SNF 2015.10

SNF: You Don't Even Know What an Oubliette Is - In an attempt to return Saturday Night Fights to hearts and minds of fight fans while Killer Instinct is in full swing Lita Luwanda and Alice Nakata are brought to Crete to fight where Theseus was once said to have slayed the minotaur. The ravages of time made the labyrinth less imposing but more treacherous for the unwary.(Winner:Alice Nakata) - created on 19:33:34 10/04/2015 by Lita and last modified on 23:11:04 10/05/2015. Cast: Lita and Alice Nakata.

SNF: If It Ain't Baroque... - A fight on the stairs can go either way. But when you're on the stairs of a cathedral, with a street fighter taking on the self-proclaimed princess of Kyokugen, which way will things go? (WINNER: Yuri) - created on 18:38:34 10/07/2015 by Yuri and last modified on 22:40:57 10/08/2015. Cast: Alexis and Yuri.

SNF: Mazes & Monsters - At the beginning of the fight, the containers will be organized like a gigantic rat maze, with three entrances equally spaced around the edge of the rectangular cargo bay. Audience members will have the advantage of bleachers on all four sides of the cargo bay, and they'll be able to look down into the bay as if it were a miniature, seaworthy Colosseum. But the competitors can forget trying to memorize the layout of the fight beforehand: after the fighters have been moved to their individual waiting areas, Crane 1 and Crane 2 are in perfect position to move the empty containers around, shuffling their positions to minimize the chance that any one fighter can get a clear line-of-sight to any of the other. Cranes will be moving the containers around all throughout the fight, so fighters will need to take care to adjust their strategies accordingly! - created on 15:28:40 10/18/2015 by Tabitha and last modified on 20:15:50 10/23/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack, Tabitha, and Alexis.

SNF: Cracker Jack vs. Senna - SNF: Cracker Jack and Senna do battle on the rapids of the Appalachians. Cracker Jack is saved from going over a waterfall by Senna, after being knocked out, much to fan applause. Cracker Jack proves yet again that he takes SNF too seriously after an attempt to drown Senna, twice. - created on 19:38:21 10/24/2015 by Cracker Jack and last modified on 23:17:01 10/24/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Senna.

SNF: HALLOWEEN IN GATLINBURG - Hitting the streets of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee, three fighters face down with a crowd pleasing combat costume party (sponsored by Ripley's Believe It Or Not). In an effort to see whether or not an undead ninja still has what it takes, Maki is forced to fight against a tag team of Zombie Rocker Alexis and the Bearly believable Rainbow Mika. Did you get it? Rainbow Mika is dressed as a bear. It was a pun. - created on 18:44:12 10/25/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 18:29:54 10/27/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika, Maki, and Alexis.

SNF: KAIJU BATTLE X-TREME - On the main floor of the G-King Arena, thoughtfully redubbed the 'Thriller Throwdown Dome' for the Halloween event, Mothma (HONOKA) is attacking a 1/50th scale replica of Southtown, addled by dark spirits and the fallout from the containment breach in a nearby nuclear power plant. Fans will be wowed by the multicolored pyrotechnic effects accompanying the destruction of the city, though the city's heroic defenders, Killasaurus Lex (ALEXIS) and a megazord-sized Karin Kanzuki (SAKURA) will be sure to save the day! - created on 20:51:48 10/30/2015 by Honoka and last modified on 20:53:58 11/04/2015. Cast: Honoka, Sakura, and Alexis.

SNF: HALL OF MIRRORS - Dastardly time traveler Richard Nixon (played by CRACKER JACK) was responsible for the shooting murders of political officials all throughout history, and it is up to renowned detective Maki Genryuusai (played by MAKI GENRYUUSAI) to bring him to justice! That's the premise for the small featurette set in the Hall of Mirrors in Southtown's Dream Amusement Park, but there have been a number of... accidents during filming. Actors are turning up dead, and the script... well, it's probably best to abandon the script now! - created on 21:53:57 10/31/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 20:47:29 11/04/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack, Maki, and Jedah.

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