SNF 2018.11

SNF: Clocked Tower - Up in a stone bell tower, two honorable giants clash--a meeting of traditional English boxing and Kyokugenryuu Karate, as expressed by the inimitable Gentleman Dudley, and Marco Rodriguez, of coarser but no less strong stock. What will befall the two as they test their fists, their skills, and their resolve against each other? - created on 18:48:14 11/07/2018 by Marco and last modified on 14:38:55 11/11/2018. Cast: Marco and Dudley.

SNF: Dining Out - Mai vs Amandine - It is rough out there if you are trying to get a solid dinner packed with macronutrients and without too heavy a load of carbohydrates. When Mai Shiranui, the flower that bloomed in KOF, seeks out some pork belly ramen (hold the noodles) at a late night home style diner, she discovers that the homey little place has been aggressively reconcepted into a pan-continental fusion place with a jicama-forward tapas menu. Can the heritage of late night Japanese dining be preserved, or will the future be forged in the cauldron called "Tantalus?" (Winner: Mai) - created on 20:36:57 11/07/2018 by Mai and last modified on 14:40:55 11/11/2018. Cast: Amandine and Mai.

SNF: Black Christmas - Just in time for this holiday season! Erika has been tasked with playing Jackie Frost and turning Southtown Mall into a winter wonderland! What happens, however, when Erika's opponent doesn't make her match...and one of the Christmas toys on site turns out to be more of a Halloween leftover? More importantly, will people stop trying to start Christmas season before Halloween is over?! - created on 18:27:45 11/09/2018 by Erika and last modified on 14:58:22 11/19/2018. Cast: Erika and Cherri.

SNF: The Destined Rock Battle - The powers that be have replaced the opening act for a Lordi show with a Saturday Night Fight featuring the BATTLE of the BANDS of DESTINY. Kyo Kusanagi versus the notorious Iori Yagami in front of a screaming crowd of metalheads somewhere in Europe. This seems straightforward -- except -- is that really Iori? The ID number checks out. Kyo Kusanagi must battle for his honor while his mettle is tested by a certain guitar witch. Can he prevail, or will the arockalypse devour him? (WINNER: [OOC] Kyo says, "Kyo's exhausted and has a confused boner.") - created on 18:42:09 11/09/2018 by I-No and last modified on 14:41:31 11/11/2018. Cast: Kyo and I-No.

SNF: It's Just Lunch (Of The Damned) - Velvet Blue meets ABA in the Russian Tea Room in New York City for a decidedly creepy SNF! - created on 19:33:33 11/10/2018 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 14:58:58 11/19/2018. Cast: Velvet Blue and ABA.

SNF: Aerobicide - 80s music, tight spandex, sweatbands, leg-warmers! Hinata is given an all expense paid trip to the KILLER WORKOUT health center and spa! Girls check in here for an afternoon of heart-pumping work out sessions, but they don't check out! Little does she know, Mercedes is waiting in the wings, having been dispatched to take care of the source of the spa's murderous little problem. Will Mercedes and Hinata push it to the limit and solve this mystery, or will they mistake each other for the mad giant safety-pin wielding killer in disguise?! It turns out that Mercedes triumphs over Hinata's justice! - created on 20:30:30 11/12/2018 by Hinata and last modified on 14:59:52 11/19/2018. Cast: Hinata and Mercedes.

SNF: Balloon Fight - Geki vs Sophia - What happens when Geki and Sophia decide to reenact Metal Gear Solid onto of a parade float in Metro City? Let's just say love doesn't bloom on this battlefield. - created on 14:59:00 12/01/2018 by Sophia and last modified on 19:13:37 12/01/2018. Cast: Geki and Sophia.

SNF: North by Northwest Passage - Once again, the most important holiday of MotM must get representation. Oh, no, it's not Thanksgiving. It's not even GLaDOS Day or the P-Body Birthday Bash; it's Canadian Thanksgiving! With its origins rooted in Martin Frobisher's search for a northern passage to the Pacific Ocean, this matchup is focused on giving thanks for surviving the long journey from England. Deep in the frigid Northwest Territories is hardly the place for a succubus and a fortune-teller to face each other, but the holiday season is about sacrifice, isn't it? - created on 18:41:50 12/04/2018 by Menat and last modified on 14:45:57 12/09/2018. Cast: Lilith and Menat.

SNF: Blackest Friday - Unfortunately, Illyria doesn't have malls. Ky Kiske must face Baiken as they travel to Toys 'R Us (RIP...) on Black Friday to obtain the expensive and highly sought after 12" Special Edition Poseable My Size Leo Whitefang Action Figure, complete with dual blade accessories and real working royal teacup set (now with 20% LESS burn risk in small children)! Can these two tough customers take on an entire store filled with mad shoppers and out-of-control toys, and come out on top with the prize?! - created on 19:32:13 12/04/2018 by Baiken and last modified on 14:44:38 12/09/2018. Cast: Ky Kiske and Baiken.

SNF: Turkey in the Draw - Boxing isn't a traditional Thanksgiving pastime, and Thanksgiving isn't a traditional Spanish holiday. Neither of these facts will keep the classy boxing champion Dudley and the mercenary pugilist Vanessa from giving an arena full of blood-thirsty Spaniards a heaping helping of violence. But all throughout the fight, there is a mysterious, man-sized egg shuddering in the corner of the ring. What could be hatching from it, in time for Thanksgiving fun_? (Winner: Dudley) - created on 20:02:18 12/07/2018 by Vanessa and last modified on 03:46:14 12/08/2018. Cast: Vanessa and Dudley.

SNF: Carve the Roast Beasts - Led by Abigail, the Mad Gears work hard on the most wholesome of Metro City Thanksgiving traditions: organizing a turkey drive, where they feed the poor and hungry of Metro City by stuffing roast turkeys into trash cans, oil drums, and crates for them to punch open. It'd be a real shame if a renegade bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder and a fire in his belly came along and ruined all that hard work and good intentions because Metro City's restaurants are touchy about serving globally wanted criminals, wouldn't it? - created on 15:40:45 12/17/2018 by Sol Badguy and last modified on 00:31:55 12/18/2018. Cast: Sol Badguy and Abigail.

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