A New Figure Emerges - With all eyes on Japan, Captain Hazama has summon Tsubaki Yayoi for some purpose. As one of the despire 0th Division, Lt. Yayoi is determined to make a name for herself, but is this meeting everything it seems to be? - created on 20:59:06 12/04/2017 by Tsubaki and last modified on 23:26:49 12/04/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Terumi.

Honor In Defeat - Moments after her defeat by Ragna The Bloodedge, Tsubaki Yayoi seeks help, only for Captain Hazama to reveal his presence, and judge wether or not she'll be useful to keep around. - created on 13:57:03 12/28/2017 by Tsubaki and last modified on 15:43:32 12/28/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Terumi.

Melancholy Reunions - In the aftermath of Tsubaki Yayoi's battle with Ragna The Bloodedge, the Second Lieutenant recovers from her wounds. Clio St. Jeanne arrives to offer a friendly shoulder of support. - created on 20:09:27 01/04/2018 by Tsubaki and last modified on 14:57:27 01/11/2018. Cast: Tsubaki and Clio.

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