The Templar and the Priest - Amy and Walter meet upon the sands of Zack Island, and a pious friendship is forged as they share their own unique natures. - created on 10:52:58 02/08/2015 by Walter and last modified on 21:14:51 02/08/2015. Cast: Amy and Walter.

The Priest and the Succubit - Walter, after a night drinking in Southtown, wanders down a dark alleyway and meets Lilith! Philosophy, the world, and a little bit of nomming occurs. - created on 16:45:14 02/14/2015 by Walter and last modified on 20:07:56 02/14/2015. Cast: Lilith and Walter.

Amidst the Darkness of the Metro - A string of deaths occurs in Metro City, and Walter and Miki track down the cause! Soon, discussion is to be had. - created on 21:49:33 02/15/2015 by Walter and last modified on 09:48:25 02/16/2015. Cast: Miki and Walter.

Police Brutality: Dragon Edition - During a trip to Southtown, a bit of wind and a drunken bystander causes Walter's inhuman nature to be exposed! In the wake of the Butcher's killings, the police are on high alert. Chun-Li responds. Walter gets angry and cries innocent, amongst other things. And pays for it. - created on 13:54:39 02/17/2015 by Walter and last modified on 21:35:14 02/17/2015. Cast: Chun-Li and Walter.

Drinkasaurus Rex - Walter and Alexis meet in a bar. Much gabbing and drunken dragons ensues. - created on 21:58:11 03/11/2015 by Walter and last modified on 00:04:24 03/15/2015. Cast: Alexis and Walter.

A Wyrm And A MudGirl - Walter, chased by Hunters, is saved by a mud-based girl named Lump! The priest resolves to repay the favor! - created on 21:16:09 10/18/2016 by Walter and last modified on 15:01:11 10/23/2016. Cast: Walter and Lump.

Confessions - Naerose visits Walter's confessional. Things get strange. No one was eaten during this scene. - created on 13:16:19 10/31/2016 by Walter and last modified on 17:19:38 10/31/2016. Cast: Naerose and Walter.

Grumpy Grumpy Dragons - Alexis confesses to Walter about her death and experiences during Mortal Kombat. Walter comforts her, while swearing vengeance against the one that performed the deed. - created on 17:24:37 08/06/2017 by Walter and last modified on 18:40:09 04/13/2018. Cast: Alexis and Walter.

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