Product Demonstration From Hell - Stray and two of his compatriots in Skull Cross travel to one of Kira Volkov's bases, and see a product demonstration of captive Darkstalkers. Both Kira and Stray part from the experience displeased. - created on 19:08:11 12/28/2015 by Stray and last modified on 01:44:46 12/29/2015. Cast: Stray and Kira Volkov.

The Dungeon Master Strikes Back - The Dungeon Master, frothing with Jolt Cola induced rage at Southtown Syndicate, sends a team to rob one of Duke's rare art shipments. But that's just the feint. Because, via Stray, he's hired Elias Deacon, former IRS auditor and elite international hitman. Elias Deacon has one job: kill the ninja tailing the Dungeon Master. - created on 17:48:33 01/17/2016 by Stray and last modified on 21:53:32 01/18/2016. Cast: Nagase and Stray.

Return of the Ninja - Nagase the Southtown Ninja tracks the Dungeon Master to his sinister lair in Minnesota, near Minneapolis, and seeks answers. Stray, meanwhile, comes one step closer to an all-out war with Southtown Syndicate. - created on 19:49:43 01/19/2016 by Stray and last modified on 22:41:22 01/19/2016. Cast: Nagase and Stray.

Stray Cat Strut - Stray goes to Sunshine City to visit rising star in the stripping world Felicia. Normally, Stray is all brains and manipulation, but when a half-woman half-feline is involved, and she's half-naked, well... - created on 18:35:42 01/25/2016 by Stray and last modified on 21:24:31 01/25/2016. Cast: Stray and Felicia.

The Flower of Carnage - Skull Cross member Katsuko Gensai receives a visit from colleagues of Honoka Kawamoto for a business offer. Gensai, angry that her rivalry with Southtown Syndicate was used to make several of her members pawns in a scheme against Duke, accepts an offer from Kawamoto's representative for a tenuous alliance, without Stray's knowledge. - created on 19:46:43 03/01/2016 by Stray and last modified on 22:29:37 03/01/2016. Cast: Honoka and Stray.

Assault on Precinct 13 - Piranha Mendez is sent by Stray to recover the Tooth of Yehindi, seized by Detective Brandon Malone on behalf of Metro Police. This dangerous artifact is sought after by the Stray Cat, but Brandon knows, and the police suspect, that it is far more dangerous than the mere mundane presence that such an antique would imply. - created on 16:48:13 02/14/2017 by Stray and last modified on 15:06:28 02/27/2017. Cast: Stray and Brandon.

Five Cards - Stray meets Poison in his base of operations, with a proposition. Skull Cross needs muscle, but it also needs flair. And Poison Kiss just happens to know both. - created on 23:30:12 05/16/2017 by Stray and last modified on 00:54:34 05/17/2017. Cast: Stray and Poison.

A Rendez-Vous With the Russian - Stray uses the United Nations war on Japan as an opportunity to make an overture to Mad Gear. - created on 16:45:21 11/07/2017 by Stray and last modified on 18:54:05 11/07/2017. Cast: Stray and Abigail.

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