The Bell Tolls

Blood in the Streets

During the Rumble In The Streets tournament, the long-standing Yakuza clans were split into two warring factions. While the newer Akatsuki-gumi Yakuza sided with the manipulative Scarlet Dahlia (aka Honoka), the "old guard" Yakuza were honor-bound into siding with Duke Burkoff and Southtown Syndicate.

In the wake of losing high-profile politicians to "suicide" and other unfortunate incidents, Duke has decided to save face by lashing out at the Akatsuki. Confronting Dahlia, he managed to get captured and overpowered, but not before pulverizing Dahlia's leg. But Duke has returned, and has brought war with him. His goal? Drive the Akatsuki out of Japan's main island of Honshu, and secure the entire island under Syndicate control.

But Dahlia has her allies. The disgraced Lee Chaolan, in retaliation against Duke's actions toward Dahlia, has unleashed a destructive computer virus upon the Syndicate's network and banking infrastructure. With Duke's team forced onto the back foot, Dahlia and her allies are moving to close the noose around Southtown Syndicate.

Already, innocent civilians have become victims of Duke's explosive violence. The Akatsuki forces are losing ground, but public approval of the Southtown Syndicate organizations is fading fast. How many innocent lives will be consumed by Duke's brutal campaign before he can be stopped?

Shadaloo Rises

Across the ocean, trouble between Mexico and the United States is brewing more and more. Cartels, long silent in Mexico, have exploded in activity along the border. Innocent children are being kidnapped. Crime is exploding in Sunshine City. Things have gotten so desperate that both the US and Mexico have agreed to combine resources to secure their borders. That should be just a footnote of the world politics. But it's something so much more.

With the death of Vega in the Mortal Kombat tournament, it was believed that Shadaloo was decapitated. The truth is much more dire: Shadaloo has been consolidating power within Mexico. Agents have been dispatched, sometimes unwittingly, to countless organizations around the world. Shadaloo's long campaign of lying low and gathering resources has finally reached its peak. Shadaloo is now on the move.

Now, they are striking out, using the 'agreement' between the United States and Mexico as their means to seize fighters and the psionically gifted for their own forces. Shadaloo's intentions aren't clear to the world at large just yet. But one thing for certain is that they are now acting from their secret Mexico headquarters, and both fighters and civilians alike will be their prey, unless they are stopped.

Beacon of Hope

Pushed to the brink by a barrage of minor attacks, Interpol and the US Special Forces have joined together in unison to form the International Task Force. Led by Major Charlie Nash, the International Task Force is an initiative to handle both the gang war and cartel violence at the border.

The purpose of the ITF will be to fight the rising crime and terrorist activities. Its first actions? Crack down on the violence at and around Sunshine City, and to pacify the gang violence in Southtown. The group is always looking for recruits. Even the rogue nation of Illyria has not been excluded from helping, though it will need to contend with its own bounties on the international scene.

While the Novus Librarium Orbis have not officially joined the International Task Force, as it is outside their core goal of containing supernatural threats, they have a vested interest in keeping apprised of the ITF's actions as they pertain to those very supernatural threats. With the presence of Shadaloo in the shadows, it will not be long.

TBT Act 0 - Aut Vincere Aut Mori - 'The armies separated; and, it is said, Pyrrhus replied to one that gave him joy of his victory that one other such victory would utterly undo him. For he had lost a great part of the forces he brought with him, and almost all his particular friends and principal commanders; there were no others there to make recruits, and he found the confederates in Italy backward. On the other hand, as from a fountain continually flowing out of the city, the Roman camp was quickly and plentifully filled up with fresh men, not at all abating in courage for the loss they sustained, but even from their very anger gaining new force and resolution to go on with the war.' - Plutarch, Life of Pyrrhus - created on 14:28:43 04/11/2018 by Duke and last modified on 12:43:09 07/01/2018. Cast: Duke and Honoka.

TBT Act 0 - Like Pulling Teeth - Having been subdued by Dahlia's forces, the crime boss Duke is handed over to the NOL. After days of interrogation, they have little useful information from the crime boss, and his release is all too soon. But one more individual wants to have a round with the crime boss: Colonel Hazama. And the green-haired Intelligence Officer has an offer that Duke couldn't refuse, and shouldn't refuse... and has something that's very valuable to certain associates of the officer. - created on 15:14:24 05/03/2018 by Duke and last modified on 12:43:21 07/01/2018. Cast: Duke and Terumi.

TBT Act 0 - Viral Sensations - Returning from his imprisonment by the NOL, Duke makes a hasty meeting with Nagase to discuss current events... and why he can no longer access the Syndicate accounts. Tech Support Ninjas are superior to Accounting Ninjas. - created on 12:35:32 05/23/2018 by Duke and last modified on 12:43:33 07/01/2018. Cast: Duke and Nagase.

TBT Act 0 - The Taekwondo Problem - Juri Han is paid a visit by her Master, and she decides that it would be a great idea to sass him. This just will not do. - created on 03:51:56 06/09/2018 by Vega and last modified on 12:43:49 07/01/2018. Cast: Vega and Juri.

TBT Act 0 - Order On The Streets - The Southtown Syndicate are making their rounds in Southtown, pulling people out of booths and out on the streets, looking for signs of membership with the Akatsuki. And those who qualify? Are killed out in the open. With the attacks taking place in daylight, and striking out against even innocent civilians, it's more than Masaaki can take, as he makes a stand against the gangsters. - created on 18:26:55 06/15/2018 by Duke and last modified on 12:44:06 07/01/2018. Cast: Duke and Masaaki.

TBT Act 0 - Calms Before Storms - Zach and Honoka do a little catching up now that Honoka is out of the hospital. - created on 17:16:33 06/17/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:44:19 07/01/2018. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

TBT Act 0 - Stormfall - Zach Glenn has gone through a lot. With the situation in Southtown rapidly spiraling out of control, The Dahlia of the Akatsuki-gumi decides to surprise the former marine with a cruise to beautiful Cabo San Lucas. While Zach may believe the pleasure trip to be a chance for some R&R with Honoka, the man heads for a collision course with heartbreak as Honoka's true intentions come to light... - created on 12:35:56 06/21/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:44:33 07/01/2018. Cast: Honoka, Vega, and Zach Glenn.

TBT Act 0 - Shadaloo: Marz Reports - Vega summons Marz to give him an update as to just what in the world she's been up to. - created on 23:24:44 06/21/2018 by Michael and last modified on 12:42:48 07/01/2018. Cast: Vega and Marz.

TBT Act 1 - Painting The Town White - When you're a drug lord like White, chaos is just a good business practice. Seeking to strike panic into the heart of Southtown, White has decided to turn the best and brightest from Taiyo High into ultraviolent hooligans, by routing them into a mass hypnotic riot on the roof of the school. Parents watch on in horror as their cherished children duke it out for -free- on television, without safety officials, or even the comfort of a paycheck. In the midst of the brutal event's feverish news coverage, a brave soul (with huge-ass ... weaponry) wanders onto the scene with only one question to ask of White: "Why?" - created on 01:07:09 06/27/2018 by Es and last modified on 15:59:29 06/28/2018. Cast: Es and White.

TBT Act 1 - Weak Upon The Strong - Following the dark psionic presence lingering around M. Bison, Yoshimitsu and his clan of thieving ninjas has targeted the boxer's associates for great justice. Descending upon a cartel in Mexico, the clan of ninja has just liberated some ill-gotten goods from one of the cartels. Armed with the wealth, Yoshimitsu himself arrives in a beleaguered village near Oaxaca to deliver much needed relief. What he could have never expected, however, is that the goods he made away with were property of Shadaloo...and FANG believes such interlopers must be punished! PUNISHED! - created on 12:37:57 06/29/2018 by Yoshimitsu and last modified on 11:06:12 07/03/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and FANG.

TBT Act 1 - Sifting Through The Silt - Not content with serving up Zach Glenn to Shadaloo on a silver platter, Scarlet Dahlia decides to pay a visit to the monster hunter's isolation tank. Luckily for her, he's unconscious -- and thus able to carry on a conversation with no worries of electronic eavesdropping. - created on 12:07:05 06/30/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 13:31:28 07/12/2018. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

TBT Act 1 - The Weapons' Dawn - A contingency plan put in motion, Ayame finds herself having to face the conundrum of helping one she doesn't trust in order to save one who has put his trust in her. At least she has the solace of a fancy new toy to make the situation more palatable. - created on 21:07:45 06/30/2018 by Ayame and last modified on 12:36:49 07/01/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Ayame.

TBT Act 1 - Contract Negotiation - With Daniel having been broken out of imprisonment by Rei, the ex-detective is lying low in Southtown, a veritable den of enemies. A fugitive to the law, a monster to the outlaws, the shade is soon tracked down, and even sooner made to choose. NOL? Syndicate? Akatsuki? Where will the loyalties of Daniel Jack fall, and more importantly, what does the assassin Oswald want with him? Worse, what does this card-carrying professional killer know about a mysterious green-haired dame from Daniel's past, and what is her goal as Southtown falls into chaos? - created on 12:52:19 07/01/2018 by Daniel and last modified on 20:18:44 07/09/2018. Cast: Oswald and Daniel.

TBT Act 1 - A Tribe Called Quest - The mechanisms of Shadaloo have run deep into the countryside of Mexico. Where the city has the touch of the criminal, what happens in the rural communities are even worse. Sabbath is working on rare bio-engineering concepts among Mexican natives, with Shadaloo technology at his fingertips. His focus on these natives is due to aboriginal ties to the Elder Gods, and his goal is to extract genetic material from the captured villagers. But such dalliances with the other side draw the attention of the mischievous Lilith, who swiftly descends to disrupt and liberate the villagers for the sheer merriment of sowing discord within Shadaloo. - created on 14:00:55 07/01/2018 by Lilith and last modified on 20:08:42 07/01/2018. Cast: Lilith and Sabbath.

TBT Act 1 - Warehouse Sale - The Syndicate is making a move against Honoka and the Akatsuki. Part of that is denying the Akatsuki access to their resources--and Senna's been hired on to help with that. Her mission: Assault an Akatsuki warehouse. With mayhem in mind, she walks right up to the gang-guarded warehouse to make her play. - created on 22:25:56 07/01/2018 by Senna and last modified on 16:38:19 07/09/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Senna.

TBT Act 1 - V-Project Unleashed - With the kidnappings in Mexico catching her attention, Kasumi has come to the Americas with Ryu Hayabusa, seeking to protect the innocent. In her investigation of Mexico, Kasumi uncovers a convoy of trucks across the US border. Watching the inspection process, she realizes that not only does the truck barely even get searched, but thermal imaging shows a number of people locked inside. Suspecting that the truck is ferrying kidnappees across the border, she descends upon the vehicle. But as she comes to the back, she faces one of Shadaloo's newest enforcers guarding the convoy: The mysterious agent known only as "V1." - created on 12:11:22 07/02/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 23:45:20 07/08/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kasumi.

TBT Act 1 - You Only Live Twice - After the mess surrounding King of Fighters, foreign powers have generally tried to avoid Japan. But when word goes around that psionically-gifted teenagers are being targeted around the world, Max Evory was put on alert. As he puts two and two together, Max realizes that the psychic nephew of a British diplomat is likely to be the next kidnapping target! The clock is ticking, and if Max doesn't act quick, Shadaloo agents will claim themselves another test subject in the V Project! - created on 17:28:00 07/03/2018 by Max and last modified on 20:07:47 07/09/2018. Cast: Mr.Burr and Max.

TBT Act 1 - Rise of the Robots - The parents of the stolen children of the Uri Geller School For The Gifted still do not have answers. The public law enforcement isn't acting fast enough, so one set of parents has hired Bob Richards to investigate. The detective follows a lead to an Oil Refinery outside of Sunshine City, not far from the site where the bus was abandoned. There, he encounters the most dangerous man in the world, who is eager to give Bob an opportunity to live. The catch? He must let him test something. . . - created on 17:44:42 07/03/2018 by Vega and last modified on 13:18:38 07/11/2018. Cast: Vega and Bob.

TBT Act 1 - Objet d'Art - Maki, hearing about the violence on the streets, does what she does best: Clobber gangsters. When an art museum is broken into, the plucky ninja rushes to the scene of the crime. There, she finds several unconscious police officers, slashed and bleeding on the ground. To her surprise, however, it's not Akatsuki, nor is it Syndicate that Maki runs into; it's Decapre, the masked Shadaloo Doll. Her target? One of the rarest works in Duke's holdings: a small jade statuette of a dragon. Maki must stop her from making off with the mysterious, psionically attuned statue, before she brings it to Shadaloo for nefarious purposes. - created on 20:19:26 07/03/2018 by Decapre and last modified on 23:38:07 07/09/2018. Cast: Decapre and Maki.

TBT Act 1 - Into The Dragon's Den - Staffed with "tamed" darkstalkers and a plethora of eye-candy, the Dragon's Den Casino is positioned as an upraised middle finger to the laid-low "legitimate business enterprises" of both the Syndicate and the Akatsuki. Dahlia may be tactically withdrawing from the metropolis, but she's not about to refuse Bulleta's offer of help for hire. Dahlia believes Bulleta's ability as a persona-hopping manipulator could prove useful in infiltrating the opulent summer palace of the Black Dragon herself, Kira Volkov. But the arms dealer and nascent face of the Hunter's Guild won't leave her crown jewels undefended. If she doesn't play her cards right, Bulleta might find herself outmatched and outgunned! (WARNING: Please be advised that the following scene was edited to dial back on sensitive/objectionable content involving the capture and detainment of a character.) - created on 19:38:06 07/05/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 01:34:00 07/09/2018. Cast: Bulleta and Kira Volkov.

TBT Act 1 - Mutually Assured Construction - Scarlet Dahlia has been feigning a losing war against the Syndicate. Holding back on her counter-attacks against the Syndicate, she's been purposely sacrificing more and more ground in the war to lure Duke into taking even larger risks. In exchange, she's been expanding her web of influence, seeking to secure an arms ally against the Syndicate. Reaching out to Adelheid, she meets with the young man upon the Sky Noah to negotiate the terms. Not merely an alliance, after all; it is just business. - created on 09:47:46 07/06/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 13:14:36 07/11/2018. Cast: Adelheid and Honoka.

TBT Act 1 - Wheels of Fate - Abigail is a nice guy, if a bit rough around the edges, and a bit unpredictable. He might not draw a lot of attention, except for the simple matter that he is a World Warrior tier fighter, and a -very- dangerous neutral force. The kind of wild card that would disrupt Interpol, Syndicate, or even Shadaloo operations. And the Illuminati agent who arrives stealthily at Abigail's workshop is well aware of these points. The target? Abigail's newly-acquired muscle car. Siren uses her wiles to not only get Abigail's car stolen, but to try and convince him that one of the three factions are behind it, to direct the World Warrior's rage into this war. - created on 12:52:06 07/06/2018 by Siren and last modified on 18:57:08 07/07/2018. Cast: Siren and Abigail.

TBT Act 1 - Checked Baggage - Franco's has a strong emotional involvement with the gang war unfolding, and wants to do whatever he can to head off of it. But, as a mechanic at the Southtown International Airport, he finds that the war has already poured into his lap, when he runs afoul of some smuggling operations at the airport. Franco finds some strange packages amongst the airplane mechanisms, a dangerous and subtle place to stowaway the goods. Worse for Franco, the plane had -landed- with the goods, and Mr. Burr arrives to collect his packages. - created on 20:20:16 07/06/2018 by Franco and last modified on 18:57:55 07/07/2018. Cast: Franco and Mr.Burr.

TBT Act 1 - Cold Case - In a data center located in Mexico City, Rashid hopes to find his friend--or at least, traces of her. Unfortunately for him, Kolin's already come and taken the information he might need... how can he get it from her? - created on 16:10:36 07/08/2018 by Kolin and last modified on 23:22:33 07/08/2018. Cast: Rashid and Kolin.

TBT Act 1 - Cabaret Chasing - In search of Lee Chaolan, Raiden is dispatched to a Southtown nightclub to question former (?) Violet Girl, Felicia, about her employer's whereabouts. However, the showgirl has her own plans. With intimate knowledge of the Shadow Council, she is set to head to America to assist Charlie, and a hard working girl has no time for Syndicate games. Will Felicia be so quick to rat out her boss, however, or will cat have her tongue? - created on 18:56:55 07/08/2018 by Big Bear and last modified on 20:50:02 07/08/2018. Cast: Felicia and Big Bear.

TBT Act 1 - Tech Support - Lee Chaolan is currently hiding out at Honoka's mansion. While she is out as Dahlia on the public stage, the executive is content to clean the floors, scrub the toilets, and generally manage the grounds as he keeps out of the way of the gang war from the shadows. After all, the Syndicate wasn't going to make any power plays to claim land in Hokkaido. Unfortunately for Lee Chaolan, he was a different matter altogether, as Nagase and her team demonstrate as they descend on the manor, tracking him down as he is settling some groceries at the mansion gates. - created on 17:57:13 07/09/2018 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 12:13:13 07/18/2018. Cast: Nagase and Lee Chaolan.

TBT Act 1 - Exit Wounds - Chun-Li's investigations in Sunshine City turned up the wrong kinds of leads. Looking for the kidnappers and the criminal heart of Sunshine City, she uncovers evidence of a foreign criminal enterprise. Her investigations are cut short when an open call breaks out on the police radio: A prisoner being transported to a higher security facility in Sunshine City, was reported breaking out. The location: the Trainyards. The reason why; Yamazaki was transported to Sunshine City in the first place: to return him back to active duty in the Syndicate forces. Chun-Li must act fast to contain the psychopath, before his bloodlust turns away from Southtown, and straight into Sunshine City. - created on 20:51:02 07/09/2018 by Chun-Li and last modified on 11:17:24 07/16/2018. Cast: Yamazaki and Chun-Li.

TBT Act 1 - Let Me Take A Selfie - Cassie's leads uncover a remote warehouse within the Industrial district of Sunshine City. There, she finds a few missing children, recently abducted within the city, bound and gagged within. While she is able to dispatch the meager guards that seems to be watching them, she will quickly find herself marked by the true guardian of the children: the Shadaloo doll Noembelu, who is eager to recruit more sisters. Can Cassie drive her off, or will she join the children across the border? - created on 21:43:07 07/09/2018 by Cassie and last modified on 12:03:14 07/12/2018. Cast: Noembelu and Cassie.

TBT Act 1 - Out of Syndication - With the Syndicate offense cutting through the Akatsuki's defenses, there are very few points of resistance from the Yakuza gang, per Dahlia's schemes. But there are other gangs with a vested interest in the Syndicate going away. Masaaki, the streetwise enforcer, has already stood up to the Syndicate once before, and cuts to the very heart of the Syndicate. Coming to one of the harbor warehouses of the Syndicate, Masaaki moves to break apart a recent shipment from the Syndicate. But should he manage to beat up the warehouse guards, he may discover a terrifying new weapon in the Gang War. - created on 16:02:07 07/10/2018 by Lotus and last modified on 19:53:40 07/10/2018. Cast: Lotus and Masaaki.

TBT Act 1 - A Night on the Town - Juri's mission seemed simple enough on paper. One of the cartels is acting a little too uppity under the thumb of Shadaloo. They need a reminder of who is in charge. Juri is to infiltrate the compound of an unruly cartel, bust a few heads, and give the leader such a fright that his loyalty to Shadaloo is guaranteed. Things get a bit more lively, however, when the prince of the night, Demitri Maximoff, sets his own sights on the cartel leader's beautiful daughter! But what will happen when two apex predators set their sights on the same prey? - created on 19:10:04 07/10/2018 by Juri and last modified on 13:19:33 07/11/2018. Cast: Juri and Demitri.

TBT Act 1 - Border Patrol - Mint has been assigned oversight on a risky section of the new border wall. Her intelligence suggests that a number of Cortejo Znebre are looking to make mincemeat of a few of their informants. So she has been assigned to take command of the border crossing -- which means that a number of high-value targets are sneaking through the gates improperly. This is shady on so many levels, and yet one would need to look between the lines to see it all. An intrepid American ninja may find himself the last line of defense for a crucial border crossing! - created on 08:12:28 07/11/2018 by Michael and last modified on 18:37:39 07/23/2018. Cast: Mint and Michael.

TBT Act 1 - On The Border - In a desolate diner in the American Southwest, the Illuminati's Kolin meets with one the shadowy organization's contractors. Aims and goals and the movement of pieces on the great game board are discussed as the plans for the Illuminati to take advantage of the growing climate of chaos coalesce. - created on 11:01:19 07/11/2018 by Whitney and last modified on 12:02:50 07/12/2018. Cast: Kolin and Whitney.

TBT Act 1 - Pest Control - The war between the Syndicate and the Akatsuki has taken a sinister turn. Government officials loyal to the Akatsuki have reported a number of attacks from darkstalkers of some sort, though these have been non-fatal so far. But that's about to change: Lotus has been sent to take out an assemblyman on Scarlet Dahlia's payroll. Unfortunately for Lotus, a concerned citizen happens to be taking his concerns to the assemblyman, and won't take kindly to someone infringing on his democratic right to express concerns to his elected officials. That citizen? Noted opinionator Craig Marduk. - created on 17:51:44 07/11/2018 by Lotus and last modified on 18:32:32 07/16/2018. Cast: Marduk and Lotus.

TBT Act 1 - Land of the Blind - Unfortunately for Shadaloo, not all agents affiliated with Interpol are renowned for their subtlety. Sergei, as a solo operative under Interpol jurisdiction, infiltrates deep within Mexico. The target: the suspicious location of a former tournament, Pueblo Thunderfoot. Upon his arrival, the village is deserted. It does not take long before it's clear that Sergei has stumbled upon a trap. Cut off from contacting any reinforcements by a jammer, he encounters a force of Shadaloo operatives led by the insidious Doll, Marz. Can Sergei escape with his life from the village? Or will he find himself captured deep behind enemy lines? - created on 19:00:14 07/11/2018 by Marz and last modified on 11:17:32 07/16/2018. Cast: Marz and Sergei.

TBT Act 1 - Knocking On Kyokugen's Door - While instructing at the Kyokugen Dojo, Ryo Sakazaki suddenly gets word from one of his students. A numbers of cars have pulled up before the dojo, all filled with tattooed men in black suits. The dojo had received visits before from similar men, all 'friends' of Lee Chaolan. But it becomes quickly apparent that these men are far different, as Duke himself strides forward. It seems that the Syndicate has their eye on Lee Chaolan, and with the foppish ex-CEO mysteriously 'out' that day, Ryo needs to deal with Duke and his men the best he can. - created on 13:12:50 07/12/2018 by Duke and last modified on 19:09:28 07/16/2018. Cast: Duke and Ryo.

TBT Act 1 - Offerings Before the Lord - Geese and Kain discuss the disturbing events unfolding around them, and weigh what to do about Duke and the Dahlia, the double d's of disruption. - created on 22:17:55 07/12/2018 by Kain and last modified on 23:32:49 07/17/2018. Cast: Geese and Kain.

TBT Act 1 - Visions of Despair - With the gang violence happening locally and mysterious kidnappings happening overseas, teen hero and idol Athena Asamiya feels the inescapable pull of heroism once more. But before she can even rally the Psycho Soldiers together to stop this evil, said evil comes knocking upon her door. Literally. The Shadaloo Enforcer, M. Bison, descends on Athena quickly and violently, moving to simply punch her in the head until she stops moving. The reason: to kidnap her, just like the other children overseas. - created on 18:33:19 07/14/2018 by Athena and last modified on 23:35:51 07/15/2018. Cast: Athena and M. Bison.

TBT Act 1 - Signal Boost - Takehiro Glenn's mission continues, this time taking him to Metro City to talk to one Captain Charlie Nash. This conversation proves somewhat trickier: his previous "client" was not so law-bound as this one. - created on 13:35:05 07/15/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 17:43:43 07/15/2018. Cast: Charlie and Zach Glenn.

TBT Act 1 - Dropping Subtle Hints - Jezebel's associations have become more and more dangerous, more and more suspect, and more and more delusional. The madness of the actress has caused a dangerous shift in world politics. One that the Illuminati has marked for investigation. Hei Xuanfeng, a recent recruit in the organization, has been tested to inspect one of the border sites in secret. The effort, however, draws the attention of the high-kicking cowgirl, who is sharing an equal inspection. Marking her as a person of interest, Hei may have to use the most insidious Chinese technique of all to get the answers he needs: romance. - created on 13:18:50 07/17/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 02:37:56 07/25/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Hei Xuanfeng.

TBT Act 1 - Entanglement - Reeling from her trip to the Dragon's Den casino, Bulleta turns to the woman who sent her there for help sorting through the aftermath. After having her mercenary checked for bugs and trackers, The Scarlet Dahlia obligingly gives the young huntress the comfort and support she needs while seizing the opportunity to guarantee the vulnerable Bulleta's future loyalty. - created on 19:45:26 07/17/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 18:32:13 07/23/2018. Cast: Honoka and Bulleta.

TBT Act 1 - An Honest Mistake - Shadaloo has been actively 'recruiting' new blood as of late. Mostly it has been those that have shown to be proficient in the use of Psycho power. That is why when Falke gets the orders to kidnap one Hayley Bretherton she can't help be suspicious. Someone might be screwing with Shadaloo's records for their own personal gain and Falke is going to get to the bottom of it. At the same time an order is an order and Falke isn't about to discard it in case there wasn't a mix-up. Things are about to get really bad for Hayley. - created on 21:29:57 07/17/2018 by Falke and last modified on 18:37:16 07/23/2018. Cast: Hayley and Falke.

TBT Act 2 - Welcome To Creeptown - Sergei has been captured by Shadaloo, where he resists all forms of interrogation with typical Russian stoicism. But Shadaloo has a secret weapon: A Showup Hoedown Friend. - created on 13:33:20 07/25/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 00:50:03 07/31/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Sergei.

TBT Act 1 - I'm Afraid He's Back - Charlie drops a Dictator-sized bombshell when he and Chun-Li meet to touch base regarding the various fires breaking out across Sunshine City. - created on 20:52:38 07/28/2018 by Chun-Li and last modified on 11:30:07 07/29/2018. Cast: Chun-Li and Charlie.

TBT Act 2 - Grist of the Mill - Under Kolin's orders, Whitney Saulder organizes a meeting to ascertain the capabilities of the Illuminati's newest potential asset. - created on 11:07:53 07/29/2018 by Whitney and last modified on 12:53:30 08/03/2018. Cast: Rashid and Whitney.

TBT Act 2 - Lamentations For Uriah - Charlie and his Special Forces squad tracked down the Shadaloo Base hidden deep beneath Sunshine City. Moving with the assistance of Mint and her Squadmates, they find it easy to secure this segment of the lab complex. As Charlie moves to to the main lab, however, he finds a lone scientist: one of the head researchers of the V-Project. Surprising, it seems there are no guards defending him. Charlie soon discovers that the scientist's defenses are the very men and women he brought along...! - created on 12:09:39 07/29/2018 by Charlie and last modified on 23:39:26 07/29/2018. Cast: Charlie and Mint.

TBT Act 2 - South Of The Border - A battle breaks out in a Mexican town. Bullet, Ragna, and Zach do battle in a stunning match of Fire, Darkness, and Psychic powers! - created on 16:43:14 07/29/2018 by Ragna and last modified on 00:50:43 07/31/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn, Bullet, and Ragna.

TBT Act 2 - Pattern Recognition - Scarlet Dahlia's been successful in baiting out Southtown Syndicate -- but one thing she -hadn't- anticipated was attracting the curiosity of the Illuminati. In contrast to Duke's straightforward methodologies, the Illuminati have been able to suss out the greater meaning behind Dahlia's subversion. So far they've been able to blackmail and intimidate a number of corporate interests and government officials favorable to her agenda. In the process, the pair has uncovered a telltale pattern of real estate divestiture, suggesting that Dahlia's loss of territory might be only temporary. Destroying the properties she's supposedly abandoned would certainly end her plans to reclaim them after the conflict's end. But that's where the pair might run into difficulty, as Dahlia can track from the air with the aid of high-altitude drones. Perhaps she can strongarm the pair into realizing the errors of their ways... - created on 10:36:46 07/31/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 12:07:18 08/09/2018. Cast: Honoka, Siren, and Hei Xuanfeng.

TBT Act 2 - Entrapment - Jezebel arranges for a semi-private rendezvous with the starry-eyed young fangirl who captured her heart during her last belt defense, leaving Bulleta to figure out how to manipulate a tortured psyche without getting sucked into the tragedy of Jezebel's existence, in her continued bid to capture the million dollar bounty placed on the actress' head. - created on 17:51:22 07/31/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 21:56:47 08/03/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Bulleta.

Daniel Jack Investigates - The Feast Of Devils - When Daniel Jack is captured by the deadly assassin Oswald, he finds himself shunted into a hellish reflection of Earth. Trapped in the cursed world of Makai, Daniel Jack swiftly finds himself a prisoner of the deadly Morrigan Aensland. As the bat-haired witch ensnares our hero in her talons, Daniel Jack quickly learns of the demon's unsavoury appetites. Can Daniel escape from the cursed baroness? Or will he fall victim to... The Feast Of Devils?! (Daniel Jack is in a massive dining area of a castle. Two hunched gargoyles, Lucien and Mudo, are both dressed as sous-chefs, as they force Daniel Jack into a giant, cream filled eclair served on a pewter platter on the table. Morrigan, dressed in a strapless red gown, subtly licks her lips as she gazes at the eclair at the other end of the table, her talons fingertips delicately sunk into the fluffy pastry.) (45 cents) - created on 18:10:57 07/31/2018 by Daniel and last modified on 19:35:56 08/12/2018. Cast: Daniel and Morrigan.

TBT Act 2 - Courier Breached - Kokan interdicts Special Task Force agent Bob, while the karateka was ferrying classified intelligence related to Shadaloo. Kokan engages Bob in a heated street fight, a disgraced ninja and pawn of the Illuminati, against a military volunteer karate master. But little does Bob suspect, that Kokan is working for the same government as Bob, merely from a higher source. - created on 22:08:48 07/31/2018 by Kokan and last modified on 08:54:36 08/22/2018. Cast: Bob and Kokan.

TBT Act 2 - Breaking the Cypher - With Maki fresh off the defeat of a Shadaloo agent, the young Kunoichi is feeling accomplished and taking a much needed break for the most delicious of treats: Tapioca! However, one man has set his sights on ruining Maki's confectionery retreat. Flying on the winds of change, the former Grandmaster of the Bushinryu clan has come to teach Maki a lesson in propriety. One that the hot-blooded Maki doesn't take easily! Will Maki take Zeku's words to heart? Will they trade fists to decide on the matter? Will Zeku write an impromptu haiku? - created on 19:31:05 08/01/2018 by Zeku and last modified on 09:36:44 08/20/2018. Cast: Maki and Zeku.

TBT Act 2 - Double Blind - With the evacuation and rescue of the British diplomat's nephew, Max Evory is positioned to infiltrate Shadaloo operations within Southtown. Posing as a mercenary recruit, he finds himself sent to a brothel in Chinatown, with orders to dispatch Syndicate officers enjoying themselves. While executing criminals may sit within the scope of both the English and Shadaloo, the operation goes upside-down when the madame of the house reveals more monstrous seasoning amongst her women. Instead of fighting half-naked lieutenants, Max finds himself the lone survivor when the ladies of the night tear apart the Shadaloo agents... and he has to find his way to report to both his Shadaloo and British operatives, before the creatures of the night find him. - created on 19:33:42 08/01/2018 by Munin and last modified on 20:49:49 08/03/2018. Cast: Munin and Max.

TBT Act 2 - Once a Wise Man, Twice a Fool - During the events of King of Fighters 2017, the wards around Mt Fuji were devastated, paving the way for hordes of monsters to sweep through. Several ninja clans were able to band together, re-establishing many of these wards, though they weren't able to protect them forever. Recent weather disasters have damaged the wards, creating weaknesses that a certain Dark Messiah was able to capitalize upon. The sacred mountain is now being used as a staging area for an impending assault, with darkstalkers crawling in and amongst the trees. Luckily for Southtown, demon-hunter Donovan has sensed the impending darkness and arrives to cast it back into the void. But he is not the only one sensing this darkness. Eliza, the mysterious vampiress, has found herself drawn to the overwhelming darkness boiling up from the mountain. And unlike the demon-hunter, her curiosity has less innocent intentions, as she's eager to claim Jedah's monsters for her own purposes. - created on 23:38:13 08/04/2018 by Donovan and last modified on 15:45:04 08/05/2018. Cast: Donovan and Eliza.

TBT Act 2 - Ides Of March - The Kyokugen Dojo is rattled, and the Syndicate's alpha strike nears its completion. With his control of Japan expanding, Duke is eager to deliver the coup de grace to the Akatsuki-gumi. To this end he follows up on intel about the Scarlet Dahlia's last known location: Saitama City Hospital. Here, he intends to finish what he started. --- that is, until he encounters Kain instead, whose purpose for the Dahlia may be much different. Will the two Syndicate commanders have a friendly discussion, or will their clashing goals lead to blood instead? - created on 16:46:15 08/06/2018 by Duke and last modified on 12:14:16 08/08/2018. Cast: Duke and Kain.

TBT Act 2 - Let's Go To The Hop - After his encounter at the airport, Franco realizes that this gang war has gone far enough. Taking to the streets, Franco quickly establishes a presence for himself as Syndicate gangsters are sent limping back to their lieutenants, ranting about a mustachioed muscle man kickboxing the crap out of them. But as Franco descends on Gedo Street, following a strange concentration of violence between Syndicate goons and students, Franco stumbles upon an ambush. Not from gangsters this time, but from a horde of monsters, along with their Syndicate handler! - created on 18:59:52 08/06/2018 by Franco and last modified on 21:35:09 08/07/2018. Cast: Franco and Lotus.

TBT Act 2 - Pretty Fly For A White Guy - Riding the coattails of his dramatic Southtown entrance, White wants to up his credibility to the Syndicate. Taking advantage of both public and underworld connections, he's gained a clearer picture of the underpinnings of the shadowy Akatsuki-gumi. And his path has led him to one man -- Daisuke Oda, mastermind of the organization's finances. The Akatsuki's decentralized organizational structure limits how much damage any one targeted attack can do, but gaining access to one of Dahlia's top executives would certainly put a damper on her aspirations. And that's why she's enlisted the help of one of the best mercs in the business to protect him from attempts at kidnapping or assassination: Oswald! - created on 19:30:49 08/07/2018 by Oswald and last modified on 21:37:01 08/07/2018. Cast: Oswald, Honoka, and White.

TBT Act 2 - A Shot Of Reality - Already suspicious of Jezebel Faiblesse and her increasingly unstable behavior, Falke tracks the actress' young 'friend' to a bar in Mexicali to deliver a warning-- not about Jezebel, but about Shadaloo itself. - created on 19:53:41 08/09/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 13:41:32 08/10/2018. Cast: Bulleta and Falke.

TBT Act 2 - Sweet Dreams - In the wake of the border patrol incident, Jezebel's madness has only magnified, as self-loathing dares to return in the midst of blind optimism. And yet, the woman's psyche is practically a buffet for the hungry psychic vampires now lurking in Mexico. One in particular is Lilith, who like her more powerful counterpart Morrigan, is irresistibly drawn to the crawling, consuming despair that lingers around Jezebel's mind. Unlike the teasing succubus, however, Lilith is only after an easy meal, and descends with murderous intent to mingle with the actress's worst demons. - created on 13:43:37 08/12/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 19:29:17 08/12/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Lilith.

TBT Act 2 - Walking The Dog - Hyena has a tough life, being the bootlicker of the Syndicate brute Duke Burkoff. What's worse is that with the arrival of his new competent assistant, Nagase, Hyena has been left with the worst jobs. Such as walking Duke's prized St. Bernards. But Duke's furry gems have been targeted by the Black Dahlia, using a free agent known as Aranha to dispatch them.... - created on 19:23:00 08/12/2018 by Hyena and last modified on 12:09:17 08/21/2018. Cast: Hyena and Aranha.

TBT Act 2: Meeting of the Muscle Minds - Franco is just a simple man wanting to make Southtown a better place. Abigail is a man on a mission to get his truck back. Both are mechanics and are pretty good at beating people up. Is this the start of a new friendship as the duo look to plow through Southtown in search of Abigail's truck? - created on 20:16:47 08/12/2018 by Franco and last modified on 22:01:43 08/12/2018. Cast: Franco and Abigail.

TBT Act 2 - Alpha and Amiga - Nagase did her job: Lee Chaolan's imprisonment prevents him from wreaking havoc on Syndicate concerns. Figuring out an appropriate punishment for the executive takes a back seat to dealing with other Syndicate concerns -- such as the fact that every Syndicate shipment headed out of Sunshine City seems to be subject to increased scrutiny from customs officials. Are the cartels responsible? Is it Shadaloo? Or could it be Kolin, the mysterious stranger on the rooftop of the Sunshine 60 building? - created on 12:45:24 08/13/2018 by Nagase and last modified on 19:09:17 08/16/2018. Cast: Nagase and Kolin.

TBT Act 2 - But What About The Children - As the Task Force descends upon Sunshine City, Rose follows the trail of the stolen children. Following after the same trail Bob and Sergei were upon, she uses her psychic powers to relive the kidnapping, revealing the last location of the children to be the Pueblo Thunderfoot village. The psychic impressions draw unfortunate attention from one of the lead enforcers of Shadaloo, Juri, who senses a deeper energy and power within Rose. An all-too-familiar power that gives Juri an opportunity to extract a rare form of torment... - created on 20:38:48 08/13/2018 by Juri and last modified on 17:45:46 09/08/2018. Cast: Rose and Juri.

TBT Act 2 - We Are Family - Hayley finds herself with a rough day. Her professor is picking on her, her dad is missing in action again, and she is forced to work and do school at the same time. She just wants to go home, say hello to her mother, and cry into a pillow on her bed. Except, of course, Jezebel is there. And Jezebel is not her mother. And Hayley finds herself battling against the center of her mind, as Jezebel finds ways to get what she wants from the traitor Spangles... as well as finally complete her family. - created on 12:28:32 08/15/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 11:25:40 08/30/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Hayley.

TBT Act 2 - Damning Memories - Recovering from his unsettling encounter with Relius Clover, Rei Hazuki finds a moment of reflection at the SYFI. However, it is soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a time-lost scion of Order, who has his own grievances with the NOL... - created on 18:11:54 08/15/2018 by Frei and last modified on 14:13:11 08/26/2018. Cast: Frei and Hakumen.

TBT Act 2 - Operating In Tanden - As Haru secures the main apartment complex, Sie Kensou searches throughout the complex, and finds a hidden elevator to deep below. With some quick words to his allies, Kensou boldly and foolish descends below. There, rather than mere prisoners, he finds the recently evacuated lab complex of Shadaloo's hidden operations. Worse yet, he encounters Seth15 in the midst of packing away the last pieces of arcane technology. Kensou might think he's finally found who'd attacked Athena, but Seth15 has found just one more prisoner to fill the ranks of the V Project. - created on 12:59:48 08/16/2018 by Kensou and last modified on 11:54:55 08/23/2018. Cast: Seth15 and Kensou.

TBT Act 2 - Seek and Destroy - For as long as any Sunshine City resident can remember, the Black Dragon Cult and Southtown Syndicate have been at each other's throats for control of Sunshine City. Shadaloo's been able to establish a foothold -- but they'll still need a fresh influx of material to continue the planned war effort. Experimental soldier V1 is overseeing the transfer of shipping containers, crammed full of clandestine weaponry and heavy military hardware, onto trucks for transport to the local base. Up until now, Shadaloo's been able to obtain the waivers and permissions necessary to avoid even the most stringent security checks. But will V1 be able to sweet talk a top-notch inspector like Chun-Li into looking the other way? - created on 17:11:16 08/19/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 11:12:32 08/20/2018. Cast: Chun-Li and Zach Glenn.

TBT Act 2 - Casual Conversations - In a cozy Hokkaido tea house, Illuminati agent Whitney Saulder has a meeting with the Scarlet Dahlia herself about an attack on an Akatsuki-gumi property. A curious Dahlia is suspicious about the agent's offer of help and a simple, peaceful discussion over tea is had by all. - created on 09:50:43 08/21/2018 by Whitney and last modified on 10:27:34 08/25/2018. Cast: Honoka and Whitney.

TBT Act 2 - All Roads Lead To Darkness - Masaaki has come to a startling revelation: the Syndicate is using darkstalkers to foment chaos in Southtown! Innocent people could get hurt left and right if this activity becomes widespread. Masaaki recalls hearing about the new Dragon's Den Casino on television, and heads over there to see if there's any connection between the darkstalkers advertised there and the ones he'd run into previously. He might not like what he finds out though...! - created on 15:35:14 08/21/2018 by Noboru and last modified on 08:56:32 08/22/2018. Cast: Noboru and Masaaki.

TBT Act 2 - Darkness Reigns - Not only are tensions rising between the Syndicate and Akatsuki, but now darkstalkers are prowling the streets. While the Dragon's Den Casino has an obvious connection, the citizens of Southtown are more likely to associate the monstrosities with the Metro City cataclysm from years back. Jedah Dohma, the darkstalker responsible, is far from ignorant of the connection. He's quietly sent his smooth-talking Romanian emissary to speak with Kira to ensure that both he and the Black Dragon are on the same page. - created on 00:51:03 08/22/2018 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 11:16:49 08/23/2018. Cast: Jedah and Kira Volkov.

TBT Act 2 - Believe Wrong Death - down tattooed gangsters in search of Scarlet Dahlia, one of them is bound to point him in the direction of a mansion in the well-to-do district of Southtown Village. According to the books it belongs to a man named Kichida, but Abigail ain't got time to dig through property records -- he sees a black limo, and he sees some Japanese guys in fancy clothes not unlike the ones who wrecked his truck! That's good enough for a throwdown, right? Problem is, those aren't the Akatsuki yakuza, but rather their Syndicate rivals -- led by none other than Geese Howard himself -- here to check on the property recently "claimed" by Nagase's efforts. Ha... Predictable...?! - created on 22:40:30 08/23/2018 by Geese and last modified on 14:48:08 09/10/2018. Cast: Geese and Abigail.

TBT Act 2 - Maniac Mansion - Senna gained some rare intel and parlayed it into another job for herself. In search of profit, Senna makes her way to one of the closest threats to Syndicate territory, a a Japanese-style inn in Kasukabe which has been closed for years -- despite the number of late-model cars parked outside. Indeed, the series of deathtraps Bulleta has planted around the ryokan would probably keep it out of the latest Zagat tourism guide. Senna's mission -- subdue the ryokan's defender and raze the inn to the ground! - created on 22:38:49 08/25/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 18:51:32 08/26/2018. Cast: Senna and Bulleta.

TBT Act 2 - Real Bout High School - Several months ago, a mob of highschoolers led by "Miko Kobayashi" stormed across Southtown with the aim of disrupting the UN-led occupation. As one of the students who stood in opposition, Ryuko has been training for a rematch -- but Miko herself has been scarce as of late, leaving nothing but scattered clues in her wake. A chance meeting with Kazuhito, one of Miko's former classmates, could provide the leads she needs to track down Miko. However, Kazuhito also seems to have a history with the treacherous Akatsuki-gumi, dead set on stitching up loose ends! - created on 08:44:11 08/27/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 16:36:43 09/06/2018. Cast: Honoka and Ryuko.

TBT Act 2 - Airlift Interception - Upon her arrival in Sunshine City International Airport, Felicia is intercepted by the Shadaloo Doll, Aprile, with the express purpose of capturing her before she says too much. - created on 21:19:12 08/27/2018 by Felicia and last modified on 09:39:02 09/04/2018. Cast: Aprile and Felicia.

TBT Act 2 - Battleship Potemkin - Decapre was captured and was being transported across the Pacific under the watchful eye of Potemkin. What wasn't expected was the destructive force that is Mike Bison showing up to create a distraction in an attempt to free the captured Doll. Potemkin finds his hands full now. A win would score another new captive while a loss would see both the boxer and Decapre would get away. - created on 21:14:04 08/28/2018 by M. Bison and last modified on 09:40:08 09/04/2018. Cast: M. Bison and Potemkin.

TBT Act 2 - Viva la Revolution - While Vega has assumed control of most of the Mexican drug cartels, he doesn't have full control of the people -- not yet, anyway. Kotal is hard at work arming the Mexican people for a resistance to kick Vega out of his turf, seeking to restore pride in Mexico with a revolution! But Vega's not keen on that -- and he's sent Marz and Satsuki to quell this unruly insurrection before it gets completely out of hand! - created on 21:24:07 08/28/2018 by Kotal and last modified on 21:45:16 09/11/2018. Cast: Marz, Satsuki, and Kotal.

TBT Act 2 - What Would You Forge In The Flame? - Iori Yagami's band is invited to play Southtown's exclusive Highline club, then Iori himself is invited to the VIP Lounge to meet the owner, Kain Heinlein. A challenge that isn't a challenge between Kain and the cursed fighter who isn't a fighter leaves the lounge in ruins, laying the foundation for a longer relationship. - created on 21:38:39 08/29/2018 by Iori and last modified on 09:41:30 09/04/2018. Cast: Iori and Kain.

TBT Act 2 - Wrangling Wolves - An unlikely culprit smuggles a Hungry Wolf back into Southtown, because what Southtown needs right now is another wildcard! - created on 00:21:40 09/04/2018 by Kain and last modified on 17:59:22 09/04/2018. Cast: Terry and Kain.

TBT Act 2 - To The Pain - The trails of Rashid's missing friend stretch out further and further, deep into the heart of Sunshine City. Using the information given by Kolin, he joins the assault with Interpol and the Special Forces against the entrenched Shadaloo stronghold. Using a security code found in the flash drive, he is able to dive deep into one of the last known locations of his friend. There, he discovers the true intentions of those who are captured by Shadaloo... and encounters FANG, who is more than happy to inflict the worst kind of punishment upon the hero. - created on 13:10:41 09/06/2018 by FANG and last modified on 17:37:32 09/08/2018. Cast: FANG and Rashid.

TBT Act 3: Giants Of Southtown - Convicted vigilante Cody decides to visit Southtown after hearing reports of increased gang activity, hoping for a good fight. He runs into an old face, and he's much bigger than Cody remembered... - created on 20:52:41 09/21/2018 by Cody and last modified on 11:53:07 10/15/2018. Cast: Cody and Abigail.

TBT Act III - Duet - Seized from the Sunshine City International Airport, the plucky catwoman Felicia has found herself in the clutches of Lord Vega himself. And yet, he is a merciful god. Felicia gains an offer to willing fall within ranks of Shadaloo. If she refuses? Felicia may have received an offer to join Shadaloo, but Vega always gets what he wants in the end. Will Felicia becoming a willing agent of the organization to find Lee Chaolan once more, or will Shadaloo gain little more than another Darkstalker weapon? - created on 01:52:24 09/26/2018 by Vega and last modified on 04:05:19 09/27/2018. Cast: Vega and Felicia.

TBT Act 2 - Know Your Worth - Senna's mission to raze one of the the Scarlet Dahlia's safehouse went awry, leaving her captured and at the manipulative crime lord's mercy. With the Huntress responsible for Senna's capture at her side and in her ear, Dahlia offers the boxer a chance to make up for the sins nearly committed against her. - created on 12:45:18 09/26/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 10:17:53 10/15/2018. Cast: Honoka, Senna, and Bulleta.

TBT Act 2 - Underground Mints - While visiting Sunshine City in hopes of purchasing some land for future endevours, Ken's business is disrupted by Mecha-Mole-Girl Mint! - created on 10:57:09 09/28/2018 by Ken Masters and last modified on 09:36:43 09/29/2018. Cast: Ken Masters and Mint.

TBT Act 3 - Sins of the Past - Following her last battle, Mint revives in a secretive laboratory. Damage to her control chip has necessitated an emergency replacement, with none other than her so-called commander overseeing the procedure. Faced with the weight of her recent actions, how will Mint move forward? - created on 14:47:51 09/29/2018 by Marz and last modified on 15:25:31 10/03/2018. Cast: Marz and Mint.

TBT Act 3 - Mission Complete - Aranha completes the final delivery for his mission with Scarlet Dahlia, as plans for the future are made. - created on 11:29:32 10/04/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 09:21:39 10/05/2018. Cast: Honoka and Aranha.

TBT Act 3 - For The Children - When Lita Luwanda and a team of Ikari are assigned a mission to go to the Discount Baby Warehouse in Tijuana and discover to their horror that the missing children are in the building and that Hayley Bretherton the Shadaloo agent assigned to guard them is as much a victim as the children themselves thanks to a brainwashing that was hijacked by the original Lightning Spangles. - created on 11:11:37 10/05/2018 by Lita and last modified on 09:18:21 10/06/2018. Cast: Lita and Hayley.

TBT Act 3 - Waking the Sleeping Dragon - With Sunshine City in chaos, Syndicate assets in the city disrupted. But there are logistical thefts and disruptions outside of Shadaloo, Illuminati, Interpol and Akatsuki even. Following a mysterious message sent to her, Nagase finds herself drawing the attention of a violent agent of stone: The ninja Tremor. And he is a herald of a darker power within Sunshine City: the rise of the Black Dragon Cult itself. - created on 20:22:48 10/06/2018 by Tremor and last modified on 12:59:00 10/10/2018. Cast: Nagase and Tremor.

TBT Act 3 - Breakdown - Having heard of Shadaloo's machinations from Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa sets out to cleanse such evil. His quest brings him head to head with one of Vega's greatest weapon: the dangerous V1. Faced with such a deadly opponent, can Hayabusa free the old soldier, or will Vega maintain his claim on Zach Glenn? - created on 03:11:35 10/09/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 18:13:59 10/17/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Ryu Hayabusa.

TBT Act 3: Split the Difference - The Iga Clan suddenly finds itself dealing with the arrival of the NOL special forces seeking to extract Lee Chaolan from their custody. Matters only get worse when Oswald arrives on behalf of Akatsuki, another organization with its eyes on Lee. Will the heir of the Mishimas finally see his freedom, or will he simply train one cage for another? - created on 20:07:17 10/10/2018 by Tsubaki and last modified on 12:09:15 10/15/2018. Cast: Oswald, Lee Chaolan, and Tsubaki.

TBT Act 3 - Parting Shot - Maki has tracked the vessel full of captives to Southtown Harbor, but to save them she must must stop this shipment before it departs. Unfortunately for her, Shadaloo has no time for delays, and the masked assassin Balrog intends to make sure the shipment leaves on time. - created on 19:46:00 10/11/2018 by Balrog and last modified on 23:26:23 10/15/2018. Cast: Maki and Balrog.

TBT Act 3: Where Dreams Go To Die - Jezebel is almost ready. Having been purified of her sins, she now is ready to locate the children. It was her plan with her B. B. Hood, after all. To take them all to Spangles Paradise. But after a Shadaloo agent politely took Bulleta aside, the bounty hunter is hastily trying to find her exit. When Shadaloo deploys Jezebel to the rendezvous point at Boot Hill, where Bulleta waits, it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong. Once Bulleta realizes how far gone both the plan and Jezebel has gone, she needs to dispose of the loose ends, before she can escape to safety. And Jezebel endures as the loosest end... - created on 13:39:58 10/15/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 14:49:29 10/17/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Bulleta.

TBT Act 3 - Level Complete - Franco's efforts in breaking the Syndicate has kept the power of the criminal organization in check against the common people. The Syndicate's violence against the citizens has come to a halt, with only one last band of interlopers transgressing in the villages. The Syndicate has come to respect the street vigilantes like Franco, and has been forced to steer the laymen gangsters away from him. But as Franco reaches the end of his stage, a contractor stands at the end of his path. Is she friend or foe? Or a boss for him to face down at? - created on 20:10:48 10/16/2018 by Franco and last modified on 23:22:58 10/20/2018. Cast: Franco and Senna.

TBT Act 3 - Robbing Peter To Pay Paul - Abigail is searching for his truck. He finally gets a clue as to where it is... and finds a certain blonde Illuminati agent waiting for him. With the keys. Of course there's a fight. - created on 20:24:54 10/16/2018 by Kolin and last modified on 23:23:38 10/20/2018. Cast: Kolin and Abigail.

TBT Act 3 - Damnable Diplomacy - Demitri meets Morrigan near the duck pond at midnight to discuss plans against Jedah Dohma. However things do not run to plan. - created on 20:29:43 10/16/2018 by Demitri and last modified on 23:23:17 10/20/2018. Cast: Morrigan and Demitri.

TBT Act 3 - Snooping Unusual - At the twilight of the gang war, daring spy Max Evory has successfully infiltrated the Syndicate's computer network. With the assistance of MI-6 hacking support, Max snaps British Intelligence into Southtown Syndicate's servers, attempting to hold his position long enough to download a full dossier of SouthSynd's illicit activities. British Intelligence, of course, has nefarious aims, not necessarily seeking the end of Southtown Syndicate, merely using the crime organization for their own international trade needs. But Max will suddenly find himself trapped in the machinations of an outside player who is more than willing to leave a parting gift for her Syndicate enemies. - created on 09:24:24 10/17/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 17:50:34 10/17/2018. Cast: Honoka and Max.

TBT Act 3 - Le Petite La Morte - Amidst the waning chaos and waxing fear of the rise of the Spire, even the dead may rise. It begins with an incident at the Southtown Hospital. One of the local patients in cold storage, the criminal monster known as Lotus, has suddenly revived after being found in the consistency of low-grade hamburger. Lotus hears the call: return to the spire, return to Lord Dohma. And Bullet? She's hired on short notice to put Lotus back on ice. - created on 18:57:16 10/18/2018 by Bullet and last modified on 23:58:19 10/28/2018. Cast: Lotus and Bullet.

TBT Act 3 - Dark Councils - The Spire has risen. The embassy of Majigen has been established. And the last pieces of the puzzle are nearly in place. But Jedah could not have done this without the help of his allies within Southtown. Of these allies, one has come to meet with the dark lord himself personally: Duke Burkoff. Duke makes the final bargain to secure his power in this war, the last debt with his dealing with the devil. - created on 13:41:59 10/22/2018 by Jedah and last modified on 15:45:31 12/31/2018. Cast: Duke and Jedah.

TBT Act 3 - Stop Right There Evildoer! - White is bringing a shipment of high-powered narcotics into the city, secretly laced with strychnine. He's dropped word to the Akatsuki of its whereabouts and his involvement in the smuggling. After driving Scarlet Dahlia's accountant into suicide, he assumes it's all just a matter of time before someone tries to steal it. But White may find that the allies of the Akatsuki go beyond the merely criminal as a tip-off draws the attention of Potemkin, who descends with full force to shatter White's power play. - created on 01:10:03 10/23/2018 by Potemkin and last modified on 23:58:46 10/24/2018. Cast: Potemkin and White.

Addendum to Dreams, A ghost in the graveyard - A butterfly flaps its wings and a hurricane forms someplace else. An act of violence makes a small change to the world and an old ghost is roused. The Red Witch had not been seen or heard from for some time, but perhaps the absence of Jezebel is louder than her presence was. Loud enough even to awaken Naerose from whatever rock she was hiding under. - created on 20:13:30 10/23/2018 by Naerose and last modified on 22:12:14 10/23/2018. Cast: Naerose.

Dark Stalker Standoff in the market - Kiyomi is out for revenge against human kind, but another darkstalker won't have any of that and so the two face off in a standoff of epicness. Meanwhile a certain red witch is a totally innocent bystander and needs to be rescued. - created on 12:51:28 10/24/2018 by Naerose and last modified on 17:12:40 10/24/2018. Cast: Naerose, Kiyomi, and Velvet Blue.

TBT Act 3 - Seeking Golgotha - At one of the facilities, Chun-Li and Rose are simply captured foes lined up in the horrible secret laboratory slash prison. While lab techs prepare Chun-Li for brainwashing and subsequent transportation to the secret Shadaloo base at the Mexico City Train Station, the seemingly unconscious Rose manages to reach out to her and to psionically disrupt the process. The mind control efforts of Shadaloo are overwhelming, but a single figure in Chun-Li's mind manages to challenge her: Her former sifu, Gen. - created on 20:42:13 10/27/2018 by Chun-Li and last modified on 14:54:17 11/19/2018. Cast: Gen, Rose, and Chun-Li.

TBT Act 3 - Ensorcellment - Weeks after Jezebel Faiblesse's murder, the Scarlet Dahlia brings Bulleta in for a meeting to task her with tracking down the 'missing' actress. One strained debriefing/confession later, two colleagues/friends try to set their feelings about the former Lightning Spangles aside in favor of learning more about each other-- and themselves. - created on 15:35:54 11/11/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 14:54:46 11/19/2018. Cast: Honoka and Bulleta.

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