SNF 2017.07

SNF: Glorious Nippon! - Japan really does have the best culture in the world. And with it, some of the best representatives of fellow culture can really find a way of network, to come together and love Japan the best way to love Japan: In a group setting, at an old Noh Theater. Baiken will be facing off against two contenders in representing Japan's might in the world stage: Masaaki, a legitimate businessman and fresh face in the fighting world. And working with him is the toolman Rust Jr, whose glorious hair hides a deceptively ninja-like technique. Who will be the best Japanese person? Well, it's not Honoka. Probably. It's Mai I think but she's somewhere else. - created on 17:39:52 07/01/2017 by Baiken and last modified on 19:36:05 07/07/2017. Cast: Rust, Baiken, and Masaaki.

SNF: Finding The Future - Stage: Greece - The Parthenon. So the pair of you just took part in the saving the world? Oh, we'll spare the details from the public. But just know that -we- know what you went through. And now, the world is fast on track to destroy itself again. With Combots getting chi powers and video games ruling the world, it looks like a King of Fighters tournament with a finish that will leave the unworthy and the dangerous undeserved powers over their fellow man. What will Ryu and Rose do, as they face at the birthplace of western culture, The Parthenon? At the very least, I hope it's fighting! (WINNER: Rose) - created on 19:28:14 07/03/2017 by Ryu and last modified on 19:38:43 07/07/2017. Cast: Ryu and Rose.

SNF: Eliza vs Lotus vs Aranha - Hello Boils and Ghouls, and now for those lucky fighters looking for the right kind of luck can now find it dark and dirty in the late night matches. Tune into the witching hours to check out how even Darkstalkers want to find fighters to team up with. While he once wasn't with the in crowd, Aranha has finally qualified. Aranha can enjoy his new form as he finds himself at a special avenue of Saturday Night Fights: The Midnight Channel. Facing off is a -hell- of an enemy, the infamous Lotus of Lord Jedah, and a mysterious vampire maiden of Eliza. In what is a vicious free for all at the San Giorgio Cathedral, will this finally be the chance for Darkstalkers to join together for the chance to represent monsters in the King of Fighters? [Winner: Eliza] - created on 21:04:12 07/04/2017 by Aranha and last modified on 12:13:14 07/05/2017. Cast: Aranha, Eliza, and Lotus.

SNF: Jaguar King vs Brian in King of the Hill? - Bluegrass, Chicken, and Wrestling, Nashville has it all. And taking back at the right in the heart of the Brute Force Wrestling Arena. While people line up their food, it sounds like that wrestling is being treated as a sport as the USA Sport Team is looking to recruit one of the most famous luchas in the world. Jaguar King has come out to face against the number one fighter in all of football, Brian Battler, in a recruitment push for the USA Sports Team. The lowbrow fights against the jaguars brow as the ex-NFL linebacker comes over to TOUCH DOWN right on Jaguar King. Right? It would be a shame if some jerk would crash this fight... - created on 12:46:38 07/05/2017 by Marduk and last modified on 12:01:32 07/07/2017. Cast: Brian, MURDERHOUSE, Jaguar King, and Marduk.

SNF: Mask of the Maya - Wrestling has become a hot topic for finding your special someone in the fighting world. And sometimes, a match can be closer than you think. Taking place in the Ring at the Pueblo Thunderfoot, Tizoc brings the wisdom of the Griffon Mask against the understanding of Julia Chang, the naturalist from Arizona. With a match taking place in the ring, Julia might be out of her element. But maybe Julia has the heart of the wrestler in her right in the Mexican desert. And there is only one way to prove it. - created on 17:37:25 07/05/2017 by Tizoc and last modified on 19:45:06 07/07/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Julia.

SNF: Cabaret of Carnage - What is it in beauty. Is it simply looks? Or is something more. We take the matchmaking to the next level as we join three luscious ladies at the Cabaret Candide in Metro City. Japan's most beautiful woman finally has a chance to meet two of G Corporations special friends. The exotic Violet Girl Felicia teams up with fellow Violet Girl Claire Renaud. Will she keep her beauty? Or find a way of sharing her wisdom and understanding with others. Who knows. Maybe she will find true fighter unity forever. Forget about Andy. There are only the beautiful, and the obedient. With a special guest appearance by Lee Chaolan himself! - created on 19:21:35 07/06/2017 by Felicia and last modified on 00:54:27 07/07/2017. Cast: Lee Chaolan, Felicia, Claire, and Mai.

SNF: Speed and Weight - Gatlinburg - Downtown. But you can't forget about AMERICA can you? Right at the Gateway of the Great Smoky Mountains, there was a question pressing the minds of all the fans: which was more important? Speed? Or Weight? While some fighters can boast both, very few can provide either. To test this out, we are pitting two of the best examples of both against each other_ without lacking in the either of course. In one corner, the ideal of speed, Rust Howard Jr, the recently usurped world champion. And in the other? The ideal of weight, the gloriously plump and prim Robert Richards. The stakes are high (as well as the bets) as the question is asked in the ring: Which is stronger? Speed or Weight? (WINNER: Weight) - created on 14:06:41 07/16/2017 by Rust and last modified on 19:04:29 07/23/2017. Cast: Rust and Bob.

SNF: 2 Kunoichi 1 Wolf - Terry Bogard has had his experience with ninjas. He's basically related to one! But Terry will be handling a different breed of ninja this time. One of them is the all too familiar Mai, who is working hard to be a Mai Bogard if his brother slips up! And assisting her is the fresh face Fumiyo, who is not only trained, but more than willing to give Terry a taste of a little death. Battling it out at the Ginkaku-ji Courtyard in Kyoto, the Lone Wolf has to fight both opponents at once. Can he handle so much wisdom and understanding? Or will Terry have to call in his brother for a little help? - created on 20:09:35 07/16/2017 by Fumiyo and last modified on 11:46:19 07/24/2017. Cast: Terry, Fumiyo, and Mai.

SNF: Lock A Lucha - Barcelona, Spain - Caged Arena. But for sane people, there is plenty of wrestling to enjoy. The infamous Mick 'MURDERHOUSE' made a startling appearance at the infamous Jaguar King match, and now the audiences want more. And what better way to promote the returned of the terrifying MURDERHOUSE than the world-famous lucha face Griffon Mask, otherwise known as Tizoc? But the stakes are higher than ever as Tizoc is forced to face the heel locked in the Caged Arena in Barcelona Spain. Can he prevail? Or will all the sins of the past return to consume him? Remember: Despite all your rage, you ultimately are just a rat in a cage. (WINNER: MURDERHOUSE) - created on 20:31:13 07/17/2017 by Tizoc and last modified on 11:52:38 07/24/2017. Cast: Tizoc and MURDERHOUSE.

SNF: Let the Darkness Consume - And in a little too public MIDNIGHT CHANNEL, the rise of Darkstalkers in the King of Fighters tournament has left ripples in the fighting community. And with public appearance, comes public acceptance... even from the worst of the creatures. In the shadow of the Great Wall of China, a shade haunts. The living shadow Daniel Little, former agent of Interpol, has been seen at the place where he revealed to the public just how close he was to the Darkstalkers, a distant memory of a humanity that has long left him. Fighting him? The very creature that brought him into his sorry state, Lotus. Overseeing this match is the luscious and lovely Felicia; a representative of the King of Fighters with a team of her own. As chaos agent, she will be a free fighter in this match, free to interfere and fight as need be as she judges them worthy of the King of Fighters. Will these darkstalkers meet her high standards? Or can the cat handle it when the two opponents go at it... like dogs? - created on 14:38:23 07/18/2017 by Felicia and last modified on 19:25:51 07/23/2017. Cast: Daniel, Felicia, and Lotus.

SNF: Real Men Wrestling - After Marduk had announced his Anti-Wrestling Team, there is just one thing that Marduk wanted to fight for: not wrestling. Well, pro-wrestling. Real Man Wrestling is something else entirely. Taking place at a festival promoting full manliness in Brazil's Electric Fountain, Marduk will be testing the fighters to see if they are worthy for the Anti Wrestling Team. Marduk might be tough, but he will face his first real opportunity and contender in Real Men and Real Men Wrestling: Abel. Is there a mystery that Marduk knows about Abel's past? Well I mean, no. But will there be wrestling? Yes! Real Man Wrestling! Not that pro wrestling stuff. - created on 11:51:40 07/19/2017 by Abel and last modified on 13:37:37 07/24/2017. Cast: Abel and Marduk.

SNF: Beta Test Omega - An experiment at the Kanzuki Excellence center where Maki and Munin are the test subjects. Who will come out on top? (WINNER: Maki) - created on 20:17:16 07/21/2017 by Maki and last modified on 13:40:04 07/24/2017. Cast: Maki and Munin.

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