cast: Athena and Ramlethal.

World Warrior R4 L - Geese vs Rugal - Atop a courtyard high within Strolheim Castle, Rugal Bernstein and Geese Howard face each other in the loser's final of World Warrior 2018. A clash of titans follows, as the two crime lords bring demonstrate why they have the power to be here. But one bears wounds from a previous battle that may just make the difference here... - created on 15:14:42 04/14/2018 by Rugal and last modified on 14:24:40 04/18/2018. Cast: Geese and Rugal.

World Warrior Finals - Azrael vs Geese - Having climbed his way through the Loser's Bracket, Geese now faces the undefeated Mad Dog: Azrael! Will Geese's determination to face Krauser allow him to defeat the monstrous powerhouse known as the Cannibal, or will Geese fail as all others have? - created on 20:39:00 05/01/2018 by Geese and last modified on 13:07:06 05/05/2018. Cast: Geese and Azrael.

World Warrior Secret Stage - Geese vs Krauser - In the depths of Strolheim, the paths of two men cross. Though brothers by blood, it has been many years since these two men fought. Geese has long lived in fear of his younger half-brother...but how have the two changed since so many years ago...? - created on 20:23:21 05/26/2018 by Geese and last modified on 06:29:05 05/29/2018. Cast: Geese and Krauser.

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