SNF 2023.01

Battle for Midnight! - A new challenger appears! A surprise battle for the 'crown' of host of the Midnight Channel! Lyraelle Darkheart, famed streamer sensation and former hostess of the Midnight Channel appears ready to take her throne back the bat lady sorceress who's been sprawling over it since late last year. While presented as a fortuitous storyline angle to the public, there is much more than it seems, with another player pulling the strings of the whole ordeal. But who will prevail? - created on 19:54:14 01/18/2023 by Lyraelle and last modified on 21:08:29 01/23/2023. Cast: Echo and Lyraelle.

The Fight Hunter Diaries - Oi, Guvna! It would appear that Hayley has been given a lead on a very interesting and special kind of fighter fauna out there--that being Aeria Corday. How can just a regular businesswoman be that kind of a challenge? Unbeknownst to Hayley, the source of Aeria's psionic powers has locked onto her and finds her to be a rather delectable morsel--a challenge it's willing to take. - created on 07:35:42 01/19/2023 by Aeria Corday and last modified on 12:21:25 01/22/2023. Cast: Hayley and Aeria Corday.

Ninja Heroine for Hire! - Yoshimitsu shows up instead of Maki's intended opponent in this sizzingly goofy SNF/MC adventure! Will Maki really join the Manji clan?? - created on 18:52:02 01/26/2023 by Yoshimitsu and last modified on 12:46:15 01/29/2023. Cast: Yoshimitsu and Maki.

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