Opening Communications. - In the depths of Somalia, Shadaloo works to extend a tendril of influence into land that the Lord of Battle has marked as his own. After far too long, Rugal's most enthusiastic herald is allowed to slip her leash and remind Shadaloo that they don't, in fact, rule this world unchallenged. One might imagine that Vega's least loyal servant was sent there entirely to be the lucky recipient of that message... - created on 12:35:47 05/04/2021 by Vice and last modified on 12:42:37 05/05/2021. Cast: Vice and Juri.

Business First, Then Pleasure. - With Ultratech spreading its tendrils through the supernatural world in its quest to obtain further data, their agents have come to the attention of "R". Whilst the Lord of Battle would likely have intervened at some point purely to protect his arms sales, they cannot be allowed to push into his more esoteric concerns. And so Vice is dispatched to bring the hammer down. But it transpires that Ultratech has secrets of its own, and dragging them out into the light of day may prove costly for all sides. - created on 15:25:47 05/18/2021 by Vice and last modified on 03:02:45 05/20/2021. Cast: Vice and Magi.

Bonus Stage. - The enigmatic Victor Ortega is a man not easily drawn into the limelight. It turns out that wrecking his car is a good way of getting his attention. But why has Vice chosen to assault a man like Ortega? And is this truly the last time that the wrestling champion will find himself assailed in public now that he is returning to the spotlight? - created on 15:18:57 05/25/2021 by Vice and last modified on 00:56:12 05/26/2021. Cast: Vice and Victor Ortega.

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