SNF 2015.02

SNF: Three Cherries - At the upper reaches of the Diamond Dragon Casino, the mysterious fighter known as Kamon makes his return and puts forth a challenge toward Armor King and Keith: give him a worthy fight. Fate seems to favor the cautious teamwork of the two impromptu team mates over the Psycho Master's hubris, but will they managed to withstand his power once properly unleashed? - created on 20:06:18 02/27/2015 by Vega and last modified on 00:44:36 03/01/2015. Cast: Vega, Armor King, and Keith.

SNF: "I Want the Rocks" - What should have been a duel between boxer Senna and swordmistress Aya is interrupted by the most intense rock zombie this side of a Left 4 Dead fanfic. Zabel's sudden entry to the scene doesn't seem to go over very well with the ladies, and the resulting three-way clash is so epic it'll literally blow your mind (3KO) - created on 19:34:38 02/28/2015 by Aya and last modified on 20:39:37 03/01/2015. Cast: Aya, Senna, and Zabel.

SNF: "Luck Be A Lady" - Aracely "The Moonchild" Maria de la Azules feels right at home combining fighting and performing. Haru Sakuraba... not so much, but after his bout with Kensou, the young psychic wants to get back in the fighting saddle. He tries his best, but if chutzpah is power, then Aracely is shining bright indeed! (Winner: Aracely) - created on 19:34:58 02/28/2015 by Haru and last modified on 15:43:43 03/01/2015. Cast: Haru and Aracely.

SNF: JACKPOT - Some other fights are a little bit more personal. Through some legal maneuvering, the casino has managed to sidestep some of the laws regarding gambling in China by giving out only 'souvenir tokens,' which can then be exchanged for prizes, which can then be later exchanged for money at another establishment. This has allowed the Diamond Dragon to field a veritable forest of slot and pachinko machines, amongst which is scheduled the next fight. A man loves a good casino, and the former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Bison, takes the field against a relative unknown, a girl who appeared only during the pharaoh incident at one of PFW's prior events. Promoters are betting she'll be a crowd pleaser--and if she doesn't, well... Bison is definitely going to be out for the payout they've cut him to make things a little more than interesting, tonight. [NOTE: For some reason, PFW doesn't seem to like Ayame.] - created on 17:58:04 03/01/2015 by Ayame and last modified on 02:12:25 03/02/2015. Cast: Ayame and M. Bison.

SNF: Showgirls! - As is festooned across much of the casino's advertisements, the Diamond Dragon actually hosts a full on entertainment stage for live bands and emcees and other such luminaries. This is sort of a smokescreen to keep the business open for as long as is possible, because outright gambling is illegal across most of China, and much of what goes on inside of the Diamond Dragon's walls is not actually permissible even by Hong Kong's relaxed laws. It is for this reason that one of the first battles held in the Dragon is during the weekly Showgirls routine. After a brief scuffle about dress code, T. Hawk will be brought on stage before a live audience to face off in a showdown amongst all ten of the Diamond Dragon's lovely lady troupe! .. Except there was only eight when the casino opened... <Winner: T. Hawk> - created on 18:39:35 03/01/2015 by Jira and last modified on 02:50:23 03/02/2015. Cast: T. Hawk, Maki, and Jira.

Saturday Night Fight - February 2015 OOC Posts - Collected OOC posts for this month's Saturday Night Fight events. - created on 21:46:23 03/24/2015 by Kobun and last modified on 21:47:28 03/24/2015.

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