SNF 2019.12

SNF: To Catch A Predator - NESTS has a sizable blindspot when it comes to information on Darkstalkers, so the cartel has tossed Upsilon's hat into the ring for a match against Velvet Blue. There are certain conventions that are part and parcel with a pro fighting match. Fight officials. Crowds. Cameras. So would anyone really notice if there's a few extra camera drones around, or a team of NESTS operatives watching from the wings? - created on 17:53:36 12/14/2019 by Upsilon and last modified on 13:34:58 12/20/2019. Cast: Velvet Blue and Upsilon.

SNF: 100% Canned Ham - In a Capcom Wrestling Association Special Main Event! Witness Neo-League champion, Abigail stepping into the ring with the monstrous Iron Tager! These terrifying titans will meet for the match of the millennium. And it will take more than a standard ring to contain these two juggernauts -- the perfect reason for the reinforced floor of the CWA Arena to host this battle of the behemoths! - created on 22:29:32 12/19/2019 by Abigail and last modified on 14:41:43 12/24/2019. Cast: Abigail and Iron Tager.

SNF: The Eight Sided Ring of Death - SNF between a superhero and a monster. Who will win? The acid spitting lamia known as Sophia or the blindingly bright superhero Koto? - created on 22:32:44 12/19/2019 by Koto and last modified on 13:35:05 12/20/2019. Cast: Sophia and Koto.

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