Bleeding out - After a hectic few days, Steve and Mitsuru find a time of respite in a darkstalker-filled gold lounge. Mitsuru's condition is steadily deteriorating, and they have to trust Bob to find a doctor for her. In the meantime though, they finally take the time to sit down and talk things through. - created on 09:30:22 02/19/2020 by Steve and last modified on 19:56:54 02/21/2020. Cast: Steve and Mitsuru.

Between a Mouse and Boxer - Still trapped in the depths of the Zaibatsu laboratories, Steve has yet another encounter with the enigmatic Moondyne Maus. His groggy self at first does not remember her, until they take the time to sit down and talk about stuff. - created on 13:59:59 09/28/2020 by Steve and last modified on 17:40:26 09/28/2020. Cast: Steve and Moondyne.

The Breakout - After several months of imprisonment for both Steve and Mitsuru, an opportunity in the guise of the enigmatic Moondyne Mouse. Steve makes it out in a hurry to find and rescue Mitsuru, but instead stumbles right into a nefarious scheme by Self-Proclaimed Queen Lyraelle Darkheart. - created on 07:58:05 01/12/2021 by Steve and last modified on 18:12:13 01/20/2021. Cast: Steve, Moondyne, Mitsuru, and Lyraelle.

High Stakes & Police Hats - Following up from the earlier deal made at the cafe, Steve and Lyraelle brawl it out in a public park! When things get more destructive then the boxer had anticipated, the bobbies step in! - created on 18:24:37 07/10/2021 by Steve and last modified on 21:30:04 07/13/2021. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

The Treaty of Clapham Grand - A pair of what are supposed to be bitter enemies have a concert date to engage in the most romantic of activities: Discussing terms! Things go well, until they don't. - created on 17:37:21 01/29/2022 by Steve and last modified on 10:46:21 05/10/2022. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

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