SNF 2022.10

TMC: "THE RAT'S IN THE WALLS" - Wandering through the haunted castle and into a chapel, Chanel is guided by a small, compelling black cat down a passageway hidden near the altar. While one might expect to find a crypt in such an old castle, it actually leads to a medieval torture chamber. While perhaps a quaint backdrop for Chanel under different circumstances--she is not alone down there. The whip-wielding model is about to disturb a malevolent and mischievous entity--the meece with the most! - created on 12:08:38 10/26/2022 by Moondyne and last modified on 07:20:08 10/28/2022. Cast: Moondyne and Chanel.

TMC: "BATTLE FOR THE BORDER" - Sensing danger both within and beyond the castle walls, Velvet and Honey decide to make their way out - only to be confronted by the bones of the restless dead, slain in battle against the Scots centuries earlier. Clutching rusted medieval weaponry in skeletal hands, the horde refuses to allow any to leave the haunted halls of Blackthorne Castle before the Halloween holiday is through, believing the living to be the men they once fought! - created on 20:18:18 10/30/2022 by Honey and last modified on 07:49:03 11/06/2022. Cast: Hayley, Velvet Blue, and Honey.

TMC: "THE GATE" - An elaborate giant summoning circle has been drawn on the stone in the center of the estate's courtyard. Within it, eldritch sigils activate when an intruder draws near and summons forth a creature from the stygian depths to do battle. Or well, in this case, Lackey, demon of sloth! While not quite as fearsome as some of her brethren, she is compelled to do the circle's bidding by the inscription and repel any who trespass. Can Yuri best this demoness from otherside, or fall into a deep slumber from which there is no return? - created on 19:30:15 10/31/2022 by Yuri and last modified on 08:34:25 11/03/2022. Cast: Lackey and Yuri.

TMC: "TO SERVE MAN" - As the guests have been trapped inside the castle grounds by... special friends outside, Angelina investigates the various rooms of the castle, searching for the source of the trouble. Little does she know she is about to walk right into the trap of Amandine, whose cauldron has been agitated and is going haywire thanks to the rogue spirits that have been summoned in the castle. Her kettle now yearns for blood, at least, more so than usual-and Angelina has been caught in its path! Out of the frying pan and... - created on 15:57:32 11/04/2022 by Amandine and last modified on 06:31:47 12/04/2022. Cast: Amandine and Angelina.

TMC: "GRIM FAIRY TALE" - Once upon a time, there was a party in an old, haunted castle. There, a handsome prince found a dark princess sleeping in the poison garden. Rather than try to kiss her, he wisely decided to call out to her, and, finding her unresponsive, check her vital signs. Despite his gentlemanly behaviour, the dark princess was very angry when she awoke, because she didn't like his aftershave. Will they both live happily ever after? - created on 18:00:25 11/04/2022 by Briar Rose and last modified on 04:43:48 07/21/2023. Cast: Bob and Briar Rose.

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