SNF 2018.03

SNF - It's A Dog's Life - Headlining the Saturday Night Fights is a public showdown between the world-famous Bogard brothers. Terry Bogard, fresh out of his loss in the King Of FIghters tournament, has an opportunity to regain his face. Against him? The ninja master Andy Bogard, and brother of the leader of the Hungry Wolves. These two strays end up facing off at the Dog Pound in their stomping grounds at Southtown. Which Bogard will come out on top, and which Bogard will end up as player 2? - created on 17:14:09 03/24/2018 by Terry and last modified on 20:28:22 03/25/2018. Cast: Andy and Terry.

SNF: Brazilian Whacks - Leona vs Johnny Cage - The Electric Fountain in Rio De Janeiro is one of the premier fighting locations in the world; being a gorgeous hotel fountain that houses a full fighting ring. It's iconic nature, of course, makes it equally valuable for movie shoots. It's here where Johnny Cage's latest action crime drama, Brazilian Whacks, is getting it's shoot done. As part of the promotion, he has generously allowed a Saturday Night Fight to take place here. His opponent? Leona of the Ikari Warriors. Leona is here to not only provide a fight, but give the swaggering actor some professional consultation on proper special forces conduct from paramilitary organizations. Will she give Johnny Cage a lesson he won't forget? - created on 11:26:02 03/25/2018 by Leona and last modified on 18:26:42 03/25/2018. Cast: Johnny Cage and Leona.

SNF: You Want Fries With That? - Celebrating the beginning of the Spring season, the famous regional chain restaurant, Spangles (It Just Tastes Better) has begun it's speciality Mintrock Shakes that pops out during this time of year. All the flavor of mudslide, but minty fresh like toothpaste! And who better to promote it than the now official spokesperson of Spangles, Jezebel herself! But she won't be alone in promotion. Not only will she have the famous Felicia, fresh from her european tour, to back her up, but the heir of a legitimate businessman, Adelheid Bernstein, to descend from his ivory tower to taste America's greatest Hamburger, while pummeling those two women. Did I remember to mention it just tastes better? - created on 19:06:36 03/26/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 18:41:57 03/30/2018. Cast: Adelheid, Jezebel, and Felicia.

SNF: The Wolf Of Sunshine Street - Every new fighter has their ultimate opponent to face. It's not Ryu, it's not Ken, and it's not even one of the countless crime bosses in the world. No, the first opponent they must truly face is the champion of the Rookie circuit, Sven Maesters. While the wrestling swede barely holds on to his title as the world champion, he is nevertheless the true test of every new face. This new face in this case? A familiar one for Sunshine City; Kayla of the Rivera family, the sole heir and keeper of the family arts. She will be demonstrating those arts at Sunshine City, before heading off on her global trotting tour. Will she have the stuff to make Sven sweat? Or will she get a rude awaken Wolfensteinered into her? - created on 16:47:16 03/27/2018 by Kayla and last modified on 11:04:17 03/30/2018. Cast: Sven and Kayla.

SNF: No Go Do Jo - While normally we stay away from certain dojos, especially in the wake of the Mt. Fuji attack, we've been directed to arrange this match. We will not even be disrupted by the students of this remote mountain dojos, with the exception of one individual and a camera crew and judge to oversee it. The mysterious Hayate, a promising young teenager, defends the dojo against Japan's most beautiful woman; Mai Shiranui. Not exactly the beautiful ninja he was hoping to face here, but one that will certainly prove her worth in a fight. - created on 10:23:27 03/30/2018 by Mai and last modified on 18:31:19 04/02/2018. Cast: Hayate and Mai.

SNF: The Riddle of the Minotaur - Long ago, this was the legendary labyrinth for which the minotaur roamed. Now? It is only stone and dust, stacked around the centuries of growth. But what is gone is not forgotten. Here, two professional assassins face off far away from the crowds, to a more private battle between two fights. The alluring Angel challenges against the mysterious Duo Lon, as the pair battle in the moonlight as the glories of the minoan civilization stares in silence. - created on 11:48:50 03/30/2018 by Angel and last modified on 18:44:58 03/30/2018. Cast: Duo Lon and Angel.

SNF: Snakes and Spiders, Oh My! - Hello Boils and Ghouls! It's been a while since the Midnight Channel has haunted your television sets, but the witching hour has struck, and it's time for a practically HAUNTED match. Taking place in the depths of a graveyard JUST like yours, the twisted Kelly Mason, sister of the equally terrifying Aranha Mason, has come to grips with Sophia, the cursed lamia who is just getting to know herself better. Maybe that she is a terrifying serpentine creature with a hunger for knowledge! When Sophia and Kelly face off, the undead will be watching alongside you viewers at home! Kya ha ha! - created on 13:47:55 03/31/2018 by Sophia and last modified on 23:59:35 03/31/2018. Cast: Sophia and Kelly.

SNF: The Rites Of Spring - With the Ides of March come and gone, it's time to prepare for spring. At the ritualistic grounds of Stonehenge, the world famous psychic Rose oversees the rites as she faces two opponents. The first is the world warrior himself, Abigail, bringing his own one-man monster truck show with pure power. With him? Faolan of the Ikari Warriors, the angry irishman with a bata stick beatdown ready in his corner. Will the pair be able to score against the mystic psychic? Or is it not in the cards? - created on 19:35:35 04/02/2018 by Faolan and last modified on 11:07:06 04/04/2018. Cast: Rose, Faolan, and Abigail.

SNF: Oil's Well That Ends Well - For some reason the SNF producers seem to think that oil refineries have something to do with Easter. They also thought it was a good idea to let people brawl it out in a place designed to pump extremely flammable liquids. This is the story of that fight, and whether or not Sean can get a date. - created on 20:25:46 04/03/2018 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 00:59:19 04/04/2018. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Sean.

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