SNF 2015.03

SNF: POINT OF NO RETURN - Now hopefully, everything's gone off without a hitch here, because I'll be heading for your location. The extraction point is in a warehouse just up the boardwalk aways. Every escape Jeep that leaves a crime scene needs to be accounted for, either here or in a ball of fire along the road somewhere. No matter what happens, everyone meets up here. Problem is, there's going to be a shitload of cops swarming the place by the time the other two kick off; the UN's intel moves fast. They'll be trying to lock down the harbor, and our criminal enterprise is a little short on bodies for this part of the plan. Luckily, we have a real spitfire for our last specialist. She's a sealer, from Japan. Miss Peppersmith has accepted the dubious responsibility of holding off the police until we're ready to blow this pop stand. No doubt a couple of well-wishers from the ad are going to show for the scuffle as well. All we need is a few minutes peace and quiet--my boy won't come down until the coast is clear..." - created on 22:17:51 03/08/2015 by Ayame and last modified on 01:31:04 03/09/2015. Cast: Ayame and T. Hawk.

SNF: STEAL AWAY WITH THE MOONLIGHT - Aranha, (in)famous (ex)-cat burglar, traceur and Capoeira fighter, sneaks into the church to steal the diamond. And he does a masterful job. Can he escape the two guards persistent enough to give chase? - created on 20:35:05 03/11/2015 by Senna and last modified on 09:10:19 03/12/2015. Cast: Aranha, Senna, and Yuri.

SNF: "David" - Can a luchadora in a cybernetic exoskeleton confront the World's Largest Athlete, Gan Isurugi? Can she do it for Mexico - for the children - for freedom and liberty and equality and the hopes and dreams of the entire Lucha Nation? (No. Gan is too big.) (Winner: Gan) - created on 20:10:40 03/13/2015 by Aracely and last modified on 22:18:12 03/15/2015. Cast: Gan and Aracely.

SNF: CASE STUDIES - Here at one of the exhibits to demonstrate Ultratech's fighter analysis and safety technology are Zabel Zarock and Thunder - wait, there appears to have been a substitution. Replacing Thunder Hawk is a fighter calling themselves 'Snow.' There seem to also be some technical difficulties... but enjoy the show, and enjoy witnessing the future of combat scanning technology! - created on 15:42:19 03/14/2015 by Lynx and last modified on 22:07:21 03/14/2015. Cast: Zabel and Lynx.

SNF: NO MERCY - In an attempt to steal Ultratech's new technology for himself, Vega makes another appearance as Kamon at the Ultratech Red Expo only to find that his Psycho Power has destabilized one of their devices. As time and space begin to crack around him, Thunder Hawk and Howard Rust Jr step forward to try to put a stop to this chaos. - created on 18:36:10 03/14/2015 by Vega and last modified on 00:53:01 03/15/2015. Cast: Vega, Rust, and T. Hawk.

SNF: Protecting your loved ones - Looking forward towards the future of modern medicine, Ultratech asks the following question: What is a miracle? Is it something that can only be couched in spiritual terms, or is it something that can be quantified and achieved by men? Ultratech is strongly of the belief that you should never be resigned to the limitations of today's technology. Through advanced cellular regeneration research, the prototype hypoderm Safeseal is offered for today's demonstrations, wherein a live battle will be carried out with samples of each product. This new medical breakthrough stands to revolutionize both the medical industry and the sports entertainment fields. With Ultratech's new and innovative product lines, we know success, and soon, you will too. - created on 19:26:04 03/14/2015 by Jira and last modified on 02:24:14 03/15/2015. Cast: Brett and Jira.

SNF: Riptor vs Baiken in 'Rumble' - When one of the world's top performing fighters extends a challenge, Ultratech has no other alternative but to bring its best solutions to the table. Committed to revolutionizing today's battlefield both on and off the arena, the Ultratech Red Expo is pleased to announce the first trial of the new Riptor Advanced Combat and Infiltration Unit. The flagship of Ultratech's spring offerings, this hunter-killer unit is producted by a cross section of cutting edge genetics and cybernetics. Inspired by nature, the Riptor Unit is one of the past's deadliest weapons, evolved and perfected for the present, all to protect the future. Available in a range of styles and models. Please contact your local Ultratech representative to order. Also, this unit is a cyborg dinosaur, which is totally sweet. - created on 21:47:26 03/15/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 18:34:36 03/18/2015. Cast: Baiken and Riptor.

SNF: "Limbo" - Surrounded by an inky blackness filled with laser lights and... possibly other kinds of lights it's best not to think about, Sagat battles Ky Kiske for the amusement of the Ultratech Expo crowd. But why does this dark room resonate with Ky's sword and set the former Emperor so ill at ease? (Winner: Ky) - created on 20:23:10 03/16/2015 by Ky Kiske and last modified on 02:47:28 03/18/2015. Cast: Sagat and Ky Kiske.

SNF: Somtimes You Get Paid - Ultratech gives a demonstration fight between a gentleman and a female MMA fighter. Who will come out on top? (WINNER: Mila) - created on 19:10:52 03/18/2015 by Mila and last modified on 04:05:43 03/19/2015. Cast: Mr.Burr and Mila.

SNF: Thundersex Avenger - Though Rose regularly makes a habit of rounding the exhibition circuits and promotions in attempts to sentry against the evil presences of the world, she elects to attend the Rock Show for a different reason altogether -- to obtain the autograph of the lead for Thundersex, whose brutal, sludgy bass is good for centering yourself in meditation. (Also, she admits, she is a fan.) Unfortunately, an altercation broke out backstage, and most of Thundersex had to be taken to the hospital--now Iori's band, Rickenbacher, is taking the stage to replace them. It's not hard to sense foul play. How is Rose going to handle being confronted with the (somewhat) known Iori Yagami's antics interrupting her own plans? (Winner: Rose) - created on 16:02:43 03/21/2015 by Rose and last modified on 23:34:05 03/24/2015. Cast: Iori and Rose.

SNF: COLA-FUELED INCREDIBLE RAVE - Down in the audience pit, the show has been driving the crowd wild, and with the caliber of monster hits being played at all times, it's hard to blame them. To stoke the audience just a little bit more, a battle's been arranged to break out right in their midst, a three way scrap between three crack schoolkids, who are just the right age for these kinds of parties. Unfortunately, the barricades that were purchased to keep the fighting seperate from the crowd didn't account for when the mosh breaks out. Fueled by heavy amounts of [COLA], the crowd surges, and soon the fighters are lost in a sea of thrusting, only-somewhat-dressed sweaty dance bodies, gyrating furiously to PUNCH THE BEAR's new single, "KICKIN KODIAK." How in the world are you supposed to fight when this kind of mess breaks out!? Figure it out anyway, your cred as a fighter is on the line!! - created on 18:41:28 03/21/2015 by Kazuki and last modified on 23:38:20 03/24/2015. Cast: Kazuki, Gan, and Alice Nakata.

SNF: DEAD.. OR YOU KNOW, PREFERABLY ALIVE - Hayato faces off against Natsu and Gan in a volleyball match at the Gorin Games! Some misunderstandings of the rules lead to a match which would probably not pass muster with an official volleyball organization, and then Hayato is forced to take a stand against some delinquent behavior from Gan. Warning: This match may contain images unsuitable for some audiences. Or all audiences, really. Oh god, the speedo... (Winner: Draw) - created on 17:58:12 03/28/2015 by Hayato and last modified on 22:16:49 03/29/2015. Cast: Gan, Hayato, and Natsu.

SNF: Hall Monitor! Stop! - Given the debacle a few months back during the Inter-High School Tournament whereupon several principals were lost to scandal and mysterious disappearances, there is a tremendous interest amongst the tenured school faculty to assure that the Gorin Games go on without similar incident, and they've invited several off-duty police officers to help officiate and volunteer at the event, making sure everything stays above board. It just so happens that there are several less-than-reputable characters skulking around the exhibition signups. So what better time to find out what they're up to than in a good old fashioned Taekwondo match with the local adult representative, EUNHA SIN?! (Winner: Eunha) - created on 20:53:46 03/28/2015 by Dyre and last modified on 09:01:34 03/29/2015. Cast: Dyre and Eunha.

SNF: This Is How You Shoot An Arrow - Sakura participates in the Gorin High Games, stepping up for some archery practice... but a deranged Westerner who thinks he's a samurai is there to give her a hard time. (Winner: Sakura) - created on 20:58:34 03/28/2015 by Katana and last modified on 09:00:40 03/29/2015. Cast: Sakura and Katana.

SNF: You Sunk My Battleship - A boat race is interrupted... by pirates? Who will wind up walking the deck in this battle? (WINNER: Draw) - created on 20:15:34 03/29/2015 by Yuri and last modified on 00:03:26 03/30/2015. Cast: Hinata, Munin, and Yuri.

Saturday Night Fight - March 2015 OOC Posts - Collected OOC posts for this month's Saturday Night Fight events. - created on 06:57:35 04/02/2015 by Kobun and last modified on 15:28:35 04/04/2015.

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