The Glorious Illuminati - It's not an Illuminati meeting with Urien unless at least one person dies. Orders are given related to the hypothetical NESTS infestation of the schools, and G-Project's gameplan to play interference. Glory to the True Emperor. - created on 02:53:18 12/07/2014 by Urien and last modified on 07:09:23 12/07/2014. Cast: Urien, Alan, and Frederick.

Attending Extra Classes - Urien decides to go to Gedo and 'assess' the principal with his fists. He finally bites off more than he can chew, with terrible results. - created on 14:40:23 12/16/2014 by Urien and last modified on 23:33:52 12/16/2014. Cast: Urien and Zero.

The Price of Freedom - After extensive pressure from the Illuminati, Igniz relents and offers Urien back in return for no longer being harassed. Gill comes in person to collect his wayward brother. - created on 18:07:07 12/23/2014 by Urien and last modified on 02:04:00 12/24/2014. Cast: Gill, Urien, and Igniz.

Brutal Negotiation - Urien goes to Justice in an attempt to speak to Justice and pass on the baton of NESTS hassling; Kyoko does not take kindly to his manner of diplomacy. - created on 20:16:04 12/25/2014 by Urien and last modified on 04:29:49 12/26/2014. Cast: Urien, Raizo, Kyoko, and Tiffany.

Anger Management - Frederick and Kasumi go to Urien to get their next assignment after his untimely encounter with NESTS. - created on 21:34:47 12/28/2014 by Urien and last modified on 02:23:59 12/29/2014. Cast: Urien, Kasumi, and Frederick.

A Speedo Assassination - A flashback to the past: Alma, early in the King of Fighters, before Mt. Fuji is no more and war echoes in the background. The Sacred Knight's location is discovered, and Urien personally goes to crush the head of his defiance. Alma stands, after a lifetime of preparation, against the epitome of evil and injustice he cannot abide. Will it be enough...? - created on 15:21:01 10/07/2017 by Urien and last modified on 21:30:12 10/07/2017. Cast: Alma and Urien.

The Meaning of Power - One of the highest Gears in the command structure is approached by Urien, offering an interesting deal of mutual benefit amidst the horrors of London's food options. - created on 19:15:51 10/21/2018 by Urien and last modified on 12:28:57 10/22/2018. Cast: Urien and Ramlethal.

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