Yakuza-fetching - Senna is hired by the Syndicate to go find an employee gone radio-silent. Her search leads her to an underground fighting arena abandoned for years-- and Tairyu. - created on 14:01:13 06/19/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 19:10:52 06/19/2020. Cast: Senna and Tairyu.

A Threat Manifested - Lyraelle follows up on her threat of seeing Tairyu again, after he's left abandoned by a warehouse at the outskirts of Southtown after a Syndicate operation. Revelations are made on both ends, before the two settle into another fight. - created on 08:03:06 06/20/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 11:59:25 06/23/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Tairyu.

Chaos Blooms On The Battlefield - On a moonlit Southtown broadwalk, two souls find each other, joined together by entropy and chaos, with love forming at first gaze. ... What? NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED AT ALL! What *actually* happened involved Sorcha descending upon Broadwalk to sow chaos and destruction, and Tairyu took it upon himself to try to stop her. - created on 19:15:50 06/26/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 00:31:27 06/29/2020. Cast: Sorcha and Tairyu.

Chopstix Begins - In the dark, crime-filled streets of Southtown, the wandering Johnny Cage finds a new breed of vigilante... CHOPSTIX! ...Well, no, actually, Johnny ends up disturbing a bunch of ramen-eaters while he and his crew are doing location scouting for a new movie, and ends up trying to persuade Tairyu into a career in movies. - created on 16:21:27 07/06/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 21:26:00 07/06/2020. Cast: Johnny Cage and Tairyu.

Stray Dog Blues - Hayley finds Tairyu trying to make nice with a stray dog in Southtown. She thus ends up helping him bring the dog to someone who will take care of it, before coffee is had. And a couple embarrassments. - created on 21:09:11 07/18/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 01:28:37 07/23/2020. Cast: Hayley and Tairyu.

The Ink of Yakuza Spirit - With Tairyu's sister saved, and the leverage against him removed, the heir of the Aizawa-gumi has to take the next steps in returning his Family to it's former state and honor his foster father's memory. But before he can do that, he has to complete the sign of conviction on his back. - created on 20:44:03 11/24/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 20:44:46 11/24/2020. Cast: Tairyu.

The Halting Ascent - Tairyu assaults the Aizawa-gumi offices to drive out the Syndicate muscle and the Puppet Head entrentched within. His warpath to reclaim his Family is intercepted, however, by a bodyguard with ulterior motives and a hidden benefactor. - created on 20:59:11 11/24/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 14:38:25 11/26/2020. Cast: Kain, Carissa, and Tairyu.

A Family Decision - With the battle at the Aizawa-gumi offices finished, Tairyu and his sister finally have a chance to visit Sohei Aizawa's grave. The older brother, however, has doubts about the future and his ability to honor Aizawa's memory. - created on 06:50:54 12/02/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 07:07:16 12/02/2020. Cast: Tairyu.

The Demon and The Outlaw - Southtown has been deeply damaged in the wake of the Black Dragon's schemes. But slowly, surely, the town is recovering. And the middle of ensuring smooth rebuilding of his turf, a Yakuza boss encounters an unlikely new drinking buddy. - created on 15:22:19 12/27/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 19:20:20 01/12/2021. Cast: Riki and Tairyu.

After Dinner Mints - After a Neo League fight, two fighter indulge in some R&R that turns out to have been sorely needed by both of them. - created on 07:30:58 03/07/2021 by Tairyu and last modified on 19:30:23 03/10/2021. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

Hospital Mints - After her Rising Star match, Mint finds herself stuck in a Southtown hospital, and getting a visitor. - created on 11:28:44 03/24/2021 by Tairyu and last modified on 22:46:47 03/25/2021. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

A tiger and a dragon walk into a bar... - ...And talk about criminals wanted by NOL before deciding to test each other on the roof. With unfortunate results. - created on 10:09:09 06/03/2021 by Tairyu and last modified on 10:22:29 06/05/2021. Cast: Tairyu and Meifeng.

Boxer's Dance - With Mint's duties in wrangling rookie fighters finished, a vacation is in order. And this means seeing a certain man over in Southtown -- and date activities that only two enthusiastic fighters can engage in. - created on 12:35:58 01/16/2024 by Tairyu and last modified on 09:38:35 01/28/2024. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

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