SNF 2019.01

SNF: Christmas Cake Cleanup - It's ladies night! Which is to say single ladies, specifically. But as the night goes long, its closing time. With one last call, all the ladies must finish their whiskey and beer; they don't have to go home, but they can't stay here. The leftovers require a special touch, and that is where Makoto Nayana comes in. Unfortunately for her, that includes Litchi, who is totally not single and has a boyfriend who lives in the Canada part of the Boundary. Fighting ensues, because it's all theater! Mean-spirited theater, but theater nevertheless. - created on 20:35:52 01/19/2019 by Makoto Nanaya and last modified on 10:51:53 01/29/2019. Cast: Litchi and Makoto Nanaya.

SNF: Ironic Flavor In London-Town - Lee Ho Fook's is a minor London institution, having provided generations of Englishmen and Englishwomen with delicious food throughout the 20th century. Now they have cross-promoted with Saturday Night Fight, and an international friendship event will take place in the street in front of the restaurant, with complementary delicacies for all. With Dudley as the home-team and the kung-fu monk Gallon as the representative of the East, the only thing that could get in the way is a sudden rainstorm. (Winner: Gallon) - created on 15:03:14 01/20/2019 by Gallon and last modified on 19:07:45 01/21/2019. Cast: Dudley and Gallon.

SNF: Ring In The New Year - An SNF-CWA cross-promotional spot pits the free-fighting monster hunter La Huesuda finds herself across the ring from the lone wolf of war, Sven Maesters during the CWA's Auld Lang Dyin' pay-per-view. The ring's surrounded by a steel cage to contain this battle of shadow and muscle while clocks around the arena countdown to-- something, to ring in a new year of fight entertainment. _ but what are all those colored wires wrapped around the cage for...? - created on 18:09:09 01/21/2019 by Sven and last modified on 10:19:32 01/28/2019. Cast: Sven and La Huesuda.

SNF: Death in the Shadow of Fire and Earth - Echo meets Geki for a spoooky fight at Battleship Island, Japan! - created on 09:29:07 01/23/2019 by Echo and last modified on 20:49:09 01/23/2019. Cast: Geki and Echo.

SNF: Beds Are Burning - For all their power, even the Command Gear Ramlethal and Sagat, the Broken Tiger have dreams that may never be fulfilled. In lieu of trying and failing, the Saturday Night Fight committee has offered them the next best things: someone else to distract them, and an awful lot of money. With the caliber of both opponents, only the remote Ayers Rock can hope to survive as the Bloody Valentine and the Heavenly King unleash their terrible power! - created on 17:25:51 01/26/2019 by Sagat and last modified on 12:43:28 01/30/2019. Cast: Sagat and Ramlethal.

SNF: Drop The Ball - Rashid vs Potemkin - Saturday Night Fight loves the New Year because it means twelve months of thrilling new matches, exciting new fighters, and surprising new matches. In honor of the holiday, the promotion financed the construction of an arena constructed atop the Metro Square ball, gifting the city - the world - an opportunity to celebrate in violent style. To best stress test the arena, Zepp's armored behemoth Potemkin and the dynamic zephyr Rashid have been chosen to put it - and each other - through their paces while midnight approaches! (Winner: Rashid) - created on 18:59:18 01/26/2019 by Rashid and last modified on 22:31:02 01/26/2019. Cast: Potemkin and Rashid.

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