SNF 2021.01

MC: COULROPHOBIA - "Greetings, fellow minions. I am Red Minion. Tonight we will begin in a little motel and graveyard in Nevada. Having failed to assuage our Mistress Her Inferal Majesty Queen Lyraelle, young martial artist Monster Girl Kelly has been given this opportunity to prove her worth once more by battling fellow feckless fighter Sean 'Vin' Ren. As a foreboding of their future should they fail to perform adequately, they will do battle in a dark room surrounded by clown dolls. The winner will earn their very own pick of said dolls as a souvenir. The loser... will not be able to pick which clown doll they will be receiving." Midnight Channel: Kelly Vs Vin! - created on 19:05:59 01/12/2021 by Vin and last modified on 22:45:34 01/12/2021. Cast: Kelly and Vin.

Midnight Channel: FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE - Velvet Blue faces off against Carissa in a Voodoo Town, Haiti in this extra special spookily sexy episode of the Midnight Channel. - created on 08:31:03 01/15/2021 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 20:20:29 01/15/2021. Cast: Carissa and Velvet Blue.

TMC: BORNE IN BLOOD - Continuing his Midnight journey, the mighty Kung Lao finds himself drawn to one of the grimmest locales we at The Midnight Channel have had the pleasure of presenting. But what monster awaits our Shaolin warrior in this place of death? Warning: This match is guaranteed to be a bloody one. - created on 12:55:44 01/22/2021 by Kung Lao and last modified on 23:28:21 01/22/2021. Cast: Skarlet and Kung Lao.

SNF: Tiger King of Southtown - Tairyu vs King - With the chaos in Southtown settling down, the matter of promotions have come to the surface. Local businesswoman King is invited to the Mars & Venus club in Southtown by charming entrepreneur Katashi Tairyu. There, was they battle out in a fight to the finish, Tairyu has the opportunity to show off the host side of his club. - created on 20:35:34 01/26/2021 by King and last modified on 22:58:19 01/28/2021. Cast: King and Tairyu.

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