The Invincible Mask (Cutscene) - The ring of today, the clamor for true contests of strength and skill, independent of fantasies, cultures, and certainties... a man stands on the precipice of what it means to carry an impossible standard into a world where such cannot be sustained. - created on 14:17:44 09/18/2016 by Tizoc and last modified on 00:51:33 09/21/2016. Cast: Tizoc.

The Good Guy Defeats The Bad Guy! - In this story, someone bad is stopped from doing further harm by someone good. - created on 22:09:18 09/22/2016 by Tizoc and last modified on 20:32:02 09/23/2016. Cast: Tizoc and Duo Lon.

So A Demon Walks Into A Bar... - Tizoc, still in the guise of the Griffon Mask, passes time with old friends from his previous federation. While said friends have moved on from the days of wrestling, Tizoc has not. When Rae Briggs, a beyond infamous biker gang leader whose antipathy burns as hot as the flames of hell itself makes an entrance, Tizoc... no, the Griffon Mask!... sees it fit to take up the mantle of a hero outside of the ring. No rules, no referees, no barriers, no honor... Rae takes things a step beyond even that. One may wonder of the punchline for the title, but there's no laughing matter ahead. - created on 18:13:16 09/25/2016 by Tizoc and last modified on 01:13:14 09/26/2016. Cast: Tizoc and Rae.

An Audience With The King (Jaguar) - Recovering from a bloody and bitter battle against the brutish wrestler MURDERHOUSE, the Griffon Mask - and the man underneath - feel deflated in having been overcome by a man defined through underhanded, dangerous tricks. He would not be left to lick his wounds on his own, not when the King sees a need for this man against a far greater threat. A greater threat to all of wrestling... - created on 18:18:47 07/26/2017 by Tizoc and last modified on 20:49:13 07/26/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Jaguar King.

Beyond Face and Heel - Following King Jaguar's visit to the hospital in which the man behind (and still inside the) Griffon Mask recovered from a violent match, Tizoc leaves the hospital with a clean bill of health. Just in time to be met by the crew of MURDERHOUSE Mick, ushered towards his bus for a little business talk. - created on 19:22:23 07/28/2017 by Tizoc and last modified on 01:21:33 07/30/2017. Cast: Tizoc and MURDERHOUSE.

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