SNF 2015.06

SNF: Beauty and the Beats! - The Kyokugen Dojo has long been known for years for their 'excellence' in karate, and tonight we're going to put that pedigree to the test in Southtown's biggest and best venue, HOWARD ARENA. Tonight, YURI SAKAZAKI is facing off against Vegas viper CRACKER JACK in a no-holds-barred test of pure fighting skill and technical ability. There's no special gloves to wear, or battle pageants, or civil war reenactments. Just four fists and one line, for the purest sport fighting experience in the game today. - created on 22:17:39 06/15/2015 by Cracker Jack and last modified on 17:45:14 06/16/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Yuri.

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