SNF 2022.11

Into the Dollhouse - Chris finds himself lured by a mysterious set of text messages to the London Bridge during a huge traffick jam--little does he know, one of Vega's loyal brainwashed minions has set their sights on him! Perhaps Shadaloo wants him for some kind of weird experimentation, or perhaps they suspect he's part of a secret Iori cloning accident--either way, when Vega says he wants someone, so shall it be. Can the Tempo Mixer resist the charm and ferocity of the leader of Shadaloo's Elite Guards? Or might he wind up F.A.N.G's latest science project? - created on 19:10:37 12/05/2022 by Enero and last modified on 07:34:12 12/14/2022. Cast: Chris and Enero.

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