SNF 2023.02

Errors in the Night - The nighttime vigilante known as Honey has made a bit of a name for herself around Southtown, and tonight a little comedy of errors has been arranged (by yours truly) for her to wind up following a lead to track down some rough customers hiding out in the local theater district, Kabuiki-cho--unbeknownst to her as the lair of another nighttime vigilante of a different stripe~ Perhaps she's being mistaken for one of the felinoid night creatures, which to be fair there are a few--but it looks like Honey will need to prove her act isn't all just a costume when she finds the rabbithole down into the Gold Lounge. - created on 18:04:27 02/15/2023 by Honey and last modified on 06:30:04 02/26/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Honey.

Rabid Dog Without Warning - The only woman to ever be taught Kyoguken Karate is gonna need it when she runs into the hound known as Xolo--who seems to be have fed a tip that a worthy opponent happened to be in the area. Wanting more than anything for their big break on the pro scene, Xolo has been sicced on Yuri, who probably has no idea who Xolo even IS--though she's about to find out, up close and personal. In the streets of Osaka. Tonight. Welcome to prime time! - created on 19:21:17 02/15/2023 by Yuri and last modified on 06:31:44 02/26/2023. Cast: Xolo and Yuri.

Love You To Death - Lanterns, gondolas, the full moon--it would be the start of a lovely evening, except for the depressing lack of bloodshed. That's where FUMIKO comes in, as we've pointed them in the direction of a strange and wicked darkstalker in the vicinity, however, this will bring her in direct conflict with HONEY, who has been lured to Venice with reports of a crazed swordswoman. A sword allows for quite a bit of artistic expression, after all, especially when your medium is thick and red. Will the two of them paint the town red for us tonight, in a stunning duet? - created on 18:10:15 03/10/2023 by Honey and last modified on 10:30:00 03/16/2023. Cast: Fumiko and Honey.

Never Tear Us Apart - Old spooky castles make the best romance spots--or well, I'd like to think so--however for our self-professed heroine, MAKI, I think it's safe to say she's in for a bit of excitement, although not in the way she might want, however. EDENLITH has been freed from wherever she had gotten herself stuck in last time we were able to get her in here with our handlers, and she's been turned loose on the castle grounds. We're pretty sure she speaks French, or something--so that would explain her ease of getting around. Please note: spectral phantoms have been released onto the surrounding areas and will not disperse until either or both of you are unconscious--and just to tip the odds even further the 'Lith has been riled up via CHAOS ENERGY INFUSION prior to release, so... enjoy that, lovebirds! - created on 18:02:25 03/16/2023 by Maki and last modified on 07:06:39 03/20/2023. Cast: Maki and Edenlith.

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