SNF 2018.07

SNF: Player's Unknown - Upon the base of the Great Wall of China, the dancing fighter Mian expects to bring a dignified, cultural demonstration of core Chinese values to a world audience. Which would be the case, except siying777 is on the scene. Bringing in her own personal team of online camera crew, the vlogger is ready for the camera light on -her-. And she is more than eager to start up her livestream of her first public match on the Saturday Night Fights. Will she come to learn and respect the masked fighting style of Mian? Or will she look to gain subscribers by knocking her on her ass every time a donation is sent in by the chat? - created on 23:40:31 07/20/2018 by Mian and last modified on 12:57:28 07/26/2018. Cast: Mian and Siying.

SNF: Caged Heat - The hot-blooded Iori has left the violence of Southtown for a different flavor of it: a cage match against Ikari Warrior Leona. It's a hefty battle in the legendary Caged Arena of Barcelona. The only way out is victory, or unconsciousness. No forfeits, no escape. Only pure, unadulterated violence. Can Leona defeat the cursed youth? Or will Iori make her burn? - created on 16:43:54 07/22/2018 by Leona and last modified on 12:43:07 08/03/2018. Cast: Iori and Leona.

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