SNF 2018.04

SNF: MIDNIGHT CHANNEL - The Mummy Returns - Hello boils and ghouls! Looks like it's time to go all the way to Ancient Egypt, to the Tomb Of Imhotep. Overseeing the seance within the burial chamber of Imhotep himself is the mystic Rose. The psychic is tasked to reach out to the ancient but cursed High Priest of antiquity. And she might be able to... if the two Darkstalkers Kelly and Lilith weren't duking it out all around her! The two nasty little ghouls have to spar it out between them, but they better watch out. Rose has full authority to dole out whatever lessons she needs to as they make amuck of her seance! - created on 19:26:44 04/12/2018 by Kelly and last modified on 00:18:17 04/13/2018. Cast: Rose, Lilith, and Kelly.

SNF: Tag Team Battle! - It couldn't be done. There have been team fights, there have been 2 vs 2s. But a Tag Team Battle? How could it work. And yet the challenge has been made. A Tag Team Battle at the Howard Stadium. The Opponents? Four individuals who never teamed up before. ON the Dead Or Alives? Hayate partners up with Rainbow Mania. On the other side, the Bruisers? The World Warrior Abigail finds himself with an extra hand or four with the strange newcomer Taiva. It's never been done before. How could it be done when it is a TAG TEAM BATTLE!? - created on 21:24:12 04/12/2018 by Taiva and last modified on 22:11:22 04/14/2018. Cast: Rainbow Mika, Hayate, Taiva, and Abigail.

SNF: Lilith vs. Benezet - Benezet and Lilith meet for a funeral dance at a graveyard, the souls of the early dead at stake. Will they join the invisible spirits, or will they become a diablolique among the loins of the unrested? (Winner: Lilith) - created on 13:11:10 04/23/2018 by Benezet and last modified on 16:36:30 04/23/2018. Cast: Lilith and Benezet.

SNF: Miko Or Ninjas? - Outside the Taj Mahal is the site of India's largest orphan event, as a great festival comes to help the children of India come together. Most iconic, of course, is the various events and workshops to encourage the children. The biggest challenge? The SNF Workshop, where they must choose between two events! The first is joining a miko seminar on Ainu culture, hosted by Mamahaha and her assistant Nakoruru. The second? Ninja Training from the stoic Andy Bogard. While the orphans are already lining up, they cannot choose until Mamahaha's assistant Nakoruru and Andy show the martial techniques of each style. Who will win the hearts of the Orphans? The way of the Ainu? Or the way of the Ninja!? - created on 01:15:31 04/24/2018 by Nakoruru and last modified on 03:48:33 04/28/2018. Cast: Andy and Nakoruru.

SNF: Oliver Twisted - In every street corner in every city, there are orphans. And who better to take care of them than fighters? Bringing a care package for the lost children of the Metro Streets, Jira Kasagi returns after her long absence. Jira Kasagi fights for the rights of orphans in the slums of Metro City. Opposed to her? The charming Mr. Burr has his own plans for the youths, especially on an upcoming trip to Columbia. Will the kids be receiving packages of goodwill? Or will they find themselves delivering packages of goodwill under the guidance of Mr. Burr? - created on 20:49:00 04/24/2018 by Mr.Burr and last modified on 14:02:56 04/25/2018. Cast: Mr.Burr and Jira.

SNF: An Egg in Troubled Times - International Psychopath and Notorious Nightmare Inducer Yamazaki is not a very good person to let adopt children. And yet, contract law requires us to allow Yamazaki to 'fight' someone for a 'chance' to 'adopt' a 'child.' Ryo of the Kyokugen style has such a child. Except it isn't a child. Using a clever use of makeup and copious amounts of shaving, we have successfully concealed star actor Danny Devito in the role of a lost orphan girl, plumped and ready for adoption. Yamazaki's goal is clear: overpower the orphan, and adopt 'her' for himself! - created on 14:38:07 04/27/2018 by Yamazaki and last modified on 12:45:02 04/30/2018. Cast: Ryo and Yamazaki.

SNF: Rondo Of Blood - Rachel Alucard is a mystery to the broader world. There are rumors and evidence of the figure, but nothing clearly solid. That is, except one detail: her father is no more, and she is thus probably an orphan. And it is time for a crack team of SNFers to find out! The combined effort of Belt Champion Jacky and Showgirl Heartthrob Felicia must confront the mysterious maiden in a mysterious castle, to bring her before the Saturday Night Fight for promotional adoption. Armed with a suicide squad of a camera crew, they descend into the darkness as they hunt down the mysterious girl. Will they get their wish? Or will they merely get some tea time? - created on 12:13:40 04/28/2018 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 03:02:48 05/04/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard, Felicia, and Jacky.

SNF: Short Orders - After Yuri's victory over the hot dog scarfing Hotaru, she faces the powers of Darkness itself. Kelly Mason is one of the faces of the fighting world when it comes to 'Darkstalkers.' And in the Southtown Chinatown, she will touch on one of the most underrepresented demographics of orphans: the Darkstalker survivors of the Gears Wars. Kelly must make the pitch to the world as she fights Yuri, to find a future for this wayward children. And Yuri? Yuri has to decide on what kind of monster she is really facing. - created on 18:41:05 04/29/2018 by Kelly and last modified on 12:45:23 04/30/2018. Cast: Kelly and Yuri.

SNF: Damning Memories - Amongst the nuclear scarred remains of Mt. Fuji, life is just beginning to return. And with the life, comes the annual Mugen Tenshin Orphan drive, where the Mugen Tenshin clan offers gifts and food to orphans who brave the journey to Mt. Fuji. Of course, they even offer shelter to youths showing potential, as well as apprenticeship. Taking place at the foot of the mountain, the event is hosted by Hayate. And a special guest appearance comes from the traitor of the Mugen Tenshin,the KOF Champion, Kasumi. She brings her own offerings to the donation drive, as well as a SNF challenge, to help fundraise for the donation event. But Hayate knows that she is marked for death by his clan. Has Kasumi come back expecting open arms? Or is something more complex afoot? - created on 01:17:03 05/01/2018 by Kasumi and last modified on 10:42:52 05/16/2018. Cast: Kasumi and Hayate.

SNF: Adopt A Spangles - Sometimes, even famous people can be orphans. The world famous Lightning Spangles actress, Pepper Green, had tragically lost her parents in the Metro City Incident. Thus, she has always been ready to be adopted. Why not Jezebel, the old, unofficial Lightning Spangles? But stopping her is one of the current 'Fake' Spangles, Hayley Bretherton, AKA Aussie Spangles. The actress has also lost her father, and can turn to Jezebel as a second mommy or even a father figure also! Taking place in Antelope Canyon, both Aussie Spangles and Lightning Spangles must fight it out on who will have the honor of calling Jezebel mommy. The winner will get to choose is they will be adopted by Jezebel, or graciously allow their counterpart to be adopted instead. - created on 15:39:25 05/02/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 17:57:48 05/04/2018. Cast: Honoka, Jezebel, Pepper, and Hayley.

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