SNF 2015.05

PFW: Road to the Championship - In the CHALLENGER SERIES, battles are fast and furious in THE DOME. But nothing's more important to the challenger series than the challenge! Right now, the devillish wrestler Aracely is facing off against the street princess pugilist Tabitha in a brutal exhibition qualifier for the Western Circuit Belt for PFW's CIRCUIT OF CHAMPIONS! These two have tried settling their score in the League before, but the stakes have doubled! The only rules to this bout are be fast and be intense, because the winner just might get a crack at being the champ! Are you ready to the the toughest Rookie in the West? (The answer was yes. For both of them.) - created on 18:45:57 05/09/2015 by Tabitha and last modified on 20:41:30 05/10/2015. Cast: Tabitha and Aracely.

PFW: Sumo's Revenge - It's time for a grudge match between Rainbow Mika and the Giant of Gedo, Gan! In the PFW's plexiglass arena there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and nothing to do but fight until there's only one left standing! - created on 19:59:37 05/09/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 20:46:50 05/10/2015. Cast: Gan and Rainbow Mika.

PFW: A Gentleman Loves A Challenge - It's Maki with one stick and Eagle with two. Will higher numbers prevail, or will might make right? (WINNER: Maki) - created on 22:30:17 05/10/2015 by Maki and last modified on 21:00:20 05/13/2015. Cast: Eagle and Maki.

DOJO: 6 REASONS MIKA ISN'T SO TOUGH - With some fans on the Internet claiming that Rainbowmania is completely overhyped, one promoter attempts to cash in by showing everyone that Rainbow Mika isn't all she'd made out to be by setting her up in a fight against one of her fans(?): Zappa. - created on 21:08:51 05/16/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 00:14:34 05/18/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Zappa.

DOJO: The Secret Behind Killasaurus Orphanage - In one of the few scenarios where the prime fighter involved might actually be already used to this kind of under-the-microscope treatment, a flashy fresh-faced brawler by the name of Shougo squares off against the scintillating sonic stylings of Killasaurus Orphanage lead woman Alexis Lovell at the Golden Rock in Myanmar. Battling at the top of Mt. Kyaiktiyo next to the gravity-defying Buddhist symbol, the overall theme of today's review will deal with hard-hitting facts (and a dollop of hearsay) about whether or not Killasaurus Orphanage has sold out to The Man with Alexis' recent entry into the tournament scene and subsequent success beyond Toronto. You won't want to miss this one! - created on 15:01:15 05/17/2015 by Shougo and last modified on 00:16:36 05/18/2015. Cast: Alexis and Shougo.

DOJO: You Won't Believe What Comes Out Of... - While a very accomplished submissions brawler in her own right, people have studied and speculated on the effects of the diminutive Sada Asai's bodily fluids (in certain bulletin boards in the bowels of the Internet and not really frequented by respectable individuals) ever since she entered the public fighting scene, independently of what she's actually said about it. Now, she'll be matched up against a former PFW ally, pugilist Tabitha Coren on the steep shores of the bright white chalk cliffs of Mons Klint in Denmark. Will Sada's former teammate do or say anything in the fight to out Sada's horrifying secrets?? Speaking of horrifying secrets-- (Conclusion is a DKO and a great deal of horrible froth caused by the reaction of chalk and Sada's horrible acid sweat.) - created on 20:47:17 05/19/2015 by Sada and last modified on 07:09:28 05/22/2015. Cast: Sada and Tabitha.

DOJO: Mr. Burr Kept Doing This... - Is Mr. Burr really up to no good still? Is he really a drug dealer? Is Mila a DEA agent in disguise? Find out in tonight's fight! (WINNER: Mila) - created on 19:13:44 05/20/2015 by Mila and last modified on 07:10:47 05/22/2015. Cast: Mr.Burr and Mila.

BLITZ: Enforcer? I Barely Met Her! - In the maze of JOUST, Cracker Jack meets up with the MMA girl Mila! Will this be a dance to remember or will someone be JOUST-ing to victory? (WINNER: Draw) - created on 20:54:04 05/23/2015 by Mila and last modified on 22:17:53 05/23/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Mila.

BLITZ: Love is a Battlefield - In the MEGAMAZE, can schoolgirl and schoolgirl-themed singer find love? No. (Winner: Alexis, with 106 damage. However, she won a collected work of Justin Bieber... so who is the real winner?) - created on 19:54:48 05/25/2015 by Sada and last modified on 06:06:13 05/26/2015. Cast: Sada and Alexis.

DOJO: WHAT HORRIFYING THING DID L. SPANGLES SAY? - Well apparently, there was some sort of deep dark rumor in the bowels of the internet about Jezebel's secretly disliking kids due to some passing comment taken ridiculously out of context in a fight she had at some laser tag arcade. Today's match will investigate the rumor to its core by pitting Lightning Spangles against a brand new doe-eyed fighter from Japan on the (bizarrely fitting) docks of historic Pearl Harbor near Honolulu. This fighter is green to the scene in almost every way, and the phrase 'kitten against a rottweiler' is liable to be coined several times in the article accompanying the stream. Jezebel is going to have to be very careful not to say anything that might make the Internet mad, lest she ends up with a reputation that follows her to the ends of the Earth itself. D: - created on 10:31:47 05/27/2015 by Jezebel and last modified on 22:46:31 06/09/2015. Cast: Momoko and Jezebel.

PAYDIRT! - The fan favorite event is back, bringing some of the world's most beautiful and talented up and comers to find out which lovely lady is the most lethal in the mire of mayhem, mud and muck called the PFW MUDHOLE! We're giving fans the world over exactly what they've been asking for, as Mikamania comes to PAYDIRT! Tonight, RAINBOW MIKA is strapping on her Sunday finest to wrestle in a frenzied free for all with fellow weekly competitors and true filthy foxes MUNIN and MILA! But the Mudhole isn't your standard wrestling ring, as we throw in about 400 pounds of the purest and most slippery proto-MUCK to get things lubricated and then we throw out all the rules! It's no holds barred match until one lady is left standing, and sorely soiled! (Winner: Rainbow Mika) - created on 20:30:50 06/03/2015 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 23:27:47 06/04/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika, Munin, Mila, and Dr. Tessitore.

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