SNF 2017.04

SNF: "JUSTICE RUNS FROM ABOVE" - San Francisco is totally doing an egg race of its own. The contestants: MAI SHIRANUI, ALEXIS LOVELL, and MINAL "MINT" PANESH, will be tasked with carrying eggs down the treacherous slopes of Lombard Street, San Francisco. They will each be given a spoon, and one decorated egg. Their mission, if they choose to accept it, will be to rest the egg on a spoon, and race down hill as fast as possible. - created on 14:26:45 04/08/2017 by Alexis and last modified on 00:58:05 04/10/2017. Cast: Alexis, Mint, and Mai.

SNF - DYE! DYE! DYE! - Sakura Kasugano and Munin Arshe are participating in an egg-dyeing contest at the Electric Fountain... but it's a little more involved than just dippin' some shells. - created on 21:30:04 04/12/2017 by Sakura and last modified on 20:55:52 04/26/2017. Cast: Sakura and Munin.

SNF: Down Bound Train (Rust vs. Sakura) - Kanzuki Rail had already undertaken some of the work before PFW got involved -- in fact, work has just concluded on the long stretch of Hisatsu Rail Line between Hyokiyama and Hinatayama Stations. And it's a good thing too -- there's a lot of hills and blind corners, making travel along this stretch of line a little more hair-raising than the rest of the line. But this event won't just a test run for the new track -- it's also a last-ditch attempt at housecleaning. There are about a half-dozen traincars that were stored in an old trainyard -- which just happened to be a popular gang hangout. These train cars have been subjected to an unusual degree of vandalism -- lots of graffiti, broken windows, busted seats, the whole works. Really, if the KR Railway didn't need the raw materials, they wouldn't even try to move these cars, but as PFW has some financial incentive... Heck, why not schedule a fight between RUST HOWARD JR and SAKURA KASUGANO aboard the run-down, beat-up passenger traincars? And why not schedule it for the time that the traincars are rolling downhill to Hinatayama. The train cars are wide and spacious on the inside, but the ceiling is... well, kind of low. It should be plenty of fun for all involved! .. Oh. This was supposed to be a stress test for the new line? And it might fall apart? Oh, don't worry about that. The two fighters signed damage waivers! It'll be fine! - created on 23:11:28 04/29/2017 by Rust and last modified on 11:29:50 05/02/2017. Cast: Sakura and Rust.

SNF: This Train Don't Stop There Anymore - Natural hot springs are a popular tourist attraction in Japan... when it's cold out! But right now, after the Hanami season and Spring Break have ended, it's a great time to rebuild the train station servicing the local hot spring of Mt. Kirishima... The locals want a bigger station. But real estate being what it is in Japan, there's no space -- that means the old station has to come down first! PFW has graciously stepped in to volunteer TIZOC and RADHA as a part-time wrecking crew here. Some of the walls have already been battered down with heavy machinery, so there's no telling when the entire structure could collapse! Luckily, a film* crew is on tap to make sure all the exciting action gets caught on tape*. * ( Haha, "film." Haha, "tape." Such quaint expressions! They've got HitBit suites strapped to the front of their hard hats! ) (WINNER: Radha) - created on 19:26:02 05/03/2017 by Tizoc and last modified on 22:31:40 05/13/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Radha.

SNF: Cross the Tracks (Aranha vs Maki) - Aranha faces Maki on the partially completed bridge connecting both sides of the town of Aira. Traceur and Ninja face off to see who's aerial skills reign supreme.(Winner: Aranha) - created on 18:43:42 05/04/2017 by Aranha and last modified on 08:21:12 05/05/2017. Cast: Aranha and Maki.

SNF: Last Train to Kirishima Springs - World wrestling darling Rainbow Mika seeks to return to her glory at the top of the fighter's spotlight, as Southtown Syndicate enforcer 'Rochelle' journeys out of the secret world beneath Japan to test herself once again. They meet on a flatbed train heading up a mountain, where the victor will bask in the sacred spirits of the Japanese springs. - created on 14:58:35 05/12/2017 by Rochelle and last modified on 18:56:31 05/12/2017. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Rochelle.

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