SNF 2016.04

SNF: Mint vs Sven in: Wool Over Their Eyes! - In the afternoon, the sheep will not simply be content to stand fast, to allow themselves be attacked by the unworthy. In a showdown in the making for over a year, Ex-Ex-Marine Minal "Mint" Panesh will get the chance to slamdown with the loud-mouthed Warwolf, Sven Maesters, in a no-holds barred smackdown right here in the Hidden Refuge. Normally, this would be a regular fight. But throughout the entire fight, the sheep will show their love by... leaping all over both Sven and Mint, preventing them from seeing each others attacks clearly. Obviously the solution is to knock away the sheeps but what kind of monster are you?! <Winner: Sven> - created on 19:43:31 04/02/2016 by Sven and last modified on 11:17:03 04/04/2016. Cast: Sven and Mint.

SNF: Jezebel vs Sergei in: Lamb Chop's Slayalong - As twilight approaches and the sun comes down, the final match of the evening will between Spetsnaz specialist Sergei and the mysterious Nightmare Spangles otherwise known as Jezebel. The sheep, normally able to sense evil, seem to only be confused by the presence of the washed-up actress however. Sensing the inner spirit of Lightning Spangles in Nightmare Spangles, the sheep will come to the aid of Jezebel, throwing themselves in the path of Sergei. As the fight goes on, the more . Will Nightmare Spangles manage to earn herself a sheep victory, or will Sergei end up bleating the competition? <Winner: Sergei? - created on 14:01:10 04/03/2016 by Jezebel and last modified on 22:24:41 04/03/2016. Cast: Jezebel and Sergei.

SNF: Pepper vs Mint in: Peppermint Sunday! - In effort to help support the ASPCA, Corporal Minal Panesh and Lightning Spangles participate in a fight at a candy drive (that happens to feature new Lightning Spangles-themed candy even though it's certainly not a crass marketting ploy). What happens when you bring a hard-fighting Marine and a children's entertainer together to battle for a amusement of a preteen crowd? Someone is probably getting fired. <Winner: Mint> - created on 16:02:22 04/09/2016 by Pepper and last modified on 13:52:11 04/11/2016. Cast: Pepper and Mint.

SNF: Nagase Vs Makoto in: Stew The Pooch! - Makoto and Nagase have a problem. The problem is that not enough people love dogs. The solution? Loading the dogs into a truck! Not them personally, no. But in order to raise awareness of the plight of puppies, the two will have a televised fight right in the Southtown Dog Pound, right as the men and women of the ASPCA load up the truck to bring the doggies to their brand... new... *sniff* home! <Winner: DKO> - created on 16:32:21 04/09/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 14:29:48 04/11/2016. Cast: Nagase and Makoto.

SNF: Sergei vs Mila in: Who Let The Dogs Out? - As a great big truck pulls up in downtown Osaka, hundreds of happy new owners are standing by as the results of the big ASPCA adoption drive! As being the finest example of Russian perfectionism, Sergei must be in charge of handing out the puppies to the happy new owners... while engaged in a fight with Mila, who was in charge of driving the truck! <Winner: Sergei> - created on 19:53:21 04/13/2016 by Sergei and last modified on 23:28:10 04/13/2016. Cast: Sergei and Mila.

SNF: Sergei vs Lee in: Ruble Without A Cause - In the aftermath of the intensive tax investigations of a one Crazy Zhin, Lee Chaolan has quite a few post-Rumble headaches he needs to deal with. With warehouses filled with mixed owned assets, the executive has to stop down by Yokohama in Japan in order to inventory the remaining goods, and identify whether Crazy Zhin owes backtaxes, or not. Complicating the matter is that there is a significantly large cache of Russian weapons that is somehow in the name of the one Lee Chaolan. Funny, that. Fortunately, the Russian government has sent their special forces agent Sergei to resolve this matter... and why not have a little sporting fun with a battle between cold east and far east at the expense of Crazy Zhin? - created on 16:30:35 04/17/2016 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 21:23:22 04/20/2016. Cast: Sergei and Lee Chaolan.

SNF: Yuri vs Brandon in: Haoh Shou Proper Assets! - After some concerned phone calls by a loyal neighbor (Who may or may not run the Todoh Dojo) the Kyokugen Dojo is receiving an audit. But due to the some... instances in the past, they have brought in ace Private Eye Brandon Malone of the Knights of Swords and Wands to assist in an investigative audit of the dojo. In order to keep it under wraps, however, Brandon has been infiltrated into the dojo through the front of a Saturday Night Fight. Brandon will be entrusted not only to face down Yuri in a battle... but use the opportunity to investigate the most pressing issue: What was all those bear-related insurance payments all about? - created on 17:54:23 04/17/2016 by Yuri and last modified on 21:40:18 04/17/2016. Cast: Brandon and Yuri.

SNF: Dr. Tessitore vs Sergei in: KOSHER CREDIT! - Hello boils and ghouls! Looks like our favorite number one contributor to top content, Dr. Tessitore, is making the Midnight Channel again! Now I'm not one for nerds, but when nerds have a rack to rival mine? That catches my attention! And this time, it looks like she has a real problem for this passover: it looks like that in spite of kashrut law, the world continues to ruin the planet with its obsession with unclean food! Pigs, factory farmed catfish, and all kinds of animals in the world are farmed and harvested to the steady destruction of the planet's precious limited resources! And worst of all, it turns out that spiders are not kosher! Thus, in the spirit of passover, she is hanging around in the outskirts of Korosten, Ukraine, and modifying the various farm animals right in the shadow of Chernobyl itself! Of course, Russian interests dictate that such violations of nature should be suppressed or controlled. Will special agent Sergei be able to contain the runaway science before it utterly destroys the local ecosystem . . . or rather, make it reborn? - created on 19:36:44 04/23/2016 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 23:57:06 04/25/2016. Cast: Sergei and Dr. Tessitore.

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