The Hunter

Training Day Interrupted - Dr. Tessitore wanted only to enjoy a simple day out at the volcano. A day full of tankinis, sun, and good old fashioned mad science. But, by chance a visitor arrives, interrupting her flame retardance tests. Teeth and fury collide with clever legs in this knock down, drag out brawl of beasts. - created on 08:44:32 06/13/2016 by The Hunter and last modified on 08:18:49 06/14/2016. Cast: The Hunter and Dr. Tessitore.

What Hunts The Night - Making her way through the depths of the Dark Forest at night, Azumi is ambushed by a creature that was once a hunter of monsters. The battle that follows is vicious and bloody, pushing the young werewolf past her furthest limits. Play time is over, and Monsters are very, very real. - created on 14:49:30 06/21/2016 by The Hunter and last modified on 22:12:01 06/21/2016. Cast: The Hunter and Azumi.

Blood Atonement 1: Animus and Honor - What secrets lie kept within the hearts of men? What foul lusts and noble lights are hidden from their fellows, nurtured in those pulsing chambers of which only they have access? Dwell not overlong on the mysteries of men. Know only that there are depths unplumbed, and when the need be greatest, all things will come to light. - created on 23:40:00 06/28/2019 by The Hunter and last modified on 03:51:01 07/04/2019. Cast: The Hunter and Renka.

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