A Servant's Travels: Encountering the Black Knight - An Intelligence Division Captain known as 'Hazama'... Elusive, to be sure, but one can expect no less from the earthly vessel of a monster such as Terumi. Perhaps his colleagues within the Novus Orbis Librarium may be able to point the way to my old... 'friend'. - created on 12:24:41 12/01/2017 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 20:28:33 12/01/2017. Cast: Valkenhayn and Kagura.

A Servant's Travels: A Hero's Return - While finishing the repairs to the Alucard Estate following my encounter with that MONSTER Terumi, I received a most unexpected guest... how Master Jubei found his way to the Castle, I will never guess. It is simply fortunate that fate saw fit to deliver him now, in our moment of great need. Another Legend, to stand against the beast that threatens us all. - created on 10:16:54 12/06/2017 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 16:06:42 12/10/2017. Cast: Valkenhayn, Terumi, and Jubei.

A Servant's Travels: A Face From The Past - Milady has sent me to Southtown so that I may investigate the energy signature left by the Black Susano'o... while there, I encountered a face from the past; an individual previously disposed of by Master Clavis long ago, now returned and with no memories of this incident. He spoke of a mysterious 'Raquel Alucard', though I know that esteemed House never had a Mistress by such a name. Madam Rachel must be made aware of this at once. With any luck, the boy shall pick up an outfit more suited to the occasion before she has a chance to summon him... - created on 15:58:17 12/17/2017 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 22:26:59 12/17/2017. Cast: Valkenhayn and Naoto.

A Servant's Travels: Long is the Night - It would seem my return to Castle Alucard was a timely one indeed, for the blood moon has brought many guests... and many changes. While inspecting damage done to the estate's clocktower, I was set upon by an immortal I did not recognize; one recently turned, and by that brute Lord Maximoff no less. How frightful is must be for a human to be thrust into the shadows with no guiding hand - poor, frail creatures that they are! Alas, power has always come with a price, but perhaps Miss Volkoff will come to terms with the reality of her new life: that time is an abyss, as profound as a thousand nights. - created on 22:22:49 06/24/2021 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 19:12:42 07/02/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Kira Volkov.

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