To What Extent Are We Human? - Within Southtown, trouble is brewing in the form of a man named Whitney Saulder. He has a few philosophical curiosities to discuss over the fate of a darkstalker. Who better than the faithful knight Pukai to question on the matters of religion and the behavior of humanity? - created on 22:45:11 02/24/2018 by Whitney and last modified on 15:15:29 02/25/2018. Cast: Whitney and Pukai.

Night Train to Southtown - Ryu Hayabusa uncovers a vile Illuminati plot in the works. But as with many schemes by the Illuminati, what Whitney Saulder is doing and what it actually means may not add up. All the same, a young woman is on some railroad tracks and a hero like Hayabusa cannot simply let that be! - created on 22:12:56 07/19/2019 by Whitney and last modified on 13:44:37 07/26/2019. Cast: Ryu Hayabusa and Whitney.

Meeting at the Manor - The Mishima Zaibatsu are approached by a hand of the Illuminati baring a gift; a single killer to assist Heihachi Mishima in his goals for Southtown. A deal between devils is made. - created on 23:41:21 06/23/2020 by Whitney and last modified on 10:39:44 06/26/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Whitney.

As the Story Goes - A meeting between minds on holy grounds in the American Southwest. Where the last known spot of Lightning Spangles sits beneath the desert night sky, two forces of darkness face off until the dawn. The dead are discussed, the lives they may yet lead are as well. And secret truths are exchanged. - created on 17:19:02 03/08/2021 by Whitney and last modified on 21:53:23 03/16/2021. Cast: Honoka and Whitney.

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