SNF 2021.07

SNF: Aaron vs Tarmo - "Summer Survival Story" - Our first stop on our global tour de force is in the Great White North! No, not Canada (they're still not returning our calls), but Finland, home of Santa Claus! This match will pit one of our greatest American woodsmen (a boy scout, naturally) against one of Finland's greatest woodsmen in a battle above the crater lake, Paasselka! If you're eagle-eyed and lucky, you might even spot one of the Paasselka Devils, a harmless local will-o'-the-wisp phenomenon! - created on 15:10:49 07/01/2021 by Aaron and last modified on 16:35:46 07/14/2021. Cast: Aaron and Tarmo.

SNF: Ken vs Ryo - "Shitenno-Ji Shotokan Showdown" - A global martial arts tour wouldn't be complete without a stop in Japan, home of the Ryukyu islands, the birthplace of karate! America's Ansatsuken master Ken Masters will face off against Kyokugen karateka Ryo Sakazaki in front of Japan's oldest Buddhist temple! Why was this location chosen, you may ask? Because it looks cool! And it'll look even cooler with a fireworks display overhead! - created on 12:24:30 07/02/2021 by Ryo and last modified on 20:46:52 07/02/2021. Cast: Ryo and Ken Masters.

MC: THE WITCHING HOUR - Ambrosia tests out her new body and combative skills against the Black Knight within a bell tower... yet will the silent armored figure's ball and chain be too much for the enterprising fighter?! - created on 15:09:13 07/02/2021 by Chang and last modified on 20:50:07 07/02/2021. Cast: Ambrosia and Chang.

MC: TERROR FROM THE DEEP - After reports of a seemingly aquatic Darkstalker assaulting the Sandy Cove resort, both enterprising fisherman Banyu and NOL soldier Katsuro respond; which is precisely what the monstrous fighter hoped for! How many tentacles is TOO many tentacles?! - created on 15:46:15 07/02/2021 by Masaru and last modified on 17:18:32 07/07/2021. Cast: Masaru, Banyu, and Katsuro.

SNF: "Fight Knight: Battle in Berlin" - The last stop in our American birthday extravaganza is the capital of another titan of industry: Germany! The great American hero Mike Bison will put his fists to the test against German** steel in this clash of powerhouses! Both fighters will be driven to the battleground before the gate in top-of-the-line vehicles provided by our sponsors, Ford and Mercedes-Benz, under the glow of fireworks above the iconic gate! - created on 19:36:33 07/02/2021 by M. Bison and last modified on 23:09:39 07/03/2021. Cast: M. Bison and Leo Whitefang.

SNF: "ENTER the DRAGON: HONG KONG BLOCKBUSTER" - Continuing in our tour, we'll be moving down to Hong Kong, where American movie star and Hong Kong film aficianado Johnny Cage will face off against local martial arts master Brad Wong in the glamorous Diamond Dragon Casino, a location set to be highlighted in Johnny Cage's upcoming movie, a remake of the Legend of the Drunken Master, sponsored by Bud Lite! - created on 10:57:05 07/03/2021 by Brad Wong and last modified on 10:56:29 07/10/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage and Brad Wong.

SNF: "EAGLE and DRAGON: BATTLE on the WALL" - For our next stop on the tour, we'll be travelling all the way to China, where our brave American representative EAGLE LASS will face off against the fearless fighter TAO TSINGHUA! As the birthplace of fireworks (at least, we're pretty sure it is), we figured this would be a great opportunity to celebrate both cultures with a special patriotic fireworks showcase above the wall! - created on 09:43:17 07/06/2021 by Dizzy and last modified on 13:23:47 07/09/2021. Cast: Dizzy and Tsinghua.

MC: VOX POPULI - A catgirl, a schoolgirl, a cat, and the Ristar champion all meet in the wild (virtual) world of a digital arena! Fur flies as Edenlith battles Felicia and Hayley in a test of a Vtubing arena! Now trending on Hitter! - created on 18:50:59 07/06/2021 by Hayley and last modified on 13:30:02 07/09/2021. Cast: Felicia, Edenlith, and Hayley.

MC: LOCH AND LOAD - "Oooh, I'm excited about this one, minions! Our first match of the night features a hot talent straight from the Armed Forces! Or, should I say... the cybernetically-armed forces? ;D In honour of our fresh Marine signing, her first match will take place on a floating arena of rafts, empty crates, planks, and other floaty stuff all tied together with ropes on the surface of Loch Ness! I've got just the opponent for her 'hands on' approach!" - created on 10:42:39 07/07/2021 by Lei Lei and last modified on 13:35:21 07/09/2021. Cast: Lei Lei and Mint.

SNF: Terry vs Victor Ortega - "The PAIN in SPAIN" - Upon an elaborate ship, an ancient legend seeks to test himself against the Legendary Wolf; who will reign supreme in a battle between the proverbial and literal titan?! - created on 21:09:26 07/12/2021 by Terry and last modified on 12:10:10 07/23/2021. Cast: Terry and Victor Ortega.

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