SNF 2019.05

SNF: White Knights of Labour - Sometimes, it's not equals to face for the King of Fighters. It's diametric extremes between skill levels, with an obviously dominant fighter mentoring a student. Sometimes, the extremes can be... extreme. Taking place at the isolated Battleship Island off the coast of Japan, Koto finds his mentor to be the elusive Morrigan, taking a form of her own pleasing. Their judge? The lone hunter Baiken, who skill with the blade is only rivaled by her general contempt for frivolity. Here, it will be up to Baiken to test the compatibility between man and succubus in the best way she can: slashing. All she needs to do is defeat the heroic Koto. Simple, right? However, Morrigan's benevolent presence will be driven to keep her toy safe, before a rampaging Baiken can put Koto in his place. - created on 19:24:09 05/09/2019 by Baiken and last modified on 13:20:41 05/18/2019. Cast: Morrigan, Baiken, and Koto.

SNF: Revolution #9 - Felicia vs Honoka Inoue - The classy, low-key lounge of supernatural reputation is of an old stock. While the affairs of mortals are often ignored in the dark world, you still find the shadows of social theory seep in through the cracks. In this case, it's lounge singer vs what has been cast as a folk singer. While the cat may croon, she will quickly find herself up against the young prodigy Honoka Inoue. Not to be confused with the older prodigy of the same name, Honoka brings her unique adaptive technique. If Felicia doesn't keep up, she may find her own techniques being used against her, in a manner of speaking! - created on 18:18:14 05/10/2019 by Honoka Inoue and last modified on 09:43:33 05/17/2019. Cast: Felicia and Honoka Inoue.

SNF: Means of Production - Despite the rise of Japanese cars into the global market, auto production in Metro City endures. Countless experimental models, ranging from a focus to performance to efficiency, is the path made to keep its car relevant. The scrapyard is the price paid for the effort. And yet, this graveyard of failed experiments is choice pickings for the automotive genius of Abigail. While Abigail is free to seize whatever he likes here, thanks to an understanding with the owner Caine, it's where the World Warrior Abigail is left to face the infamous Marduk. Marduk has been introduced to the scrapyard for one reason, and one reason alone: to break apart broken cars without getting sued. Again. Will Abigail and Marduk reach an understanding between the balance of creation and destruction? Or will the duo break down to the hard tacks in a wrestling match of the ages? - created on 20:42:00 05/13/2019 by Marduk and last modified on 22:01:54 05/19/2019. Cast: Marduk and Abigail.

Iron Curtains - Potemkin vs Marco - Brazil has had a long and complicated past between the left and right and everything in between throughout its history. While May Day is still hot in people's minds, it's the prime chance to bring the battle of political philosophies in a less warlike manner. Marco and Potemkin must battle each other wearing the respective ideologies as their banners. In a mock fight play between left and right or possible left vs left or even right vs right, as politics can be sometimes, the Kyokugen Sensei must square off against Zepp's finest as they carry out the great political mess right on the center stage of the Theatro Municipal! Will compromise be found, or will the rift be too much to bear? - created on 22:39:31 05/13/2019 by Potemkin and last modified on 13:57:34 05/14/2019. Cast: Marco and Potemkin.

SNF - Wicked Child - With Echo's entry in the KOF settled, it's time for the Midnight Channel. Tapping into the spiritual forces that lay in the corrupted soil of unhallowed ground, she makes a sort of cooking show of undeath. The necromancer however finds that her show is interrupted by Shadaloo free agent Juri Han.. While Echo can bank on the overwhelming necromantic power to keep herself together, Juri has a secret weapon: unrelenting sadism. - created on 19:55:01 05/22/2019 by Echo and last modified on 00:01:33 05/23/2019. Cast: Juri and Echo.

SNF: Smoke and Mirrors - It's Penn and Teller, live in Las Vegas. Except Penn is out sick with the flu, and Teller has laryngitis, so it's up to the SNF to make sure the show goes on! To replace the energetic Penn, the suave Johnny Cage rides on up, to host the magic show. Bob, however, is entrusted in knocking Johnny Cage down a peg as the true Canadian superstar, making the Teller of the duo. Will Johnny Cage show off some of his hollywood magic? Or will Bob show why you always need to watch out for the quiet ones? - created on 09:21:53 05/25/2019 by Bob and last modified on 20:11:33 05/25/2019. Cast: Bob and Johnny Cage.

Red Hot American Nightmare - Abigail has a King of Fighters team, business is booming for him, and he is an international fighting star. For him, everything is up. Imagine his surprise when a massive metal man comes ride up on a motorcycle. The Iron Canadian arrived busted and broken,holding a mysterious package. Maxima is in bad need of repair, and has very good reason to suspect trouble in the King of Fighters tournament Abigail was part of. He is willing to help Abigail, if ABigail helps him. - created on 17:43:46 05/27/2019 by Maxima and last modified on 20:04:23 05/27/2019. Cast: Maxima and Abigail.

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