SNF 2019.02

SNF: Chinese Dragon Dance - Hinata and Sophia are set up by the SNF authorities to do a tricksy battle during a Chinese New Year celeberation. Does the snake have an advantage over the schoolgirl in dancing with a dragon!? - created on 12:35:53 02/18/2019 by Hinata and last modified on 23:29:31 02/24/2019. Cast: Hinata and Sophia.

SNF: Red Envelope Day - Mai vs Dudley - It's tradition to give paper money to your friends, family, and loved ones - as well as your employees, the gods, and probably also your local retailers - in a beautiful red envelope on the Chinese new year. Where do they come from? Why, that place must be the luckiest place on Earth! It's not clear just where the luck enters the equation, but a mysterious dripping tank in the factory floor where Mai and Dudley will battle it out does raise certain possibilities... - created on 20:49:02 02/19/2019 by Mai and last modified on 11:25:58 02/25/2019. Cast: Dudley and Mai.

SNF: Year of the Pig - Okuno is an up and comer in the Southtown Syndicate. Koto is a self-styled superhero, alias Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon. Both are hungry to make a name for themselves, so the SNF Committee has brought them together to showcase their strength and fortitude in a first-time ever Dan Dan Damage match. In order to win the match, each competitor must down at least one of the many bowls of volcano-hot noodles surrounding the fighting stage; even a knockout victory won't count, otherwise! Sharing nothing more than a desire to excel, a thug and a hero clash to decide which of them is brave enough to overcome adversity in all its forms! - created on 20:56:17 02/19/2019 by Okuno and last modified on 11:26:39 02/25/2019. Cast: Okuno and Koto.

SNF: Blue Pro Belt Match - The mysteries of the Blue Belt are revealed within the confines of the Academy of Magical Arts' signature clubhouse - in particular, the Pugillusionist's Paradise located in the back garden, set with classic brickwork and with no visible entrance on the surface, merely a towering structure of brick. (The entrance is through the club itself, you see_... there is a secret passage.) At the stroke of midnight, two mystics will contend with the depth and passion of their art - with the Belt itself as the bone of contention. But illusion and legerdemain will not be enough to win the belt - victory in the ring must be achieved! - created on 17:12:36 02/26/2019 by Menat and last modified on 22:40:41 02/27/2019. Cast: Menat and Velvet Blue.

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