Backdoor Angels 3: Down the Foxhole - A formerly drab and sleazy fight club in Metro City plays host to one of the fighting world's more dubious stars. One clearly fixed fight leads to another where the stakes are both real and high, but the ratings only soar further as a strangely compelling rivalry is born! In the background of this exciting tableau, a more personal drama unfolds, and a life is irrevocably altered for better or worse... TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT. - created on 10:58:36 11/10/2014 by Tia and last modified on 18:01:02 11/10/2014. Cast: Gabriel, Rocket, and Tia.

West Coast Watersports 13: Relieving Las Vegas - Superstars from opposing coasts clash in the capital of consumerist hedonism, so fast and furious that there's no time for bathtime breaks! Gasp as they exchange razor-barbed insults, cringe as they deliver bone-crushing strikes, cry with horror as Tia "Tia from Breakers" Langray redefines the term 'wardrobe malfunction'. Most importantly, fail to look away until the astonishing climax. (Winner: Nobody) - created on 18:26:48 12/15/2014 by Tia and last modified on 17:30:31 12/18/2014. Cast: Tia and Johnny Cage.

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