SNF 2018.05

SNF: Slippery When Wet - In the wake of the Golden Angel tournament, there still remains a Golden Angel waterpark. While not quite carrying as much saline water as before, and not quite as demanding on the sensual bodypaint, it is still a great place for mothers to take their kids. Well, it was, until Cassie Cage and Angel got into the mix. Now, the two bikini'd beauties are destined to fight alongside the families coming to enjoy the best waterslides in Southtown. Will Angel finally get a headshot she can't handle? Or will Cassie find herself in the bullpen? - created on 19:38:16 05/17/2018 by Angel and last modified on 23:58:59 05/18/2018. Cast: Angel and Cassie.

SNF: The Sexy Avengers - Sometimes, it's tough to be a single mama. Vanessa, Crimson Viper, and even Michelle Chang are all examples of lonely single moms who are looking for a fight. But not everyone has a license for VillainsOnly.Com. That's where the sexiest fighters of the world circuit come in. Taking the central stage, the perform the hit Marvel movie, Civil War, with a sexy twist. Rufus, dressed as Sexy Captain America, must fight Bob, dressed as Sexy Iron Man. But when Eliot, dressed as Sexy Loki comes into the mix, it becomes a race against time as they all have the steamiest, most sensual fight for all those single mamas at home. - created on 12:11:34 05/18/2018 by Rufus and last modified on 13:17:52 05/23/2018. Cast: Rufus, Kang, Bob, and Eliot.

SNF: Like A Land War In Asia - Some boys do not have mothers. The heir to the Bernstein family waits at the Great Wall Of China, ready for another test of his powers. Adelheid finds himself in a match worthy of his family name: not only will he fight two opponents once again, but in a sequential match! His two foes are the relatively fresh face Fumiko with the well worn World Rookie Champion and Psycho Soldier himself, Haru. There will be two versus one gimmicks now; only fighting one, than the other, in a King Of Fighters format. Haru's leadership will prove paramount, as Fumiko's skills will be tested on the world stage! - created on 17:58:16 05/19/2018 by Fumiko and last modified on 12:13:21 06/01/2018. Cast: Adelheid, Haru, and Fumiko.

SNF: War Of The Roses- Andy vs Rashido - Andy has barely has enough time to make ends meet with Mai, in a manner of speaking, before the Saturday Night Fights whisk him away across the country, with hardly the time for a premature Mothers Day celebration with his fellow ninja! There, he is greeted by the largest wreath of roses in the old world; a dynamic display at the Al Mazmar Beach Park in Dubai. And to capstone the celebration is world-famous fighter Rashid, back from the crusades. Facing down Andy, the pair will battle around the floral arrangement. Rashid needs to be careful however, because every rose has its thorns. (Winner: Rashid) - created on 17:48:29 05/21/2018 by Rashid and last modified on 20:22:05 05/22/2018. Cast: Andy and Rashid.

SNF: Ein vs Rainbow Mika - Break the chains, and unleash the beautiful beast! This Mother's Day, Rainbow runs wild in Nashville as that beautiful battler, RAINBOW MIKA grapples with the mysterious karateka, EIN! This no holds barred match pits the spirit of wrestling against the power of karate in a burly brawl to see who is the real king (or queen) of the ring! And remember, if you bring your mother's, you get her ticket free! - created on 19:02:27 05/21/2018 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 04:31:33 05/23/2018. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Hayate.

SNF: MIDNIGHT CHANNEL: Heaven or Hell - In this exciting MIDNIGHT CHANNEL event, the pious Bridget is dispatched to investigate the strange whisperings from a cabin in the woods. This is not simple girl at sleepaway camp, however, as Bridget is and up-and-coming bounty hunter! Unfortunately, Bridget is not alone for this spooky adventure, as the cabin also plays home to the Miniature Mistress of the Night, Lilith! Who will claim the secrets of Crow Cabin, whatever they may be? Can Bridget exorcise this foul temptress of the night or will Lilith turn the tables on the innocent youth? - created on 16:39:27 05/23/2018 by Lilith and last modified on 00:32:23 05/24/2018. Cast: Lilith and Bridget.

Midnight Channel - Gallon vs Bulleta - Be vewy vewy quiet, B.B. Hood is hunting werewolves. The mighty Talbain has taken residence in the Dark Forest, and what better way to flush out a wolf then by sending in a sweet little girl in a red hood? In a Midnight Channel exclusive, two titans of battle will battle for supremacy as to which is the superior Predator. Will it be the red hooded sweetheart or the mighty Talbain? Who will be the hunter, and who will be the hunted? - created on 16:42:19 05/27/2018 by Gallon and last modified on 23:27:34 05/27/2018. Cast: Bulleta and Gallon.

SNF: Veterans of the Psychic Wars - The oldest soldiers are the ones deserving of the most respect. And here, at the Parthenon, is where the old soldiers are remembered. The snekgirl Sophia, dressed as a Medusa, must fight with the stoic Chinese assassin, clad as Peresus, in the shadows of the Greek Parthenon. And it would be so simple of a fight... except for the presence of Bedman. The sleeping boy, on lease from our friends at the NOL, has been entrusted in making adjustments to the natural reality as he sees fit. We hope it means tasteful Greek references of armies of old. But the boy seems to have a mind of his own. - created on 20:58:13 05/27/2018 by Bedman and last modified on 14:56:18 06/18/2018. Cast: Sophia, Bedman, and Hei Xuanfeng.

SNF: Cold War - Sergei vs Zach Glenn (Marines) - When the Berlin Wall fell, it was tough times for the Russian Army. And when the government went with it, it just wasn't the same between the United States and Russia. But not everything changes. Sergei, the Russian Special Forces man, is ordered to face off against the Ex-marine Zach Glenn, to revisit the old question: Who is stronger? America or Russia? It's Spetsnaz vs the Marines, as the duo comes crashing down in fierce combat. - created on 14:33:17 05/29/2018 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:56:04 06/05/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Sergei.

SNF: Cross Tag Match: Navy vs Army - Italy plays host to a few military installations for the United States, Camp Darby, Naval Air Station Sigonella, Aviano Air Base, Rota Naval Air Station. These are but a few that reside in the beautiful country of Italy, and what better way is there then for there to be a Tag Team match between the Army and the Navy in the Grand Canals. Representing the Army, Cassie and Leona will look to sink the maritime might of the Navy representatives of Haehyun and Nagase. Will Cassie and Leona manage to sink the mighty battleship of Haehyun and Nagase, or will the Navy representatives prove once and for all that the warriors of the sea are truly unstoppable? - created on 12:52:41 05/30/2018 by Nagase and last modified on 12:03:57 06/05/2018. Cast: Nagase, Cassie, Kum Haehyun, and Leona.

SNF: Also There is the Coast Guard - The Coast Guard gets more flack then they really deserve. Even though everyone questions just how they can be considered a branch of the Armed Forces, along comes the Navy and begrudgingly admits 'Yeah.. These guys are actually pretty legit...' Patrolling our coasts, preserving our waters and keeping them safe. What better way to celebrate the Coast Guard then by having the Warrior of Justice defend the tourists of Pearl Harbor from the machinations of the vile Black Lotus? Will May Lee's Justice Prevail? Will Lotus get a free hot dog? The only way to find out is to watch and see! - created on 19:15:35 05/30/2018 by May Lee and last modified on 01:29:00 05/31/2018. Cast: May Lee and Lotus.

Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! - Zangief vs Abigail - The tank is a modern marvel. Powerful, tough, capable of blowing apart cars with ease. Not to mention they're surprisingly fast. What better way then to celebrate the marvel of modern warfare then by pitting two human tanks against each other. Both drink motor oil for breakfast, both have the power to mow down anything in their path. Both are virtually indestructible! Abigail and Zangief will test their strength against each other, truly deciding once and for all, which one of them is the tank, and which one of them is merely a Yugo. - created on 20:59:47 05/30/2018 by Zangief and last modified on 16:04:51 05/31/2018. Cast: Zangief and Abigail.

SNF: We Want You! - Novus Orbis Librarium recruitment has been up for humans, but for Darkstalkers it's another story. Fortunately with the Midnight Channel marketing right for the monsters of the world, the NOL has the opportunity to really drive those recruitment numbers. Two beautiful, professional soldiers, Renka and Makoto Nanaya, are ready to show the creatures of the night how to cast away their illicit ways, register with the NOL, and demonstrate just the kind of perks you are looking at with the NOL. All with a friendly smile. Just remember the motto of the NOL Darkstalker Recruitment: If You Are Not With Us, You Are Against Us! - created on 22:10:07 05/30/2018 by Renka and last modified on 00:05:36 06/04/2018. Cast: Makoto Nanaya and Renka.

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