Sol Badguy

An Old Friend - After getting stiffed on a check, one that he really kind of needed, Sol ends up brooding in a bar, only to get a pep talk from an old mentor who points him on the proper path of destruction. - created on 05:29:39 12/20/2014 by Sol Badguy and last modified on 19:15:03 12/23/2014. Cast: Slayer and Sol Badguy.

For Honor - Having failed to stop Justice on his own, Sol turns to others like himself, hardened warriors that he might be able to recruit for the bloody work ahead. - created on 18:44:42 10/28/2017 by Sol Badguy and last modified on 22:43:14 10/28/2017. Cast: Heidern, Sol Badguy, Argent, and Leona.

Knocking on Heaven's Door - The infamous Sol Badguy pays a visit to Illyria in search of the Gear hiding out there. Instead he finds the Second King of Illyria, Leo Whitefang. Negotiations swiftly break down. - created on 21:49:13 11/23/2018 by Sol Badguy and last modified on 00:17:28 11/29/2018. Cast: Sol Badguy and Leo Whitefang.

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