SNF 2014.12

SNF: Up for Sale - Auction house for a date with Rock Howard and Daigo Kazama. Both students fight it out to show off their skills and raise the bids on them. - created on 13:36:51 12/04/2014 by Daigo and last modified on 12:47:06 12/09/2014. Cast: Rock, Daigo, and Rocket.

SNF: A Rogue Rap Challenger!!! - Well, Kensou. You almost have it. You managed to beat all comers in the "Fight for your Date!" promotion. Right now you're standing on top of a pile of bodies, all hopeful suitors trying to date the delectible ATHENA ASAMIYA, who has been growing steadily in fame and creepy stalkers lately. You've had a showdown at the local river bed out behind Gedo High, and no end of thugs have tasted your wrath. Athena is finally safe! And maybe she might be grateful--what the!! Suddenly, a real-ass robot busts through the concrete piling behind you. This guy wasn't even in the promotion! He's not legal, but there's no telling what the promoters will do. Especially since the rules state that eleventh hour "at-the-altar" style interruptions are perfectly legal. They are arguably twice as legal if the ROGUE CHALLENGER has challenged you to a rap-off. <WINNER of the RAP BATTLE: Robo-Tran> - created on 19:53:34 12/04/2014 by Kensou and last modified on 11:35:02 12/05/2014. Cast: Robo-Tran and Kensou.

SNF: HOW ABOUT A NICE HAWAIIAN PUNCH? - Tiffany finds criminals. Natsu finds criminals. Tiffany finds punch. Punch finds Tiffany. Natsu finds Tiffany. Everything turns to /complete garbage/. (Winner: Tiffany) - created on 22:50:22 12/04/2014 by Tiffany and last modified on 01:10:05 12/06/2014. Cast: Natsu and Tiffany.

SNF: Exhibition - Gedo High - Only in the dirt do the most fetching flowers bloom, or so the theory goes. A signature exhibition match at Gedo High was billed as 'Queen vs. Queen,' for the upcoming election of Prom King and Queen. It's a shame that Hotaru might not feel very much like blooming, when she's caught fighting the ever-dignified and quite cruel Sada Asai in the middle of a crowd of rowdy Gedo students! Despite her family secret, Sada actually does have a good chance to win it for Prom Queen, and she probably doesn't like the idea of some young upstart being put on the same tier as her for anything--let alone a lofty title like 'queen.' The students are getting riled up, so make sure to give them a good show! [Winner and Candidate for Prom Queen: Sada] - created on 22:58:17 12/04/2014 by Hotaru and last modified on 04:29:24 12/06/2014. Cast: Hotaru and Sada.

SNF: Exhibition - Justice High - Several enigmatic sponsors have promoted the Southtown Schools Prom this week, and have set a considerable amount of money into the engagement. While many of the endeavors are quite cheap, some of the costlier ones have been the actual exhibition matches, where many skilled fighters have been paid quite handsomely to appear in semi-private capacities at each school. The super-elite academy Justice High has offered to host one of the highest profile matches on paper: the fast-growing-famous Athena Asamiya battles a relative unknown. A mysterious one-armed swordswoman, who has performed quite well in every match she's had thus far. This battle will be the true test of two rising stars! [Winner: Athena] - created on 23:11:14 12/04/2014 by Athena and last modified on 04:45:48 12/06/2014. Cast: Athena and Baiken.

SNF: DATE RIOT (SHE'S EVERYONE'S...GUY?!) - A riot erupts for who gets to ask Brett out to Prom! Hinata wants Brett to end up with someone he likes, Gabriel wants to end the sin of people getting asked out to proms she never got asked out to. (Winner (thank goodness) Hinata) - created on 17:35:20 12/05/2014 by Gabriel and last modified on 11:17:19 12/07/2014. Cast: Gabriel, Hinata, and Brett.

SNF: On the Catwalk. - It's a Design fiesta for the upcoming Prom spec-tac-ular!! Affordable dresses of questionable taste and design, a showy night out and chance for two young amateurs to strut their stuff because this is no ordinary event. It's a Saturday Night Fight and these lovely ladies have to change dresses should one of their outfits suffer enough damage for it to fail. This is an fashion endurance test! Even more so thanks to the organized special Guest Judge. - created on 20:16:12 12/05/2014 by Hitomi and last modified on 04:08:20 12/12/2014. Cast: Ash, Ibuki, and Hitomi.

SNF: Exhibition - Taiyo High - An Exhibition Match at Taiyo High to promote the proms! Watch the strange citharede, Marilda Barbat face off against the eccentric cook, Kuradoberi Jam! Let's burn some muscle! =Winner: Jam!!!= - created on 20:16:36 12/05/2014 by Marilda and last modified on 02:25:51 12/06/2014. Cast: Marilda and Jam.

SNF: Dance Class - A hockey player and a Kyokugen Karate fighter must settle their fight while dancing. Who is the real leader? (WINNER: Brett) - created on 21:27:35 12/05/2014 by Yuri and last modified on 02:45:37 12/07/2014. Cast: Brett and Yuri.

SNF: You're going to /LOVE/ ME!! - Desperate for a date to the prom, Ashley decides to Fight for her Date. All she has to do is defeat Edge and force him to the prom with her. Alas, Edge seems very resistant to Ashley's efforts to force him to love her and the poor girl finds out that Edge's words are probably worse than his knives. Winner : Edge. - created on 10:22:33 12/06/2014 by Eve and last modified on 11:28:47 01/14/2015. Cast: Edge and Eve.

SNF: "What the Hell, RNG?!" - Welcome to SIGNATRON™! You won't be sorry that you've registered for the world's premiere invasive dating app that isn't just a half-hearted hack of Google Maps, we promise! Note: the creators of SIGNATRON™ are not responsible for injury or death resulting from improperly-conducted dates. (Winner: Haru) - created on 11:21:18 12/06/2014 by Haru and last modified on 23:57:42 12/06/2014. Cast: Rocket and Haru.

SNF: EXHIBITION(ISM): SEIJYUN HIGH - A man of such power cannot travel without creating ripples of change. His very presence announces itself to those who know the signs. His travel patterns are as predictable as his reasons are esoteric. The power he wields is almost unimaginable. The ground trembles when he approaches. You cannot attack him head on, but with his finely honed senses he is impossible to surprise. Everything you know and everything you are will be tested.... "Ah, Kaede-chan, can I get your autograph?!" - created on 13:17:21 12/06/2014 by Kasumi and last modified on 02:51:39 12/07/2014. Cast: Oro and Kasumi.

SNF: "Just say No" - While patroling the schools for any signs of unusual activity in the lead-up to the winter prom, Hayato comes across a pair of suspicious characters in the vicinity of Gedo. Questioning them on their presence leads to a demonstration of why smoking can be bad for your health. And while the ensuing fight doesn't lead to any major injuries, there is still at least one casualty. Replacing a car bumper isn't cheap, Frederick! - created on 19:35:30 12/06/2014 by Hayato and last modified on 02:19:18 12/07/2014. Cast: Hayato, Frederick, and Mr.Burr.

SNF: EXHIBITION - PACIFIC HIGH - An exhibition match at Pacific High's athletics field turns into (or perhaps was intended, from the start, to be) a short episode in a secret war. Also, a, always, b, be, c, cobbling. (winner: Alan) - created on 03:58:47 12/07/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 11:19:17 12/07/2014. Cast: Alan and Satsuki.

SNF: Southtown Winter Prom - Welcome to the Southtown Winter Athletics Prom! Featuring all manner of wackiness, and amazingly not a single head rolled that night, no matter how many people got their nights made, ruined, or otherwise had their lives changed forever. Join Great Teacher Hatake, our host, as he rates Himeko, our Prom Queen, displaying dance skills comensurate to an inebriated seizure-prone three-legged horse, and that's not all. You can't miss out on a single minute of this marathon dance! - created on 09:07:22 12/07/2014 by Jackal and last modified on 05:05:54 12/08/2014. Cast: Rock, Himeko, Momoko, Honoka, Sada, Kazuki, Hinata, Sakura, Daigo, Rocket, Natsu, Tiffany, Brett, Jam, and Yuri.

SNF: Dance. Battle. All Night Long! - SNF Winter Prom Feature Match - Momoko and Yun Lee face off in a modified Doki-Waku Dance Challenge for the entertainment of the all the prom goers. The match is fast and furious but the victor is clear. - created on 10:37:00 12/07/2014 by Momoko and last modified on 21:16:01 12/07/2014. Cast: Momoko and Yun.

SNF: Southtown Winter Prom, the Afterparty! - DOGPILE!! Don't miss what happens during the Southtown Winter Prom's afterparty, when finally long-kindling rivalries flare and students end up sprawled all over eachother in a scene that the gossips aren't going to forget for a long time! (Winner: The Southtown schools' journalism clubs) - created on 04:12:53 12/08/2014 by Jackal and last modified on 08:49:31 12/09/2014. Cast: Himeko, Hinata, Daigo, Rocket, Natsu, and Brett.

SNF: Let Them Cheer Until They Bleed - Just when the crowd thought the fights were over for the moment, another one was announced - in the stands! The wrench-toting mechanist and the restauranteur go at it in the stands, trying not to take any of the crowd out while they fight! <Winner: Jam> - created on 18:02:20 12/12/2014 by Rosalyn and last modified on 02:47:34 12/13/2014. Cast: Jam and Rosalyn.

SNF: Too Close To The Sun - Atop the shantytown near the stadium, two princesses (of a sort) fight. A giant explosion blasts buildings over and due to a combination of determination and antisocial personality disorders, the fight continues. Blocking was forbidden!! But who was the winner?! (It was Sada. Sada won. Buy Sada merchandise today.) - created on 18:59:43 12/12/2014 by Sada and last modified on 21:23:59 12/12/2014. Cast: Sada and Gertrude.

SNF: Gates to the Styx - The Gods of the Arena have sent a reluctant Ibuki to fight with the Stray Dog of Southtown. Meant to display to all contenders that true battle can happen anytime, anywhere, she fights to prevent Mimiru from reaching the 'Gates of Styx' and also to have the oppurtunity to actually study for her high school finals! The Stray Dog on the other hand proves that some dogs just can't be tamed. <Winner: Ibuki> - created on 20:15:53 12/12/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 13:04:44 12/13/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Ibuki.

SNF: "Sky Falling" - It should have been a nice little fight on the city streets. Instead it became a summer blockbuster disaster movie's chase sequence wet dream with some... problematic consequences. (Winner: Scratch) - created on 20:28:33 12/12/2014 by Haru and last modified on 19:16:07 12/14/2014. Cast: Scratch and Haru.

SNF: THE LUNATIC DANCE - On the sands of the arena, a bevy of beautiful and sheer-clad bellydancers fill the arena in a short parade. It is meant to be a sort of half-time event, complete with spectacle such as trained tigers leaping through fire and the like, but the Lotus Dance is what captures the audience's attention the most, the beginning part a ten minute long theatre of the provocative. Roughly at about the time the dance reaches its final measure, the two fighters are brought in, carried in on elaborate sedam chairs borne by men best described as 'towers of muscle,' each six feet tall exactly and stripped to the loincloth and codpiece, ceremonial swords tucked into their belts. Amidst the silken and frenetic dance of the performers and the exotic beats, ROSE and ATHENA ASAMIYA will fight until their blood is just one more decoration for the sands. - created on 22:54:42 12/12/2014 by Athena and last modified on 00:10:12 12/15/2014. Cast: Athena and Rose.

SNF: Absolute Darkness - Deep in the dark catacombs under the Destruction Zone, Baiken enters in search of a mysterious being deep inside - Ermac, the conglomeration of souls. Away from the sight of anyone else, who is going to stand victorious deep in the darkness? <Winner: Ermac> - created on 16:05:00 12/13/2014 by Baiken and last modified on 20:40:37 12/13/2014. Cast: Ermac and Baiken.

SNF: Catacombs Most Foul - Deep beneath the destruction zone, a makeshift aqueduct was dug to keep the area relatively clean, supplied by a nearby lake, linking into some of the prior city's sewer systems. That system of aqueducts and sewers was the site of several other squatter networks, however in the shantytown's abandonment, all it functions now is as a place to hold an unreal stench. With most people being unable to breathe in the fetid environs, PFW selected some of this year's toughest and roughest to pick up the slack and fight in a massive free-for-all where nobody else will! Unfortunately, there's a bit of a problem. Due to an energy blast that went a little astray in one of the previous matches, a huge hole was gouged into the dam upstream. That filthy water's starting to rise. Oh, god. How much is that win worth to you? <Winner: Jira> - created on 18:18:00 12/13/2014 by Mignon and last modified on 02:44:31 12/14/2014. Cast: Mignon, Brett, Jira, and Mila.

SNF: Audience with a God - He must get the word out. A heretoforth unknown Chinese man has surpassed all expectations and prequalifiers of the event to appear in the upper echelons of the no-holds barred battle event--finding himself on the very sands of the Promethean Colosseum. Commanding great power, he has come looking for the best of the best, to warn them of a great and coming evil. Unfortunately, the person he stands across the sands from today is the great evil that has already arrived. Underneath the eyes of an audience hungry for violence and in a brutal battle against a tyrant who sees far further than he should, will the gods come down on the side of righteousness? Or will they end up bleeding in the sands, just like all the rest!? - created on 19:44:43 12/13/2014 by Rugal and last modified on 23:21:34 12/14/2014. Cast: Rugal, Nightwolf, and Raiden.

SNF: "THE LONGEST MILE" - Two weapon fighters do battle atop a moving transport truck as it plows through the Destruction Zone. A violent clash of ice and steel ensues. In the end, one must fall. (Winner: Makari) - created on 21:01:30 12/13/2014 by Lynx and last modified on 19:09:29 12/14/2014. Cast: Makari and Lynx.

SNF: Out in the Cold - Urien and Sol go head to head; and Urien manages to press Sol enough to get a true glimpse of his inner power. << Winner: Urien >> - created on 21:08:32 12/13/2014 by Urien and last modified on 01:54:29 12/14/2014. Cast: Urien and Sol Badguy.

SNF: Blood staining the Sands - Heihachi drunkenly assaults the incognito Vega; he quickly learns the error of his ways, and the titanic battle ends in a pyrric victory. << Winner: Draw >> - created on 20:58:48 12/14/2014 by Heihachi and last modified on 02:25:09 12/15/2014. Cast: Vega and Heihachi.

SNF: SKYWALKERS - A high-flying, high-mobility aerial battle--will Nyotengu's wings give her the edge over the roaring flames of the Kusanagi? (Winner: Nyotengu) - created on 19:24:03 12/15/2014 by Kyo and last modified on 12:43:18 12/17/2014. Cast: Kyo and Nyotengu.

SNF: Hidden Potential - Ken Masters was /supposed/ to face off against an up and coming MMA fighter from Southtown in a no-holds-barred Spartan Pankration, but some old geezer on a flying slab of concrete flattened his opponent and started babbling something about being on the set of the wrong fight. No one came here to listen to some feeble old man prattle! Can Ken Masters save face /and/ keep the fans from seeking refunds? (Winner?: Ken) - created on 00:15:13 12/16/2014 by Oro and last modified on 14:54:53 01/10/2015. Cast: Ken Masters and Oro.

SNF: Revenge of the Ojous, Pt 1 - In which Tiffany's giant American... enthusiasm overcomes the flower of traditional Japanese womanhood, leading to defeat in the Pacific War. Maybe not that last part. (WINNER: Tiffany) - created on 20:34:15 12/19/2014 by Sada and last modified on 02:40:57 12/20/2014. Cast: Sada and Tiffany.

SNF: Rainbowmania Rising - With all of the excitement over Rainbowmania, Howard Enterprises decides to cash in by bringing Rainbow Mika to Howard Arena to face down with Monochrome Jira, remaking the wrestler's debut match with more production values. Will this be a repeat of the original match or has Jira picked up some new moves to go with her designed by commitee ring persona? - created on 21:05:33 12/19/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 02:22:07 12/20/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Jira.

SNF: A Long Way To The Top - A fight which should have been a run up a mountain of great religious significance soon takes a veer into bad territory when Gertrude becomes a bully and menace to the elderly, and Natsu chooses the exact wrong words to take issue with her over it. Thrills, spills, and exploded trees abound ... also much shame. SHAME. <Draw> - created on 14:12:39 12/20/2014 by Gertrude and last modified on 19:21:36 12/20/2014. Cast: Natsu and Gertrude.

SNF: Bait and Switch - A few days before Urien's unfortunate encounter with the wrong end of an angered Zero, he had arranged a match for an upcoming Saturday Night Fight; the man in question he wished to meet was known as 'Violet' by some, the 'Silver-Haired Demon' by others, and 'Lee Chaolan' by the majority of the rest. Would Urien manage to discover the secret of Lee Chaolan's impeccable fashion, or would he break the Silver-Demon upon his knee? <Winner: Urien> - created on 16:14:25 12/20/2014 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 03:38:28 12/21/2014. Cast: Urien and Lee Chaolan.

SNF: A Bloodstained Fist - A fight on top of the Shinbara financial building gets out of hand when a mysterious man cuts in. Fortunately, Rose is able to "get with it" and "avoid being turned into delicious marinara sauce" before "Akuma destroys the building with his big meaty fist." (Rose wins, somehow. The building does not.) - created on 17:45:23 12/20/2014 by Rose and last modified on 04:22:15 12/21/2014. Cast: Rose and Akuma.

SNF: "GLORY DAYS" - It's Saturday Night Fight coming at 'cha with this week's =FEATURE MATCH!= JIN KAZAMA vs. T.J. COMBO!! Grandson of Legendary Heihachi Mishima faces off against former five year world heavyweight Cham-PION! Can Combo kick-off a meteoric return to form and fame in this televised big name draw event? Howard Arena Is the Venue! BUT SNF is the place to be if your aren't there! - created on 19:59:12 12/20/2014 by Jin and last modified on 03:12:35 12/23/2014. Cast: Jin and T.J. Combo.

SNF: The Kyokugen Cage - Wherever Kyokugen goes in Southtown, petty grievances are sure to follow. For instance, a fight between Yuri Sakazaki and neophyte fighter Scratch in the middle of Downtown Southtown becomes a victim of Howard meddling, as a cage ends up dropped right upon them, locking them in. Who will escape the Kyokugen Cage (as it is mockingly referred to) the winner...who will escape it at all?! (Winner: Scratch) - created on 20:50:19 12/20/2014 by Scratch and last modified on 10:20:34 12/21/2014. Cast: Scratch and Yuri.

SNF: My Alibi - While the childlike killer has been featured in more than a couple of sanctioned matches in her lifetime, she is still a relative unknown to the world of fighting. Still, wise promoters know that her matches are oftentimes filled with way more bleeding than a kid's rating will allow. Time to go whole hog. The enigmatic diamond dust has to seek out her match in the sexy, seedy "My Alibi" nightclub, set way out of the way in the bad part of Southtown. It's the kind of place that an adult really shouldn't be at, let alone someone Kula's age (is she actually of legal age to be in there?!) Her match is the self-professed God of Battle, Shenwoo, in what's destined to be a good old fashioned barfight. The club's giving out two dollar Merchant's Wives for the occasion. And a dollar for jello body shots. Jeez, that's like, practically giving it away! [Winner: Shenwoo] - created on 13:21:43 12/21/2014 by Kula and last modified on 00:00:56 12/22/2014. Cast: Shenwoo and Kula.

SNF: A Woman's Perogative - Somewhat underrepresented in the School events of the weeks prior, Seijyun High has elected to pursue ever more lucrative contracts, particularly with Howard Industries in the promotion of their ideology in the grand scheme of Japan. Normally, Seijyun turns its nose up at most fighting promotions as filthy endeavors, but when the opportunity strikes to truly show off what a woman is and should be in contemporary Japan, they will always leap at the chance. Underneath the cherry blossoms at Seijyun High, they graciously invite cameras and a choice selection of visitors to the highly private all-girls high school for an exhibition of true values and ideals from one of their best students: HOTARU FUTABA. Taiyo High's own SAKURA KASUGANO has much to represent here, to prove that Taiyo High's women are just as good!! (They may have liked to pick someone more graceful for this match, seriously...) - created on 15:30:10 12/21/2014 by Hotaru and last modified on 00:51:13 12/23/2014. Cast: Hotaru and Sakura.

SNF: Spear, Shield, and Shadow - Set upon the beaches of Southtown, this battle is based on the premise of an odd re-enactment of the Battle of Troy. Trojan, Spartan, and dark God meet on the field of battle and clash against the tides of fate to determine who shall emerge victorious! (Winner: Makoto) - created on 18:48:46 12/24/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 00:51:27 12/25/2014. Cast: Makoto, Munin, and Lucrezia.

Saturday Night Fight - December 2014 OOC Posts - Collected OCC posts for this month's Saturday Night Fight events. - created on 18:03:59 01/25/2015 by Kobun and last modified on 18:26:04 01/25/2015. Cast: Benimaru.

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