Revelation of Realms - While meditating on his current assignment in the Appalachian Mountains, Ermac finds himself visited by Lord Vega. The master of Shadaloo looks not for a fight, but for information of the origins of the collective souls from Outworld and to make his claim on Earth known. - created on 17:21:36 11/26/2014 by Vega and last modified on 21:07:09 11/26/2014. Cast: Vega and Ermac.

A Mysterious Benefactor - Jira Kasagi is approached by a mysterious business man with information that the Southtown schools are being used as part of an experiment and that he works for a man who wishes to offer her anything she desires in exchange for investigating these experiments. - created on 22:38:56 01/07/2015 by Vega and last modified on 00:54:24 01/08/2015. Cast: Vega and Jira.

Shadow Council: Invading the Dragon's Lair - The Black Dragon, Kira Volkov suddenly finds her mercenary group's home base is no longer as secret or secure as she'd imagined as she received the honor of being visited by Lord Vega himself with an offer she can't refuse. An offer that holds repercussions for the whole world and beyond. - created on 14:32:16 03/13/2016 by Vega and last modified on 00:02:52 03/14/2016. Cast: Vega and Kira Volkov.

Shadow Council: First Summit - Lord Vega summons figures from some of the most powerful organizations in the underworld to discuss the future of the world and beyond. - created on 14:44:33 04/03/2016 by Vega and last modified on 13:09:17 04/07/2016. Cast: Duke, Honoka, Vega, Lee Chaolan, Mr.Burr, Felicia, and Kira Volkov.

The Warlords of Mexico - As Kotal reenters Earthrealm in his former land, he draws the attention of the warlord that currently calls Mexico his own. Once before Vega has appeared before an emmissary of Shao Kahn with an ultimatum, how will he handle a second insult? - created on 20:40:53 07/20/2016 by Vega and last modified on 23:33:36 07/20/2016. Cast: Vega and Kotal.

The Dictator's Dahlia - The Mighty Lord of Shadaloo decides that it is time to reveal some very secret truths to the Scarlet Dahlia. - created on 09:29:14 02/19/2021 by Vega and last modified on 18:03:59 02/27/2021. Cast: Honoka and Vega.

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