SNF 2017.06

ICP Fight Fest: Alexis vs Tabitha - Speaking of Metro City, how about their subways? If you ask any celebrity, one of the most important things is fashion. And what's the first thing you lose when you lose your house, other than your house? Fashion. We've found two fighters to battle it out in the Metro City subways. The stakes are high, though: The winner? Will get their outfit promoted through Violet Fashions International as a special line! ...too bad that one of them designed her outfit to annoy Violet Fashions and the other only cares about the fight. - created on 15:20:17 06/04/2017 by Tabitha and last modified on 11:39:02 06/05/2017. Cast: Tabitha and Alexis.

ICP Fight Fest: Down The River Burden - Of course, not far away from the corporate BBQ, by the Southtown River sits stagnant. If someone wanted to, in theory, drive up with a young man and his fugitive uncle and prison buddy to the BBQ, ambush him, and punch him in the face until he falls comes apart at the seams? Well, that's the way they would go. Fortunately, there is just enough drugged out homeless there for a different kind of help. The kind of help that Mr. Burr can provideā€¦ while covering the flanks of a corporate BBQ. You go ahead and teach that young man some proper manners, would you? - created on 19:36:41 06/06/2017 by Miguel and last modified on 13:02:26 06/13/2017. Cast: Miguel and Mr.Burr.

ICP Fight Fest: Corporate Consumption - Some people would think that a corporate BBQ would be for the employees. But with the new promotion with the Itinerant Compassion Project, well, what better way to use a corporate BBQ than to feed the homeless? Violet of Violet Systems, the CEO of Violet Systems, has made this hasty change to promote the truly needy of the world... And what would a barbecue be without two beautiful ladies to help out? Japan's most beautiful woman, Mai Shiranui will be teaming up with the Princess of Kyokugenryu Karate, Yuri Sakazaki. While the rest of the executives of Atlas Concepts make hundreds of hot dogs for the lines of the homeless, Violet will be facing off between beauty... and a beast. - created on 17:45:26 06/07/2017 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 22:35:17 06/16/2017. Cast: Lee Chaolan, Mai, and Yuri.

SNF: Brandon vs Alexis in Final Fantasy Forever - With the announcement that it will -not- be a straight remake of FF14, the Final Fantasy Forever release on the V-Gage vows to take the Final Fantasy universe into it's next logical extreme. The entire world of Final Fantasy takes place in this virtual world, bringing in characters and settings from all the previous games, in line with the commercial angle brought together with Taking on the hot new classes from the virtual reality wonderland of Final Fantasy Forever. Will you choose a fighter? A white mage? Oh you're picking Geomancer aren't you? While Violet Systems has had a legal issues with Detective Brandon Malone, to prove that there will be no bad blood, the V-Gage systems will not log any of his personal data, with a formal invitation for a match at a remote Ruined Temple, far away from any wireless communications. His opponent? The lead singer of Killasaurus Orphanage, Alexis Lovell. Both fighters be wired into the rich fantasy world of Final Fantasy with the V-Gage VR technology, fighting in parallel between the boundary of real and fantasy at the ruined temple. And naturally, both participants will of course get a hot new V-Gage to take home with them after their fight. But the winner gets something more: A year worth of -free- pizzas from the V-Gage HotOrder, ordered directly through the V-Gage to get pizzas delivered, without having to stop playing the game! - created on 20:21:10 06/18/2017 by Alexis and last modified on 12:03:29 06/20/2017. Cast: Alexis and Brandon.

SNF: Fallout N-Gage-Us: A "Rad" Battle!? - In promotion of Violet Systems' new V-Gage and the (latest) remake of Fallout New Vegas, the company hosts a fight between the portly fighter Robert "Bob" Richards and the dashing brawler, Miguel Caballero Rojo! Who will conquer the wastes? More importantly, did they ever fix that lag issue? - created on 14:41:00 06/20/2017 by Bob and last modified on 22:10:23 06/21/2017. Cast: Miguel and Bob.

SNF: Mega Man Legends 3: Remastered - To nobody's surprise, Mega Man Legends 3 will be receiving a release on the 3 year old game 'Mega Man Legends 3' with a twist. Finally, people will get the chance to explore the world of Mega Man in full 3D virtual reality. The story of the game has Mega Man Volnutt returning to fight his greatest opponent yet: the organized forces of Genocide. With the terrible forces led by the mysterious Dr. S, Mega Man has to team up with the likes of Neito Ainola to defeat the dreaded Mousedyne Moon, all while the impending invasion of the Fourth Empire looms over them. Entering this virtual world, Rainbow Mika and Felicia will fight in the incredible futuristic world of Mega Man, and the mysterious Wily Castle. Since we couldn't get an actual castle of Wily, they will be exploring the virtual world with the backdrop of a real haunted castle at Transylvania! Of course, with Felicia already a Violet girl, she won't be getting anything from the company. But if Rainbow Mika wins, she will get a chance to become the next Violet Girl_ and a guest star to the new Violet Girl Fighters game coming soon to the V-Gage! - created on 15:34:07 06/22/2017 by Felicia and last modified on 20:21:30 06/22/2017. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Felicia.

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