SNF 2021.02

SNF: Electric Serenade - This time, defending champion and rock aficianado Tairyu Katashi takes on Johnny Cage and his repertoire of boy band ballads to serenade the fans and see who is the best vocal talent - through martial combat! Voice and violence collide as our karaoke competition continues! - created on 10:06:29 02/17/2021 by Tairyu and last modified on 20:23:40 02/17/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage and Tairyu.

MC: G vs Emma in "Global Election 2021" - In honour of America's Presidents' Day later this month, the Midnight Channel is hosting our very own presidential debate in front of the Lincoln Memorial! Not a debate for President of America, of course - it's for President of the World! As our current President of the World, 'G' will square off in debate against opposition candidate 'Prince Hero' and his adorable running mate Emma! The topic of the debate: Which President can kick more ass? Discuss! - created on 21:28:41 02/20/2021 by Emma and last modified on 22:48:25 02/22/2021. Cast: G and Emma.

SNF - "Icarus fights Medusa's Angels." - It takes a big man to fill a big role, and who could be a bigger icon on Valentine's Day than everyone's favourite arrow-slinging cherubim? The role of Love Goddess is already filled, leaving the part of Cupid to be played by wrestling icon Mike Haggar! Sent by Love Goddess Lyraelle, our hero faces off against the forces of Medusa, representing all that is ugly and evil in the world - the perfect antithesis for the Love Goddess! Medusa has sent Velvet Blue Violet and Red Rose Tsinghua, her blue and red oni, to the Parthenon to spearhead her invasion! Can Cupid and his arrows - and spinning piledrivers - stop them before it's too late? - created on 10:23:23 02/22/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 16:04:22 02/24/2021. Cast: Haggar, Velvet Blue, and Tsinghua.

TMC Presents: DOUBLE BLIND DATE - Seeking an explanation for the bloody conflicts and otherworldly encounters that his Midnight Channel journeys have brought him through, Kung Lao demands an audience with the Demon Queen - only to be informed that Her Infernal Majesty will only entertain him if he dons the provided formalwear! Little does he know that on the other side of the door is not Her Majesty's office, but the Midnight Channel's recording studio, where two aspiring young lady fighters are waiting with instructions that the opponent for their live Midnight Channel audition will be arriving presently in a tuxedo! - created on 09:53:21 02/25/2021 by Kung Lao and last modified on 16:27:34 03/02/2021. Cast: Pullum, Blair, and Kung Lao.

SNF: So Greased Lightning - In this heartbreaking vignette about the drama of teen angst, the pitfalls of tribalism and the coolness of leather jackets, Greaser Abigail and Biker Kyo face off in a death-defying race through the Lincoln Tunnel! They're not in the driver's seats, though - they're fighting atop the cars! Meanwhile, sweet and innocent Munin tries to put a stop to the battle before somebody gets hurt - even if that means hurting them in the process! - created on 16:22:15 02/26/2021 by Kyo and last modified on 22:36:46 02/26/2021. Cast: Kyo, Munin, and Abigail.

SNF: Pet Shop Rampage - In celebration of World Spay Day later in the month, Professional Fighting Worldwide brings you this Saturday night special! When Handsome Boy Steve and Lounge Lizard Vin balk at a trip to the vet, it's time for a RAMPAGE! It's up to Maki the Monkey to show them the error of their ways and subdue them for their treatment! Costumes provided courtesy of Bally Midway Couture* *Due to a fluke in the costumes, Handsome Boy Steve and Lounge Lizard Vin look suspiciously like a wolf and crocodile! - created on 17:53:19 03/01/2021 by Steve and last modified on 21:17:58 03/02/2021. Cast: Maki, Steve, and Vin.

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