SNF 2018.10

SNF: An American and Werewolf in Paris - Paris' shocking new Grand Guignol Film Festival brings together horror films from across the world for a festive celebration --- so what better celebrity endorsement than rising internet sensation, "G"! ...but it seems that G is not the only one with an invite, and an indie film crew seems set to use this bloody (?) brawl as footage for their latest film. Heck, the mysterious fighter Gallon already seems to be in costume. _ that is a costume, right? - created on 12:38:30 10/17/2018 by G and last modified on 23:20:07 10/20/2018. Cast: Gallon and G.

SNF: Dead Of Night - Velvet Blue travels to the Dream Amusement Park on the outskirts of Southtown to do battle with Cherri, the Killer Doll! - created on 17:04:08 10/17/2018 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 23:26:34 10/20/2018. Cast: Cherri and Velvet Blue.

SNF: Night of the Demons - Collecting pages for some sort of charity thing? A sponsorship? Whatever the reason, Thrustdeath Truelove is off galavanting in the dark and foreboding woods when she encounters something malicious that isn't part of the program. - created on 18:49:44 10/17/2018 by Akuma and last modified on 19:58:40 10/19/2018. Cast: Akuma and Ramlethal.

SNF: Horror Hotel - Franco Bash (and son) have been given an all expenses paid week long stay in Las Vegas. The only condition? An overnight stay in the infamous Clown Motel. Will they survive the evening, even when an escaped circus performer (played by Taiva) arrives inexplicably in the third act? Find out in this shocking new thriller directed by Rob Zombie. - created on 19:24:10 10/17/2018 by Taiva and last modified on 23:47:55 10/20/2018. Cast: Franco and Taiva.

SNF: The War Of the Gargantuas - The Capcom Wrestling Association and Toho Company Limited present MONSTER MASH 2018!!! In our terrifying main event, the titanic Abigail faces the enormous Hugo in a battle for the ages --- with Toho Limited has graciously provided costumes and our very own model Tokyo in which the battle takes place! But can the miniature city survive the clash of these two titans? Order now to find out on PAY-PER-VIEW! - created on 15:21:51 10/19/2018 by Hugo and last modified on 23:24:48 10/20/2018. Cast: Hugo and Abigail.

SNF: The Curse Of The Cat People - May Lee, the HERO OF JUSTICE, confronts Felicia, her opponent in the spooky abandoned catfood factory--where they uh, grinded up stuff for kitty treats? Ominous! - created on 19:16:20 10/20/2018 by Felicia and last modified on 22:03:00 10/21/2018. Cast: May Lee and Felicia.

SNF: Bad Taste - "No: It's hamburger." "Ah... you are..." In an intense battle in an abandoned restaurant, any pretense towards flirtation and horror rapidly descends into farcial physical comedy, and nobody even got naked! This is sure not fitting the Siying777 brand, but on the up side Lilith got put through a table and repeatedly beaten with the Hoedown Dillo, so it worked out for everyone. (Winner: Siying) - created on 18:59:59 10/21/2018 by Siying and last modified on 23:57:21 10/24/2018. Cast: Lilith and Siying.

SNF: Sleepaway Camp - To help build interschool compet--cooperation, representatives from Taiyo, Seijyun, and Gorin High have been invited to weekend stay a summer camp, mostly vacated for the season. But when their chaperone disappears on them, who will stop a brawl from breaking out? And worse, what's this of rumors of a stranger on the property?! - created on 18:00:39 10/28/2018 by Mitsuru and last modified on 23:56:20 10/28/2018. Cast: Hinata, Natsu, and Mitsuru.

SNF: The Clonus Horror - Ramlethal vs Morrigan - Tonight for one night only, we have two of the most double-dealing babes on Earth for a showdown inside a giant hall of mirrors! They will need to fight their way out of the specially crafted glass arena /without/ destroying themselves in the process! The broken glass is of especial inconvenience to everyone's favorite clone, Ramlethal. Can the two fighting starlets duke it out against their own mirror images as well as each other? We'll find out! - created on 18:28:53 11/14/2018 by Morrigan and last modified on 19:25:49 11/19/2018. Cast: Morrigan and Ramlethal.

SNF: Break The Facade - Deep in the heart of Kobe, sitting in an weathered old Noh Theater, is the legendary TERROR MASK. Named for its gaudy reputation to draw in tourists, as well as it's presence in a local wrestling circuit, it arrives to the Saturday Night Fights for what else: advertising. Fumiko is required to investigate. Little did she know there is someone else with designs on the mask, that being Mitsuru, the Platinum Brawler! Mitsuru is required to put on the mask, and be 'possessed'. Can Fumiko rescue poor Mitsuru before somebody gets hurt? Also can she do so without breaking the priceless mask (in the sense that there is no price on it?) - created on 10:47:50 11/15/2018 by Mitsuru and last modified on 12:18:30 11/20/2018. Cast: Fumiko and Mitsuru.

SNF: Kongfrontation - In conjunction with Universal Studios, the Megamaze has been temporarily repurposed in a tribute to the classic theme park attraction: KONGFRONTATION. Here Maki will have to navigate the narrow streets of a miniature New York (including an airborne trolley) as she tries to stop or avoid...KONG! Abigail has been politely asked to fill in for the expensive animatronic using one of Toho Studios' leftover kaiju costumes. Hopefully he doesn't mind... - created on 21:46:34 11/19/2018 by Maki and last modified on 13:00:09 11/20/2018. Cast: Maki and Abigail.

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