Springtide Rosalia 2021

With the pending Lunar Eclipse at the end of May, Castle Alucard, the home of Rachel Alucard, will be forced to fully manifest on Earth as opposed to its normal safe haven within Makai, the realm of demons. Rather than pass the night dealing with the usual foolhardy castle invasions, Rachel has graciously decided to host a celebration and everyone is invited!

Invitation To A Crazed Moon - Bela responds to Rachel Alucard's invitation to her Rosalia. He is not very happy about it. - created on 16:36:02 05/11/2021 by Bela and last modified on 16:37:01 05/11/2021. Cast: Bela.

Rosalia #19) Monkey Wrench in the Works - Having come to the festivities with the intent of finding an enchanted blade that could eliminate all but one soul from control in his body, Makai is confronted by Valkenhayn; conflict is inevitable, but the key to Makai's own rebirth may have been this violent encounter in the first place... - created on 21:31:08 05/31/2021 by Masaru and last modified on 16:54:27 06/17/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Masaru.

Rosalia #8) One Night to Live - "Sir Gallon, in consideration of a favor your father once did for mine, I offer you this opportunity. There is a weed growing in my garden. Victory over this wild Rose will see you rewarded with a flowering Azure Wolf's Bane. Thought by most to be extinct, consuming the petals of this rare specimen will afford you twenty-four hours of respite from your curse one night a year. Should you rob Lady Blackthorn of her life, steeping the petals in her dying blood will convert them into a Scarlet Wolf's Bane, thought to be a cure to your particular affliction... The choice is yours. -Rachel Alucard" - created on 10:11:23 06/01/2021 by Gallon and last modified on 01:04:01 06/07/2021. Cast: Rachel Alucard, Gallon, and Briar Rose.

Rosalia #11) Hell is Alone - In the blazing depths of an abandoned hellscape, three combatants face off for the rite to continue on. For as the message says: "It was written 'We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.' Here, you will put that to the test. Each of you carries within you a heavy guilt. Only one of you will be set free of this hellish prison. And only by force will you earn your parole. Your trial begins now." - created on 11:30:41 06/03/2021 by Bishamon and last modified on 10:16:57 06/05/2021. Cast: Bishamon, Tsinghua, and Venus.

Rosalia #2) Bats in the Belfry - Rachel in a letter to Nyotengu: "It had escaped my notice that the efficacy of the seals on Mount Miyama had waned and that you were once again touring Earth, but I am glad you have found time to attend my Springtide Rosalia. My condolences on the recent loss of Kuramasan Maouson. His reign over the Tengu had seemed as if it would endure forever. I do imagine Bankotsubo will be hunted down for his offenses. But in the meantime, I have identified a guest of the festivities worthy to entertain you. You will find him on the upper causeways of the Eastern tower complex. It is likely that the resident bats will join in the fray. I hope they do not prove to be too much of a distraction. -Rachel Alucard" - created on 20:38:18 06/03/2021 by Nyotengu and last modified on 20:57:59 06/05/2021. Cast: Terry and Nyotengu.

Rosalia #16) Don't Mind the Dust - Rachel to Nago while reviewing a scroll containing attendees: "This one was clever in securing her entrance. Obviously, she is no noble of Makai. But I feel compelled to reward such panache with a chance acquisition. If she can survive being the prey of that bloody creature, she will have more than earned it in the entertainment provided to my guests... Now, where was that old storage room anyway? The one with the... Gii! Fetch the map." - created on 21:24:32 06/03/2021 by Lotus and last modified on 10:18:47 06/05/2021. Cast: Lotus and Sybil.

Rosalia #5) Equivalent Exchange - "I know full well that the answer the Truth Seeker desires exists within the Athenaeum Wing. But it is the will of this castle that it always takes every bit as much as it gives. Even if he should, by some arcane miracle, compel that recalcitrant Archivist to cooperate, there is still the matter of the bitter price that must be paid. But... I would be without excuse were I to send him in there alone. Perhaps the Nomad would provide enough support to make it sporting. He too carries much to lose." - created on 16:07:46 06/04/2021 by Nikolai and last modified on 00:28:42 06/07/2021. Cast: Brandon, Nikolai, and The Archivist.

Rosalia #14) Last Dance - What is the meaning of a mortal life? According to some, it is the freedom that makes existence worth enduring. And yet others still disagree. In th guise of a wizened hunter, the great warlord Kira finds the self-described greatest of House Alucard's guests in the midst of an ancient countess' ballroom. It is there, with her very life on the line, that she sheds every falsehood and facade and finds out what her time on this earth has amounted to. "The cruel Alucard gave you to me. But I only wish to be kind." - created on 19:04:57 06/04/2021 by Demitri and last modified on 22:12:09 06/06/2021. Cast: Demitri and Kira Volkov.

Rosalia #6) Bloody Gears - "Yes, yes... the Isochronium Arca is the missing piece those three need to undergo their... reclamation project. But The Archivist holds the key, and that Mad Engineer has absconded with the Arca itself- Have you /seen/ what he has done to the Northern clocktower? And he calls those 'upgrades'... No... I will not step foot in that deranged tinkerer's clockwork atelier. The very thought of all that noise makes my head hurt. But if your old friend is willing to risk his hide retrieving it, whom am I to say otherwise?" - created on 10:23:47 06/05/2021 by The Mad Engineer and last modified on 17:56:34 06/06/2021. Cast: Jubei and The Mad Engineer.

Rosalia #10) The Eye that Cannot See - Rachel to Nago at tea time: "...true, it is almost that time again... someone will have to descend into that pit and deal with it. I cannot have it getting loose in the castle, it would disrupt the Rosalia. It is a filthy labor. Let us have a couple of our guests attend to the matter. A favor owed will be their reward, should they survive." - created on 18:12:30 06/06/2021 by Renka and last modified on 01:39:45 07/01/2021. Cast: Clio, Renka, and The Forgotten One.

Rosalia #9) Old Mother Knows Best - "Old Mother, I will be sending two troubled morsels your way. You may elect to take one under your care. Or perhaps there is value in letting them choose for themselves which is to be left in your custody. Either way, in accepting my offer, you must let the other go... and see to it that they to no harm by any force of nature, corrupted or otherwise. If both manage to escape, the protections apply to them both. Do be sure to explain the rules to your potential wards. The game is no fun of they do not know how it works. I will have you greet them in my father's old Greenhouse. I believe you will find the fauna there particularly... salubrious." - created on 22:18:31 06/06/2021 by Eadni and last modified on 19:05:52 06/09/2021. Cast: Eadni, Edenlith, and Rosalind.

Rosalia #7) Fast Track to Gehenna - Rachel's musings while slouched in a chair, cheek in hand: "Well... that is unexpectedly unfortunate. It seems that altruist's friend wandered onto the Typhon Express. Even if the fiery kitty boards the train, it isn't as if The Conductor will permit either of them to disembark. He is always so jealous of his passengers. Still, with perhaps a little reinforcement, it might be possible to 'convince' him otherwise. The alternative is much too unpleasant to consider. - created on 12:08:47 06/07/2021 by Rachale and last modified on 12:17:16 06/23/2021. Cast: Rachale, Daisuke, and The Conductor.

Rosalia #13) Signs and Portents - In a letter to Morrigan: "Lady Aensland, I too understand the curse of boredom. It is my hope that the entertainment available at my Springtide Rosalia can help dull the pain of monotony the world normally has to offer. To that end, might I direct your attention to the necropolis beneath the castle. You will find a representative of the Yata clan wandering lost from where I left her. It would be helpful if you could persuade her to reveal what she knows of the pending shadow during your dance. -Rachel Alucard" - created on 22:47:51 06/07/2021 by Chizuru and last modified on 11:37:25 07/01/2021. Cast: Chizuru and Morrigan.

Rosalia: Dark Reflections - While Scarlet Dahlia had been transported to Castle Alucard, she's been poking her nose into a few places where she wasn't expressly invited. One place in particular: the ballroom of Countess Karnstein. Trapped within the many mirrors are ghosts of her past, or futures that would never come to be... and a figure which seems both familiar and alien at the same time. - created on 07:56:48 06/10/2021 by Honoka and last modified on 16:23:58 07/10/2021. Cast: Honoka and Kira Volkov.

Podiebrad of Passion: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Studly Baron of the House of Podiebrad, Bela von Podiebrad, has been betrothed to Rachel of the House Alucard, to take her hand in marriage when she is of age. But the future Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad finds temptations around ever corner. The dark and devilish Terumi has come to the manor grounds, eager to lure the handsome Podiebrad away into a life of leisure and pleasure. But the price may be too great even for the hedonistic Bela; for the green eyed demon invites Bela to defy his vows in the way only men can do, by giving himself up willingly into a Mind Break. To make matters worse, when his brother Matthias gets wind of the affair, Bela's father sweeps in to intervene between the two. Will Bela keep his vows with his family and his honor? Or will he be seduced into committing... dirty deeds done dirt cheap? (The cover shows the interior of a stable. It shows Bela stripped to the waist in leather pants, next to the pen where his black stallion is at. Terumi himself is also stripped to the waist, though he is wearing a yellow raincoat over his muscled, naked torso. Terumi has Bela pinned against the wall of the stable, pressed against him chest to chest. One arm is extended, palm out against the wall to corner him. Tee other is clutching a strange sack underhanded, the green eye of the god gleaming. Bela struggles to stare defiantly at man, clutching the neck of a pitchfork tightly as he struggles at the raw power of the god. Behind them, from the doorway to the stable, Matthias looks in wide-eyed, pointing with one hand, and escorting with the other the young Rachel Alucard. The young lady looks in, eyes watering in despair. A fat bat and black fat peer in beside her; the bat looks equally distressed, but the cat looks on the duo with an eager hunger.) - created on 22:54:16 06/10/2021 by Crock and last modified on 16:38:26 06/30/2021. Cast: Susano'o and Bela.

Rosalia #17) At Hell's Gate - Rachel musing while gazing into a cup of tea: "That pompous, self-important mummer. I knew he would not be able to resist the lure. So he presumes to invite himself, does he... If it is an audience he desires, then he will have to earn his way. What better piece to place in his way than a man who has walked through hell itself? Only one will be admitted. It will amuse me to direct their hatred for my kind at each other. Though I would just as well neither tread within these halls... dispatch the Obsidian Sentinel to make difficult the way. Only its tenacity can rival the animosity of these two..." - created on 16:24:28 06/14/2021 by Bela and last modified on 22:02:19 06/28/2021. Cast: Donovan and Bela.

Rosalia #12) Touch Not the Evil Gift - Rachel from a rooftop looking toward a massive building in ruin: "There are more relics in this castle than generations of scribes can hope to catalog. I do recall some particularly nefarious thing was left gathering dust in that old place though. It would be unfortunate if either the Librarium or that mad collector got their hands on it. Fortunate, then, that the Black Knight of Agharta keeps vigil within." - created on 09:35:09 06/15/2021 by Marduk and last modified on 16:09:24 06/16/2021. Cast: Vice and Marduk.

Podiebrad Of Passion: Lilies of the Valley - Amandine von Karnstein has found herself betrothed to the handsome and strapping Baron von Podiebrad, her boring life swept away into the endless parade of passions and pleasures that becomes the favored of the Baron. But it seems that nothing compliments a thick piece of steak than a light salad, especially one dressed with the sweet juice of the forbidden fruit. The scullery maid Zsa Zsa has found herself obsessing over the beautiful fiance of Baron von Podiebrad, fawning and stalking her in the shadows of Castle Alucard. While Amandine had long rejected her scandalous attentions, when the young maiden is caught alone in the kitchen, having snuck away a peach from her cupboard, the lusty servant finds a way to punish the naughty Karnstein. Will Amandine be able to resist the overpowering appetite of the low-born serving girl? Or will she find herself enamored to the scent of... The Lilies of the Valley? (The cover shows Zsa Zsa and Amandine hiding behind the central island of a kitchen, having ducked just out of sight in the midsts of their passions. Amandine is on top of Zsa Zsa, seemingly having just pushed the maid down. Zsa Zsa is clutching a set of pearls around Amandine's neck, while lilies are scattered all around her. Zsa Zsa has a peach in her mouth. Sharing the same peach, Amandine is biting down on it. Both have their cheeks blushing faintly, and a chain leads from around Amandine's ankle to a bubbling crockpot on the table. Walking into the kitchen from the opposite side of the island is the silver-haired Lord Podiebrad in his leather breeches, his sweat-glistened pectorals exposed. Following him at his side is the the lavender-haired Belladonna, who is covering her face with a fan, and her eyes stare jealously out towards the open window. A black stallion is peering into the window, eating a small cherry pie sitting on the windowsill) ($2.99) - created on 15:47:16 06/15/2021 by Sven and last modified on 22:10:22 08/24/2021. Cast: Amandine and Bela.

Rosalia #21) An Inclination for Violence - Rachel to Nago as she sketches her plan in charcoal. "It seems there are two types of people in this universe. Those towhom motive must be provided to engage in violence. And those to whom violence comes as naturally as breathing... Hmm, where were we? Ah, yes, these two. It would be serendipitous if they could rid the area of that winged vermin while they were at it. I do hope they watch their step, though. That section has been in an awful state of decay for far longer than even I can remember... - created on 15:58:52 06/15/2021 by Juri and last modified on 13:47:47 06/18/2021. Cast: Juri and Abigail.

Rosalia #22) A Wish Going Stale - When one wishes to accomplish a mission, they must always expect an adversary to stand in her way. Bound by her determination to find the answers to the Ash problem, Elisabeth enters Castle Alucard on the eve of the Rosalia with a mysterious task bestowed to her upon Terumi. A dutiful ninja serves to stand in her way to accomplishing this task, and Noboru most certainly will prove to be a tougher challenge than the heiress could have anticipated. [Winner: Noboru] - created on 19:04:03 06/21/2021 by Elisabeth and last modified on 11:26:55 07/21/2021. Cast: Elisabeth and Noboru.

Rosalia #3) Welcoming Party - Rachel in a letter to Zeta: "Zeta... if you don't mind my calling you by such a familiar name, I find myself wondering where something like you truly belongs. Not human or darkstalker, it seems your fate to walk between, belonging to the society of neither. There are some among my kind that might take interest in your plight. But first, they wish to calibrate your current strength. It is never easy to tell with human-made constructs, the outcomes are always so unpredictable... I have found an opponent suitable for you to challenge. But beware, the dredges of Argul will be eager to join in the fun. It's been so long since anyone has walked their halls. Good luck. -Rachel Alucard - created on 16:02:58 06/22/2021 by Zeta and last modified on 12:17:39 06/23/2021. Cast: Ken Masters and Zeta.

Rosalia #18) The Hunt is On - While wandering this strange place, Maki encounters a strange centaur which seems to have a desire to destroy the kunoichi! Will The Huntsman catch his prey? Or will Maki prove that might makes right? (WINNER: Maki) - created on 16:37:06 06/22/2021 by Maki and last modified on 20:43:42 06/22/2021. Cast: Maki and The Huntsman.

Rosalia: Keeping the Same Energy - A chance meeting at the Rosalia yields a lot of information for both parties. It also raised major concerns for one of the parties regarding a project that they are working on. - created on 12:59:40 07/02/2021 by Brandon and last modified on 07:41:26 07/07/2021. Cast: Honoka and Brandon.

Podiebrad of Passion: Hungry Like The Wolf - The Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad's easy life as a beloved nobleman has ended in the most humiliating of ways. When he knocked over a single vase while entertaining guests at the Castle Alucard, as punishment, our hero has become enslaved by the mistress of the castle. In order to work off his debt, Bela von Podiebrad is forced to act as a manservant for the cruel vampire queen. But while placed in charge with working and cleaning the Alucard's organs, the most senior of her servant has different sort of chore for our hero to complete. Will he escape from the dominating power of the head butler, and back into his previous status and standing? Or will Valkenhayn be on the hunt after him, mouth alive, with juices like wine... and Hungry Like The Wolf? (The cover shows Bela pinned against an old pipe organ. He is stripped to the waist, down to his leather pants. He is turning his head away, lips curled somewhere between a look of disgust and lust. Grabbing his wrist is a fair-looking Valkenhayn, gripping the Podiebrad's wrists with both of his hands, and neatly and cleanly in control of the smaller Podiebrad with a look of bemused detachment. Behind them, the door is opened a crack. Behind it reveals the master, Rachel Alucard, arrive back from her chores with a look of shock. At her feet, a chubby black cat and chubby red bat are peeking in too, and a black stallion is poking its nose in above her. The stallion and the bat look as shocked as their master. The cat looks rater excited.) - created on 14:28:15 07/06/2021 by Bela and last modified on 16:08:43 07/09/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Bela.

A Rose By Any Other Name - Matthias von Podiebrad has come to Castle Alucard with his Podiebrad brethren. But rather than wage an assault on the vampire master of the castle, he is content to look for some nice roses and tea leaves to bring back to the manor. But as he looks around an abandoned greenhouse, he stumbles upon Lady Briar Rose Blackthorne, who takes more than a passing interest in him. - created on 09:48:21 07/08/2021 by Jezebel and last modified on 22:29:01 07/14/2021. Cast: Bela and Briar Rose.

Rosalia: Bus Factor - Brandon and Clio regroup after their respective tests during the Springtide Rosalia. Brandon knowing all of the problems he's dealing with, feels ill at ease with being single point of failure for the spell soon to be cast at Metro City Park. The two mages disagree on what the back up plan should be. - created on 11:44:26 07/22/2021 by Brandon and last modified on 22:35:41 08/07/2021. Cast: Brandon and Clio.

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